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Final Fantasy 16: Severian Location & Guide

The latest addition to the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy 16, features Hunts that players can embark upon in the later stages of the game. These Hunts require players to explore the different regions of Valisthea to locate and defeat powerful monsters in exchange for Gil and Renown. These monsters are much stronger than the regular ones found in the region and may need to be avoided until players level up and become stronger themselves.

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Severian is a Fallen construct that Clive has fought before, but this time, it is much stronger than its predecessors. To defeat it, players must ensure that they have a sufficient stock of potions and have Jill in their party to provide some extra firepower.

Where to Find Severian


To locate Severian, players must speak to Nektar at the Hunt Board to obtain information about its location and rewards. Severian is located in the Sorrowise region of Rosaria. Players can begin by heading to the Obelisk in Martha’s Rest and stocking up on supplies from the merchant before taking the elevator to the west to be lowered into the marshes. From there, players should head west and follow the path on their right to find Severian idling near the main road ahead.


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How to Defeat Severian

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Severian is a type of Fallen construct that Clive has faced before, but is much stronger than those before. It is best to tackle this fight with a total stock of potions and when you have Jill in your party to bring some extra firepower.

Where To Find Severian

Serverian Location On The World And Local Map

Serverian’s information can be found by talking with Nektar at the Hunt Board to see the location and rewards for this hunt. Serverian is located in the Sorrowise region of Rosaria, and to find it, start from the Obelisk in Martha’s Rest. Visit the merchant and ensure you are well stocked before taking the elevator to the west to be lowered into the marshes. From here, head west before following the path on your rightwith Severian idling near the main road ahead.

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How To Defeat Severian

Clive Using Different Abilities To Fight Serverian

Serevian is a large Fallen construct that fights with energy weapons from both of its hands. While it has no clear second phase, its attacks will get quicker and bring a new trick after its health is below 50%. Despite its size, Severian can lunge quickly when it uses its energy blades, covering a large distance. Its other main attack will be to fire homing orbs of energy from each of its hands but are slow-moving and easy to dodge as you see them coming.

Bring either Ramuh’s Judgment Bolt or Thunderstorm to give you more ranged options, as this enemy can be deadly up close. Its blade attacks hit anything around it or a wide arc in frontso it’s often best to wait for its ranged attacks before jumping in close to deal damage. After getting Severian’s health below half, it will begin firing barrages of smaller orbs each time it makes any attackmaking dodging more important as you can more easily be caught by an orb and followed up by its more deadly attacks. Focus combos of your best abilities in the short windows between barrages to try to stagger the monster a second time to finish it off.

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