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By Jitin Gambhir

Flexispot Comhar Pro Q8 Standing Desk Review: Adaptive & Well-Built

Standing desks have gained popularity, especially during the peak of the pandemic when remote work became prevalent. People wanted to enhance their home office setup, and standing desks provided a solution. However, even before this, standing desks were increasingly seen in offices as individuals sought to improve their posture and reduce sedentary behavior. Nonetheless, the desire to purchase a standing desk is not limited to these reasons alone.

One of the advantages of a standing desk is its versatility. It caters to individuals who use mobility aids like wheelchairs or adaptive chairs by offering adjustable height options. Additionally, certain professions such as drafting, illustrating, and other creative fields may require a desk that can be elevated higher than average.

While there are numerous standing desks on the market to meet the growing demand, it is important to consider quality. In general, you get what you pay for. Flexispot is a reputable company that manufactures a wide range of desks and office chairs. While they may not be the most affordable option, their prices are justified by the high-quality products and range of high-tech features they offer. The Comhar Pro Q8 standing desk, in particular, stands out among similarly priced desks.

The Comhar Pro Q8 boasts several noteworthy features, including dual motors for usability and stability, a wireless charging station, a cable management tray, an embedded drawer, built-in USB-A and USB-C ports for charging, and a height range of 24.0” to 49.2” (with top). It has a load capacity of 220 pounds and operates silently. Additionally, it offers customizable color and style options and is easy to assemble.

Upon receiving the Comhar Q8, you will notice its weight, indicating the presence of a substantial product. The package comes in two shipments: one for the legs and another for the top. The sturdy metal legs and solid wood desk panel (not particle board or laminate) are of high quality. Assembly is a breeze, with clear instructions provided. The motorized pieces, charger, and drawer are already mounted, requiring you to only add the legs and cable tray. No special tools are needed, as everything is included in the box. Once assembled, simply plug in the desk, and it is ready to use.

The desk features a smooth, low-profile drawer for storing essentials, as well as a convenient LED display and charging station on the front right side. The LED display is easily activated by touch and allows for effortless adjustment of the desk height using the up and down arrows. The memory-preset numbered buttons enable you to save your preferred heights for convenience.

One impressive aspect of this desk is its dual motor lift system, which operates silently and smoothly. The sensitivity can be adjusted to suit your preferences. Users have praised the option to switch between sitting and standing throughout the workday, as well as the improved posture they have experienced due to the adjustable height.

The desk surface is spacious, measuring 55 inches wide and 28 inches deep, providing ample room for a laptop or desktop computer, accessories, charging devices, a lamp, and other necessities. The desk is also customizable, with frame options in white or black and a choice of light or dark bamboo solid wood for the top.

Flexispot stands out for its exceptional customer support. They offer live chat assistance on their website, provide manuals and assembly videos, and offer free shipping. Additionally, their warranty on parts can extend up to 15 years, which is rare in the industry.

In conclusion, if you are looking to enhance your work life, Flexispot is a brand worth considering. Their Comhar Pro Q8 standing desk offers premium features, including durability, dual motor functionality, silent movement with digital controls, and memory presets for height preferences. The desk is customizable to suit your aesthetic preferences. Keep an eye out for sales, as Flexispot frequently offers discounts on their products.


Standing desks are becoming more popular and saw an uptick in usage during the pandemic’s peak when many people began working remotely for the first time and so wanted to improve their home office setup. But even before this time, they were becoming more commonly seen in-office with those who wished to either improve their posture or be less sedentary.

That said, these aren’t the only reasons why someone may wish to buy a standing desk – the versatility that a standing desk offers means that those who use mobility aids like wheelchairs or other adaptive chairs can finally find a desk that is height adjustable, and some jobs, like drafting, illustrating or other creative professions, may lend themselves to a desk that can be adjusted higher than the average.

