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For Our Princess! Quest Walkthrough

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Where To Start Princess Quest:
To embark on the Princess Quest, head to the Foothill Stable. Teleport to the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower and glide north. Look for Penn near the stable, standing by an overhang. Engage in a conversation with him regarding the researchers at the stable. Penn will inform you that these researchers believe they must survey the area and study the monsters while wearing only underpants, under the orders of the Princess.

How To Complete Princess Quest:
Perplexed by this peculiar situation, Penn requests Link to investigate further. A new marker will guide you to the entrance of Death Mountain, where you must proceed. Upon reaching the marker, you will encounter two men in their underpants who are psyching themselves up to explore the mountain without any equipment. Interrupt their conversation and listen in. Link offers assistance and volunteers to venture into the cave without any gear to show them how it’s done. Prepare for action.

Similar to a combat shrine, you will be stripped of all weapons and armor upon entering the cave. Saving is disabled while inside. Proceed deeper into the cave until you spot a group of Bokoblins and a Moblin gathered around a fire. Maintain a crouched position to remain undetected and scavenge any weapons you come across. Beware, as there are no elixirs or armors to aid in stealth, so exercise caution until you are prepared. Basic weapons such as a thick stick, rusty sword, and spear can be found scattered throughout the cave. Collect them as you navigate, ensuring you stay out of the enemies’ line of sight. One enemy will be armored, so utilize a weapon fused with a boulder to swiftly dismantle their defenses when engaging in combat.

Initiate the fight by sneak attacking the Bokoblin located at the far end of the cave. Defeat all enemies to deplete the Monster Forces Health Bar to zero. Once finished, gather any valuable items and return to the cave’s entrance. Speak to the two researchers, who will invite you back to the stable. Teleport back and witness a large group of researchers expressing astonishment at your incredible accomplishment. Engage in a conversation to discover that Zelda never instructed them to explore in underpants; it was simply a misunderstanding on their part. With this revelation, the For Our Princess! quest will be marked as complete.

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For Our Princess! is a side quest in Tears of the Kingdom, which is part of a larger quest: Potential Princess Sightings! You’ll need to complete this larger quest chain to get your hands on the Froggy Armor set!

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As you’re investigating all the stables in Hyrule for Traysi in search of clues about Princess Zelda’s whereabouts, you’ll come across a curious bunch of researchers at the Foothill Stable.

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Where To Start For Our Princess! Quest

link gliding toward a stable totk

Head over the Foothill stable by teleporting to the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower and paragliding north. You’ll notice Penn near the stablestanding by an overhang. Talk to him about the researchers at the Stable and he will tell you that the researchers are somehow convinced that by the orders of the Princess, they need to survey the area and study the monsters therein wearing only underpants.

How To Complete For Our Princess! Quest

link talking to two researchers totk

Penn will be perplexed and will ask Link to investigate. A new marker will appear at the entrance of Death Mountainwhich is where you will need to head next.

As you reach the marker, you will see the mouth of a cavern and two men in their underpants hyping themselves up and trying to drum up the courage to investigate the mountain without any equipment.

Interrupt them, and you will overhear their strange conversation. Link will offer his help, saying he will head inside the cavern without any equipment to show them how it’s done.

Now, it’s time for action. Just like a combat shrine, you’ll be stripped of all your weapons and armor and will be unable to save while you’re inside the cave. Continue inward until you see a few Bokoblins and a Moblin standing around a fire.

link sneaking in a cave totk

Crouch so that they don’t hear you and collect any weapons you see. There are no elixirs or armors to help you go unnoticed so be extra careful to not attract attention before you’re ready.

There are a few basic weapons, like a thick stick, a rusty sword, and a spear lying around. Pick them up as you circle the cave, all the while keeping yourself out of their line of sight.

There is one armored enemy in the group, so fuse a weapon with a boulder to easily destroy his armor when you engage. Initiate the fight by sneak attacking the Bokoblin at the far end of the cave.

link fighting a mob of monsters totk

Kill off all the enemies to make the Monster Forces Health Bar go down to zero. When you’re done, collect anything valuable and head back to the entrance.

Talk to the two researchersand they’ll invite you back to the stable. Teleport over, and you’ll see a large group of researchers expressing amazement at your impossible feat.

link near a group of npcs totk

Initiate a conversation to find out that Zelda did not, in fact, say to explore in underpants; the workers just misunderstood. With that, the quest, For Our Princess! will be marked complete.

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