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From Season 2 Finale Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Tabitha

Attention! The following content contains spoilers for From season 2, episode 10, “Once Upon a Time…”. The season’s finale concludes with a cliffhanger that could potentially change the course of the show. The previous episode ends with Julie, Randall, and Marielle in comas, enduring torture from unknown beings. Tabitha and Jade venture into the dangerous forest to uncover the mysteries behind the symbols and children in their visions. Meanwhile, Boyd is racing to “stop the melody” and save the town from its sinister forces.

In the end, Boyd destroys the music box and frees the three characters from their haunting nursery rhyme fate. Jade discovers the symbol in the tunnels and sees visions of children laying on rocks and saying “anghkooey,” which connects back to Tabitha’s visions of the children that led her to the lighthouse.

Tabitha’s season-long arc reaches its fulfillment in the final moments of the episode when she gets pushed out of the lighthouse and wakes up in a hospital outside the town, creating a complex journey for her to reunite with her trapped family. This twist confirms an escape route for residents while raising questions about the true nature of the town.

The Boy in White plays a crucial role in Tabitha’s escape, and his apology before pushing her out of the glass window hints that he is not a malevolent character. His actions suggest that he is the town’s guardian angel, guiding the trapped residents to safety and hope. The children’s repeated use of the word “anghkooey” remains a mystery, but it could be related to the curse or evil that keeps people trapped in the town.

The Bottle Tree’s purpose is finally explained when Victor tells Tabitha that it only transports those who enter it to the lighthouse, raising questions about its connection to the trapped residents and the outside world. The show’s season 2 finale doesn’t explain what’s inside the bottles hanging from the tree or why that specific tree is the lighthouse transport, leaving it open for interpretation.

The season’s ending leaves several mysteries unsolved, setting the stage for From season 3 to build on them. The show’s burstiness and high perplexity make it a must-watch for fans of the supernatural and horror genres.

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for From season 2, episode 10, “Once Upon a Time…”From season 2’s ending solves a few crucial mysteries about the central town while concluding on a cliffhanger that has massive implications for the show’s future. Following the shocking ending of From season 2, episode 9, the series picks up with Julie, Randall, and Marielle in coma-like states where they intermittently experience torture from unseen entities. Meanwhile, Tabitha and Jade venture into the dangerous forest as they attempt to find answers about the children and symbols appearing in their visions. As Boyd races to “stop the melody,” From season 2, episode 10, “Once Upon a Time…,” brings several characters to a head as they work against the town’s sinister forces.


At the end of From’s season 2 finale, Boyd destroys the music box and frees Randall, Julie, and Marielle from their fates given by From’s haunting nursery rhyme. Jade encounters the symbol in the tunnels and sees visions of children laying on rocks and saying “anghkooey,” which connects back to Tabitha’s visions of the children that led her to the lighthouse. Fulfilling her season-long arc, the final moments of From season 2, episode 10 see Tabitha being pushed out of the lighthouse and awakening in a hospital outside the town, which confirms an escape route for residents while creating a complex journey for Tabitha to reunite with her trapped family.

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Tabitha’s Fate In From’s Season 2 Finale Explained – How She Made It Back Home

From: Tabitha wakes up in the hospital bed: season 2 finale

In a last-minute twist for From’s season 2 ending, Tabitha successfully makes it back home after going to the lighthouse. Once Tabitha ascends the stairs of the lighthouse tower and makes it to the top, she’s greeted by the Boy in White, who apologizes before pushing her out of the glass window. Tabitha then wakes up with scratches on her face in a hospital outside the town, with the doctors revealing that she was in a coma after being found on a hiking trail. While it’s unclear if Tabitha’s fall from the lighthouse means that she’s dead in the town but safe outside, this means that From’s characters can successfully find their way home.

Tabitha waking up from a coma could potentially be seen as a confirmation of From season 2’s bizarre theories about the characters in the town actually being in comas after vehicle crashes. This interpretation would mean that all of From’s season 2 characters are in comas outside the town, but need to “die” in order to be woken up on the other side. However, this is highly unlikely, as Tabitha was found by hikers on a trail without any of her family or the RV nearby. Therefore, Tabitha’s fall from the lighthouse is what sent her home alone, with the scratches on her face being from the window glass rather than the RV crash.

Is The Lighthouse A Portal Home? Why The Boy In White Pushed Tabitha

From season 2 finale: Tabitha waling up the lighthouse

In From season 2, episode 8’s flashbacks to Victor’s childhood, it was revealed that his mother went to the lighthouse to try to find a way home, with Tabitha repeating this tactic 40 years later. While it seems that Victor’s mother died before making it to the lighthouse, she was being called there by the children in order to find a portal to the outside world. The children appear to know that the lighthouse is a portal home, with the Boy in White being the mysterious leader who guides the trapped residents to safety and hope.

Before pushing Tabitha out of the lighthouse window, the Boy in White tells her that he’s sorry and it’s “the only way.” From season 2’s ending hints that the Boy in White has pushed other characters out of the lighthouse before, seemingly choosing Tabitha and Victor’s mom because of their motherly instincts. The Boy in White has previously saved or helped Victor, Ethan, Sara, and Boyd, thus seemingly serving as the town’s guardian angel. Since Tabitha saw visions of the children and the lighthouse throughout From season 2, the Boy in White may believe she’s the best person to send home and get help to save the rest of the town’s trapped residents.

The Bottle Tree & Its Connection To The Lighthouse Explained

Victor and Tabitha standing by the Bottle Tree in From season 2 episode 10

After first appearing at the end of From season 1, the characters return to the Bottle Tree in From season 2, episode 10 as Victor explains its real purpose. Victor tells Tabitha that the Bottle Tree is a special faraway tree, but instead of sending people to random locations, it only transports those who enter it to the lighthouse. It’s still unclear what function the lighthouse itself serves for “Fromville” considering the community is unable to see it from town, but it appears to be the only connection to the outside world.

