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By Jitin Gambhir

Flatmate Stabbed Fellow Indian To Death in UK

Aravind Sasikumar

Aravind Sasikumar, a 38-year-old man, was fatally stabbed in London just a few days after two other stabbing incidents in the UK, one involving a British Indian teenager and the other a student from Hyderabad. The Metropolitan police discovered Sasikumar at a residential property, bleeding from a stab wound. Despite the police’s efforts to provide medical aid, Sasikumar died at the scene at around 1:31 pm on Friday. The next day, the police quickly arrested a suspect, Salman Salim, 25, of Southampton Way, and charged him with murder. Salman appeared in court at Croydon and was remanded in custody until his next appearance at the Old Bailey on June 20.

Sasikumar’s family has been notified, and detectives are providing them with support during this difficult time. A post-mortem examination confirmed that Sasikumar died as a result of his stab wound. Specially trained officers are assisting his family as they cope with their loss.

Despite the police’s use of all available resources, including a London air ambulance, Sasikumar could not be saved and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Aravind SasikumarA 38-year-old man Aravind Sasikumar was stabbed to death in London just a couple of days after two stabbing incidents in the UK. While one was a British Indian teen, another was a student from Hyderabad. Aravind Sasikumar was found by police at a residential property when the Metropolitan police were called in. Aravind was stabbed and was found bleeding.

He died on the scene at around 1.31 in the afternoon on Friday. On Saturday, the police were swift in arresting Salman Salim, 25, of Southampton Way, and he was charged with murder. Salman appeared before the court at Croydon and was remanded to custody to appear at Old Bailey on June 20.

Sasikumar’s family has been informed, and the detectives have been helping out the family. A post-mortem conducted on Sasikumar confirmed that he died due to stab wounds. Though the police were quick to provide Sasikumar with medical aid, the man sadly died on the spot. Specially trained officers are standing by his kin at this time.

While the police deployed all possible means, including a London air ambulance, all efforts went in vain, and Sasikumar was pronounced dead at the scene.

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