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Games That Inspired Street Fighter 6

Ever since its release, Street Fighter 6 has become incredibly popular. It has garnered more attention than any other game in the series since Street Fighter 4 and has even been compared to the series’ heyday in the 1990s. One of the main reasons for its success is the new roster of characters, which has attracted fans even before the game’s launch. In addition, the classic characters have received updated moves and appearances.

The gameplay of Street Fighter 6 has managed to appeal to both hardcore fans and newcomers with its Classic and Modern control settings. The inclusion of these options has allowed players to choose their preferred playstyle and enjoy the game to its fullest.

However, Street Fighter 6 didn’t come out of nowhere. Diehard fans have noticed references and similarities to older games in the series. For example, the Drive Impacts in Street Fighter 6 resemble the Focus Attacks from Street Fighter 4, and certain super moves are reminiscent of those from Street Fighter 5. Even the Modern controls have been previously tested in Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter.

But Street Fighter 6 also drew inspiration from other games. Here are a few suggestions:

1. King of Fighters: Capcom and SNK have a long history together, particularly in the fighting game genre. The creators of Street Fighter 1 laid the foundation for the genre, while SNK introduced flashy techniques like Super Moves in the Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting series. Street Fighter 6 adopted a similar concept with its Critical Arts, which deal more damage when the player has low health.

2. Darkstalkers: Capcom’s horror-themed fighting series, Darkstalkers, has also influenced Street Fighter 6. The game features callbacks to Darkstalkers, such as the appearance of Lilith from Vampire Savior on Li-Fen’s laptop. Additionally, Luke can be seen playing the original Darkstalkers on his pad when he’s not training. Street Fighter 6 incorporated the concept of EX Moves, which originated in Darkstalkers as ES Moves.

3. Tekken: While Street Fighter and Tekken may not have had the best crossover games, Tekken has made its mark as a premier 3D fighting game. Street Fighter 6 took inspiration from Tekken’s single-player content, offering various modes for players to enjoy. One notable mode in Tekken 3, Ball Modes, where players use a ball to attack each other, has a similar feature in Street Fighter 6’s Party Mode.

4. Mortal Kombat: Mortal Kombat has been known for its strong single-player content, with unique modes like Test Your Luck in Mortal Kombat 2011. Street Fighter 6’s Party Mode shares a similar random fun element, providing optional special conditions for fights. Additionally, Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode can be compared to Mortal Kombat: Deception’s Konquest Mode, where players complete various tasks in a world.

5. Shenmue: Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode has drawn comparisons to the open-world game Shenmue. The director of Street Fighter 6, Takayuki Nakayama, acknowledged the similarities and mentioned that Shenmue had a big impact on him. The ability to explore a world and engage in fighting game elements can be attributed to Shenmue’s influence. Street Fighter 6 also includes a Game Center, allowing players to play classic arcade games, mirroring Shenmue’s in-game arcades.

6. Saints Row: The World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6 has been associated with the Saints Row series, particularly among younger Western players. The combination of urban environments, gangs, music, and character customization draws comparisons to Saints Row. The ability to create an avatar with detailed features is reminiscent of character creators in other games like Mass Effect and Skyrim.


7. Final Fight: Street Fighter has always had a connection with the classic beat ’em up game Final Fight. Characters from Final Fight, such as Guy, Cody, and Poison, have made appearances in the Street Fighter series. Street Fighter 6 further solidifies this connection by setting the game in Final Fight’s Metro City and including the Mad Gear gang as the first enemies to fight. It also confirms that many of the classic stages in the series come from Metro City.

Street Fighter 6 has taken inspiration from various games to create a unique and enjoyable experience for players. By incorporating elements from these games, Street Fighter 6 has managed to attract both longtime fans and newcomers to the series.

Since its release, Street Fighter 6 has caught on like a house on fire. It’s certainly the most popular entry in the series since Street Fighter 4 and might even contend with the series’ 1990s heyday. The new roster gained fans before the game came out, and the classic characters got a fresh set of moves and new looks. Then the gameplay managed to appeal to hardcore fans and newbies with its Classic and Modern control settings.

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But nothing comes out of a vacuum. The diehards can point out its call-backs to older games, like the Drive Impacts resembling SF4’s Focus Attacks, or certain super moves coming straight from Street Fighter 5. Even the Modern controls were previously tried out in Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter. But what other games did Street Fighter 6 take inspiration from? Here are a few suggestions.

7 King Of Fighters

Games That Inspired SF6- King of Fighters 96

Capcom and SNK’s fates have been intertwined since their earliest days, and it sticks out the most in their fighting games. Takashi Nishiyama and Hiroshi Matsumoto essentially created the foundation for the genre with Street Fighter 1. But after they left Capcom, Yoshiki Okamoto, Akira Nishitani, and co, took fighting games to the stratosphere with Street Fighter 2 and its new combo moves. Nishiyama and Matsumoto weren’t to be outdone as they created the Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting series for SNK.

Neither would top SF2but they introduced the genre’s flashiest technique: Super Moves. Originally, they required the player to be low on health to pull them off. But by the first few King of Fighters games, being near death’s door enabled players to pull off even more powerful super moves called Super Desperation Moves. Just like how SF6‘s Critical Arts do more damage, but only occur when the player has 25% or less health in their life bar.

