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By Nikita Gambhir

Final Fantasy 16 Unresolved Mysteries & Plot Holes

Final Fantasy 16 takes players on an exhilarating journey filled with excitement and intrigue. Regardless of how fans may feel about the game’s mechanics, one aspect that cannot be denied is the bombastic cutscenes that seamlessly fit into the overall experience. Among these memorable moments, the Eikon fights stand out and are sure to be included in many “best of” lists for 2023.

As the game nears its conclusion, it leaves fans craving for more, as there are still unanswered questions and untapped potential. Will these mysteries be addressed in future DLC, a spinoff, or even a sequel? While Square Enix has stated otherwise, past entries in the series, such as Final Fantasy 10 and its sequel Final Fantasy 10-2, have shown that anything is possible. For now, let’s delve into some of the burning questions that linger.

1. Unaccounted For Events In The Time Gaps: The game features two significant time gaps that remain unexplained. Firstly, a thirteen-year jump occurs between Clive’s teenage years and his adult self. Additionally, a five-year gap occurs after the death of the game’s version of Cid. What transpired during these periods, especially regarding Clive and Joshua’s experiences? It is revealed that Joshua was alive all along, but why did he choose to remain hidden for such a lengthy period?

2. The Size of The Undying: Joshua’s survival is attributed to his association with Jote, a member of The Undying, an organization that operates behind the scenes to protect the realm. However, the true extent of this group’s size remains a mystery. How many members were there during the country’s existence, and how large is the organization during the events of the game? Additionally, why was Joshua’s uncle, Byron, unaware of his safety, considering his involvement in the restoration of their old kingdom?

3. The Nature of Ultima: Ultima, the enigmatic character, leaves players questioning his origins and intentions. His cryptic language and ambiguous interactions with Clive and others hint at the possibility that he may be an alien from another world. This would not be unprecedented in the series, as Final Fantasy 7 featured the alien lifeform Jenova. Ultima’s true nature remains a mystery that adds to the intrigue of Final Fantasy 16.

4. The Fallen: The Fallen were an ancient civilization that thrived during a golden age in the game’s lore. However, little information is provided about their existence, other than the remnants of their structures scattered throughout the world. Additionally, several dungeons are believed to have been built by The Fallen. Could there be a connection between The Fallen and Ultima’s civilization, especially if Ultima is indeed an alien? This mystery, like many others in the Final Fantasy series, may remain unresolved.

5. Unaccounted Deaths: The fate of Dion, Clive, and Joshua in the final battle with Ultima raises questions. While Dion appears to fall from the sky, his ultimate fate remains uncertain. Joshua’s death seems definitive, but the game never confirms the demise of Clive or shows Joshua’s resurrection. The book at the end suggests Joshua’s return, but it is possible that someone else could have posed as Joshua. The true fate of these characters remains elusive.

6. Clive As Mythos: Ultima and his followers, including Barnabas, refer to Clive as Mythos, but the meaning behind this title is never explained. Clive possesses the ability to transform into Ifrit, the second Eikon of fire, making him unique in the game. Is Clive a rebel within Ultima’s race? Does he possess the power of Ifrit due to some connection with Ultima? The significance of the name Mythos and Clive’s powers remain shrouded in mystery.

7. The Absence of Leviathan: Leviathan, a classic water-based Summon in the Final Fantasy series, is mentioned in Final Fantasy 16 but never shown. The Dominant for Leviathan has not appeared for a considerable time. This omission raises curiosity, especially considering the game’s focus on collecting Eikon powers for Clive. Could the mention of Leviathan be a hint towards future DLC content?

8. The Identity of the Children: The book authored by Joshua, titled Final Fantasy, is discovered in the possession of two boys living in a cottage. Accompanying them is a woman, assumed to be their mother. Are these boys related to any characters encountered in Final Fantasy 16? Could they be Joshua’s children? Furthermore, the vibrant and flourishing nature depicted in the scene suggests that a significant amount of time has passed. The exact timeframe of this scene remains unknown.


Final Fantasy 16, released on June 22, 2023, for the PS5, has captivated players with its thrilling narrative and captivating world. As fans eagerly await further developments, these unanswered questions add to the allure and potential for future expansions of the game’s universe.

Final Fantasy 16 is a wild ride from top to bottom. However fans feel about how the game operates, they cannot deny the bombastic cutscenes feeling right at home. The Eikon fights in particular will assuredly make some of the greatest moments of 2023 lists once the year wraps up.