From’s season 2 finale doesn’t explain exactly what’s inside the bottles hanging from the tree or why that specific tree is the lighthouse transport, but it may be connected to those who can travel outside the town. Since the bottles are presumably filled with messages either to the outside world or those trapped inside the town, there could be a “lighthouse keeper” who puts the messages on the tree for the residents to find. On the other hand, similar to some real-life traditions, the Bottle Tree may be there to trap evil spirits and nightmares. Therefore, the bottles may keep the nightmares from reaching the lighthouse, and potentially keep the outside world safe from the mysterious monsters in From.

What From’s “Anghkooey” Line Means

From season 2 finale jade children tunnels rocks

The children in Tabitha’s visions have frequently repeated the word “anghkooey,” which they also say as when she ascends the lighthouse staircase and they appear to Jade in the tunnels. Unfortunately, this word doesn’t seem to have an exact translation to another language, meaning it’s likely derived from various words put together or could be a fictional title within From’s universe. It’s been theorized that “anghkooey” is partially inspired by Ankou, a figure from Celtic mythology who personifies death and sends the spirits of the dead to hell. This would certainly be fitting for From’s themes of death and evil, but it’s more likely that “anghkooey” has an original meaning connected to the show’s creepy history.

For instance, “Anghkooey” could be the name of a spirit or force that is overseeing From’s town. The word could also be from a language unique to the show, perhaps translating as someone able to have visions, such as Tabitha and Jade. Since the word is said to Tabitha as she attempts to save the children and find a way home, it’s also possible that “anghkooey” means savior, or is a person prophesied to help the town and destroy whatever curse or evil keeps people trapped. Since the word is now said by the children in reference to the symbol as well, “anghkooey” is another mystery that From season 3 will have to solve.

Jade’s Vision Of The Symbol & Connection To The Children Explained

The symbol Jade sees in From's season 2 finale

After continuing to see the symbol in his dreams and realizing that it drove a former resident to horrible actions, Jade finally goes to the tunnels to find its meaning in From season 2’s ending. When traveling in the tunnels, Jade finds an odd clearing with rock slabs and light that shines down onto them. Moments later, Jade sees the children from Tabitha’s visions laying on the rocks, pointing up to the sky, and repeating the word “anghkooey.” Jade looks up and sees the symbol made of giant tree roots at the opening of a cave, but the symbol and the children disappear when he looks back.

This could mean that the light bears down on the symbol and projects it onto the rocks below, potentially for some sort of ritual practice. The deformed children being seen on the rocks suggests that they may have been subjected to cruel experiments or rituals in the forest that connect to both the lighthouse and the symbol in the tunnels. It’s possible that Jade’s vision of the symbol and children in the tunnel is a memory from the past, similar to him seeing angry Civil War soldiers. Since From season 2’s ending doesn’t show Jade leaving the tunnel, the real meaning of the symbol and his hallucination won’t be answered until next season.

“Hope Feeds The Forest”: The Real Meaning Of Abby’s Warning To Boyd

Harold Perrineau as Boyd in the From season 2 finale

When Boyd is trying to save Julie, Randall, and Marielle from their trances, a vision of his late wife Abby appears and tells him that destroying the music box won’t end their suffering. Rather, the ghostly Abby professes that the characters will still die screaming and the music box’s destruction will only delay their suffering. Abby relays that “It” knows Boyd won’t listen because he has hope, which is what “feeds the forest,” not fear. Hope is what makes the characters endure their suffering and keep going instead of submitting to the forest’s evils, so it produces more nightmares to combat this feeling.

Abby’s warning suggests that the hope that the residents will make it home one day is what makes the town’s forces stronger, so he should just submit to From‘s evils. The visions of Abby appear to be tactics from the supernatural forces to convince Boyd to die, as he’s one of the greatest sources of hope that the characters actually have. Abby also represents Boyd’s own conflicts about wanting to be the hero, wanting to prevent suffering, and wanting to redeem himself, which he accomplishes by instilling hope in others. Hope may be what makes the characters willing to suffer in the town, but it also is what will free them, as proven by Tabitha’s From season 2 ending.

What Happened To Julie, Randall & Marielle In From Season 2, Episode 10

Julie screaming in From's season 2 finale

Julie, Randall, and Marielle were under a terrifying possession from the forest’s supernatural powers, with the characters being tortured while trapped in the darkness. While their eyes go blank and they’re slowly dying in their nearly catatonic states, Boyd finds their bodies simultaneously being chained up in the building from earlier this season. Boyd uses a torch to turn the clearing back into the cave, though his efforts are nearly thwarted by Reggie’s attack and his visions of Abby. Boyd refuses to listen, instead destroying the music box and freeing Julie, Randall, and Marielle. The three characters survive the end of From season 2 after Boyd redeems himself and embraces the hope that Abby warns him against.

Will From Season 3 Happen? How From’s Season 2 Finale Sets It Up

collage of Tabitha, boyd, and Ellis in From season 2

While From season 3 has yet to be confirmed by MGM Plus, the follow-up to season 2 is expected to happen. Considering the horror show From was approved by Stephen King and is gaining a bigger following, the anticipation for season 3 is growing as numerous mysteries are still left unsolved. From itself appears to anticipate a third season given Tabitha’s season 2 ending, as her cliffhanger fate suggests that she’ll try to find the town and get her family back home. From season 3 will also need to answer the questions about other ways to kill the monsters, what happened when Victor was a child, the fate of Faitma’s baby, what the symbol really means, and who the children are in Tabitha and Jade’s visions.

All episodes of From season 2 are now streaming on MGM Plus.

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