6 Darkstalkers

Games That Inspired SF6- Darkstalkers

Capcom didn’t just look to their rivals to inspire their new works. Their long-forgotten, horror-themed fighting series Darkstalkers has left its own impact on Street Fighter. SF6 features a few callbacks to it, like Lilith from Vampire Savior appearing on Li-Fen’s laptop, or Luke settling down to play the original Darkstalkers at his pad via pad when he’s not working at Buckler’s Boot Camp.

The biggest thing SF inherited from its spooky sister series were the EX Moves. The ability to boost up the character’s special moves with a little super meter, or Drive Gauge in SF6’s case, has been part of the SF games since SF3: Second Impact. But they debuted in the first Darkstalkers games as ES Moves and have since turned up in other games like Mortal Kombat and King of Fighters 15.

5 Tekken

Games That Inspired SF6- Tekken 3

The combination of Street Fighter and Tekken may give fans bad memories of Street Fighter X Tekken or the barely existent Tekken Vs Street Fighter that’s been on ice for over a decade. But Tekken has been the premier 3D fighting game since the first game sold over a million units on the then-new PS1. Even if its gameplay is a world away from SF’s (as people who fought Akuma in Tekken 7 know all too well), Tekken’s left some DNA in SF6.

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It’s largely seen in its single-player content as, until T7 trimmed them down, Tekken gave players a variety of modes to play with. There were beat ‘em up modes, adventure modes, story modes, and more. One of its wackiest modes was Tekken 3‘s Ball Modes, where players smashed a ball to hurt each other with. It was popular, but it hasn’t turned up in the series since the Wii U port of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Luckily, SF6‘s Party Mode has a similar feature, including the ability to juggle multiple balls at once!

4 Mortal Kombat

Games That Inspired SF6- Mortal Kombat 9

Mortal Kombat has also generally been stronger on the single-player content for the past 20 years, with wacky additions like MK: Armageddon’s Motor Kombat kart minigame, and MK: Deception’s Puzzle Kombat, their own take on Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (which was SF’s version of Concubine). But the random fun of SF6‘s Party Mode may sound familiar to fans of 2011’s Mortal Kombat.

Its Test Your Luck mode put optional special conditions on 1-on-1 fights, like taking away the opponent’s ability to jump or block, dodge random projectiles, or even become zombies and chunk their limbs at each other. It could also be argued that SF6’s World Tour mode has more in common with MK: Deception’s Konquest Mode, where Shujinko did odd jobs for people in Outworld than Street Fighter Alpha 3’s more RPG-inspired World Tour mode.

3 Shen Mue


Yet MK: Deception wasn’t the first thing that came to some people’s minds when they saw the World Tour Mode. When an interviewer for IGN Japan spoke to SF6 director Takayuki Nakayama and Shuhei Matsumoto last year, he said aspects of the mode reminded him of Shen Mue. He didn’t dare ask directly about it, but Nakayama ended up mentioning the similarities himself.

Shenmue’s had a big impact on me too. Walking around in a world like that, and even having fighting game elements as part of the game too”. While he didn’t say it was a direct inspiration, he said: “It’s quite possible it was in the back of my mind all along”. That, and SF6 also has a Game Center to play classic arcade games on like Shen Mue‘s in-game arcades. While Sega’s series has seen better days, it’s nice to see Shen Mue still inspiring successors today.

2 Saints Row

Saints Row The Third

Then again, the Shen Mue connection to the World Tour mode may be more noticeable to older players or ones based in Japan and East Asia in general. Younger, Western ones who missed out on the Dreamcast classic often compare it more to the Saints Row series, another open-world game where the player did odd jobs and fought urban gangs. Only without SR‘s guns, cars, and ability to main enemies and civilians alike for yuks.

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That, and the player gets to create their avatar with an in-depth series of sliders and features like in the Saints Row games. Character creators have also been used in Mass Effect, Skyrimthe WWE games, and more over the past few decades. But the combination of the creator with the urban environments, gangs, music, and tone, does give World Tour mode a more SR vibe than its rivals. Johnny Gat & co would fit in quite nicely in SF‘s streets.

1 Final Fight

1688520978 698 Games That Inspired Street Fighter 6 TheFantasyTimes

But ultimately, the urban tone comes more from SF’s increasing blending with Final Fight. Their classic beat ‘em up was originally meant to be part of SF as “Street Fighter ‘89”, and only gained its separate name when people pointed out its gameplay was nothing like SF’s. Even then the two were never far away, with the likes of Guy, Cody, Rolento, Sodom, Poison, and Hugo among others making their way into SF as playable characters.

SF6 double-downs on it by making FF’s Metro City the first location for players to explore, and its Mad Gear as the first goons to fight and take jobs from. It also confirms Metro City is where many of the series’ classic stages come from, like Remy’s club stage in SF3: Third Strike. SF’s kept FF in the public eye, though with sidescrolling brawlers coming back in style, it’d be nice to see a Final Fight 4 join River City Girls, Final Revengeand Streets of Rage 4.

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