RELATED: The Best Standing DesksWhile there are plenty of standing desks available on the market today to meet the increasing demand, it makes sense that they won’t all be of top quality, and really, the takeaway here is that you generally get what you pay for. Flexispot is a company that makes a wide range of desks and office chairs, and while they are certainly not at the bottom of the budget, price-wise, their product quality and range of high-tech features make their prices justifiable, and they certainly aren’t at the top range of cost either. One of their best standing desks is the Comhar Pro Q8and it definitely stands apart from other similarly priced desks on the market.

The Best Features Of The Comhar Pro Q8 Standing Desk

  • Dual motor for usability and stability
  • Wireless charging station
  • Cable management tray
  • Embedded drawer
  • Built-in USB-A and USB-C ports for charging
  • 24.0”-49.2” height range (with top)
  • 220-pound load capacity
  • Silent movement
  • Customizable color and style options
  • Easy to assemble

One of the first things to notice about the Comhar Q8 when it arrives is likely to be its weight. The package is definitely not light and comes in two shipments, one box for the legs and the other for the top. However, this should be encouraging, as it means that there is some actual product here, and once the boxes are opened that will become clear. These parts are sturdy, the metal legs are heavy and solid and the top wood desk panel is actually real, solid wood – not particle board and not laminate.

The Comhar Q8 standing desk is also incredibly easy to assemble – there are really just a few steps to get it going and it can be done by one person under half an hour (although 2 are recommended to lift the heavy pieces into place). Flexispot makes assembly easy by making all motorized pieces, the charger, drawer, etc., already mounted to the desk, so you really only need to add the legs and the cable tray and you’re good to go. You also don’t need any special tools, as assembly is just done with an alan key and everything is included in the box.

Once the pieces are put together, you only need to upright the desk and plug it in and it’s fully functional. On the middle front of the desk is a smooth, fairly large but low-profile drawer that can fit all the essentials, and on the right side of the front is a subtle LED display and the charging station. The LED display only needs to be touched lightly to come on and adjustments to the desk height can be made using the up and down arrows. Even better, you can store your preferred heights with the memory-preset numbered buttons to the right of the arrows so you can always make sure it’s perfect for your needs.

One thing that stands out about this dual motor lift system is that moving the desk up and down is almost totally silent and it’s very, very smooth. You can also adjust the sensitivity here though if it’s not responsive or moves too fast for you, and instructions for this are in the manual. Our in-house tester loved the option to change positions during their work day and alternate between standing and sitting as they wanted, and they felt their posture improved using the Comhar Q8, as their nearly 6-foot height meant that their current desk was too low for them, something they didn’t realize until they had an adjustable option.

Apart from the wireless cool charger built into the surface of the desk, the desk surface is quite large, at 55 inches wide and 28-inches deep, so it’s more than enough room for a laptop or desktop computer and all the accessories, the device you’re charging, a lamp and whatever else you might need. The desk is also stylish and customizable to suit its surroundings. The frame comes in either white or black and the wood desk top comes in a light or dark bamboo solid wood.

Lastly, another nice touch that sets this desk apart from other cheaper models is the amount of support the company offers. Flexispot has a live chat option on their website, you can get the manual if need be from the site, and they even have a comprehensive assembly video for the desk on YouTube. The brand also offers free shipping and a pretty outstanding warranty on parts that can go up to 15 years depending on the model and part, which is pretty unusual.

A brand definitely worth checking out for those looking to improve their day-to-day work life, Flexispot also sells a wide range of ergonomic chairs and desk accessories, and even a bike desk, adjustable beds, and mattresses. The Comhar Pro Q8 is currently priced at $700 but Flexispot’s products often go on sale, so keep an eye out!

Flexispot Comhar Pro Q8 Standing Desk
Comhar Standing Desk Pro Q8

The Comhar Pro Q8 standing desk offers premium features in a standing desk, including durable construction, dual motor, nearly silent movement with digital controls and memory presets for height preferences. Options include white or black frame and dark or light bamboo solid wood top.

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