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Final Fantasy 16 should end with fans wanting more because there are still things left on the table. Will they get answered in DLC, a spinoff, or maybe even a sequel? Based on past entries in the series, either one of those possibilities could happen even though Square Enix has said the contrary. It happened for Final Fantasy 10 via Final Fantasy 10-2for example. For now, let’s sum up those burning questions.

WARNING! Spoilers ahead.

8 Unaccounted For Events In The Time Gaps

Young Clive in Final Fantasy 16

There are two large time gaps unaccounted for in the game. First, things flash forward thirteen years between Clive being a teenager and his adult self. After that another five-year time gap occurs right after this game’s version of Cid dies.

When Clive was a teen, he thought Joshua had died sending him on a rollercoaster of emotions. What occurred with Clive in this time and moreover, what happened with Joshua? It turned out that he was alive after all and eighteen years is a long time to hide away for.

7 How Big Are The Undying?

Jote in Final Fantasy 16

There is one clue as to how Joshua survived for as long as he did. He had a steward with him, Jote, who is part of an organization known as The Undying. This group is sworn to protect the realm behind the scenes like the brotherhood in Assassin’s Creed. How big was this organization when the country was still around versus how big are they when the true game takes place?

Besides Jote, a few others pop up like Cyril but there has to be more than a dozen people to make this work. Also, why wasn’t Joshua’s uncle, Byron, at least informed about his safety since he too was secretly aiding in his old kingdom’s restoration?

6 Was Ultima An Alien?

Ultima in Final Fantasy 16

It’s hard to gauge exactly what Ultima was and what his true intentions were. His language was flowery and he never speaks plainly to Clive or anyone else in the game. It seems like, from context clues, that Ultima was an alien that came from another world.

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This series has had alien lifeforms before such as Jenova from Final Fantasy 7. So, it wouldn’t be that weird if Ultima was another Jenova situation. It’s a mystery for now in Final Fantasy 16.

5 Who Are The Fallen?

Ruins of The Fallen in Final Fantasy 16

The Fallen were an ancient civilization that thrived in a golden age within the game and that’s about all players are given. There are big, white structures strewn throughout the various open-world locations that used to belong to them. There are also several dungeons that players can traverse supposedly built by The Fallen.

The Fallen and Ultima’s civilization could be connected if indeed Ultima is an alien. That is one theory, but ancient dead civilizations are all over this series. So, this one will probably remain a mystery like the Cetra in Final Fantasy 7to bring that one up again.

4 Three Deaths Unaccounted For?

Dion in Final Fantasy 16

Dion, Clive, and Joshua all fall in the final battle with Ultima. Dion turns into Bahamut and fights valiantly, but the last shot of him shows Dion falling through the sky. Since his body is not shown splattered on the ground, Dion could be alive. Joshua has a definitive death until Clive absorbs Ultima’s powers.

It seems like Clive uses this power to give his life for Joshua, but again, the game never says Clive dies and never shows Joshua getting back up. The only clue that Joshua is alive again is the book at the end. Anyone could pose as Joshua to write that book though just like Clive posed as Cid in the game after he died.

3 Clive As Mythos

Clive in Final Fantasy 16

Ultima and his pawns, like Barnabas, all refer to Clive as Mythos. What this means never comes to light. Clive can turn into Ifrit, the second Eikon of fire. This is the only element in the game that has two Eikons attached to it.

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Mythos may be a rebel within Ultima’s race that possesses Clive and gives him the power of Ifrit. After all, Ultima’s true form seems to also be an Ifrit-like creature. Is that the case or is there more to the name, Mythos, and why Clive could absorb powers?

2 Where Is Leviathan?

Exploring the world in Final Fantasy 16-2

Leviathan is one of the classic stand-ins for a water-based Summon in the series. It typically takes on a giant serpent-like form like in Final Fantasy 15. Leviathan is referenced in Final Fantasy 16but it is never shown. The Dominant for it has apparently not surfaced for ages either.

It seems weird to leave something like this up in the air especially when the game is kind of about collecting Eikon powers for Clive to use in battle. Was the mention of Leviathan a hint as to where DLC could go?

1 Who Are Those Kids At The End?

A forest cottage in Final Fantasy 16

The aforementioned book written by Joshua, simply called Final Fantasybelongs to two boys living in a cottage. There is a woman with them as well, presumably their mother. Are these two boys the children of anyone players have come across in Final Fantasy 16? Are they, perhaps, the children of Joshua?

Also, how far in the future does this scene take place? Everything is brightly colored as if nature has once again reclaimed the planet, which could have presumably taken years if not decades.

Final Fantasy 16was released on June 22, 2023, and is available on PS5.

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