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Glamorous Cast & Character Guide

Netflix’s Glamorous features a star-studded cast with familiar faces and fresh talent. The comedy-drama series centers around Marco, a makeup enthusiast whose life takes an unexpected turn when he lands a job with Madolyn Addison, a beauty mogul. Although the show primarily focuses on the relationship between the two characters, it also introduces other individuals who work at the makeup company. From potential love interests to bitter rivals, Glamorous has it all.

Released on June 22, 2023, all ten episodes of the first season quickly gained attention from subscribers worldwide, earning a spot on the Top 10 TV Shows in the U.S. list within its first week. While the show’s captivating storyline draws viewers in, the talented cast also adds to its appeal.

Kim Cattrall, known for her role as Samantha Jones in Sex and the City, plays Madolyn Addison in the series. Madolyn, a former supermodel, runs her own makeup empire, Glamorous by Madolyn. Viewers meet her when she hires Marco as her second assistant, hoping he can help the struggling company reach new audiences.

Miss Benny, a transgender woman, plays the lead protagonist, Marco Mejia. He is a 22-year-old aspiring influencer whose life revolves around makeup. Miss Benny’s character is similar to her real-life persona, as she previously rose to prominence for her YouTube makeup tutorials and comedic videos before pursuing music and acting.

Jade Payton plays Venetia Kelaher, Madolyn’s first assistant, who is supportive of Marco, despite his frequent mistakes at work. Venetia is protective of her job and connections, as she aspires to run her own makeup company.

Zane Phillips portrays Chad Addison, Madolyn’s son, and Glamorous by Madolyn’s director of sales. Chad is the show’s antagonist, who desires to sell the brand to the highest bidder, while Madolyn wants to reinvent it.

Michael Hsu Rosen stars as Ben, Marco’s friend and secret admirer, who works in the product design department of Glamorous by Madolyn. Ayesha Harris plays Britt, Ben’s closest friend and the voice of reason at the company. Graham Parkhurst plays Parker, a potential love interest for Marco, whose sweet nature turns controlling as the season progresses.

Diana Maria Riva plays Julia, Marco’s mother, who initially disapproves of his makeup dreams and tries to get him a job at the law firm where she works. Lisa Gilroy portrays Alyssa, who produces original content for Glamorous by Madolyn’s social media accounts.

Overall, Glamorous promises to be a must-watch show with its stellar cast and compelling storyline.

The cast of Netflix’s Glamorous includes a couple of fabulous familiar faces, along with some relatively fresh faces who undoubtedly make their mark in the show. The comedy-drama series centers around Marco, a makeup enthusiast who stumbles upon the opportunity of a lifetime to work with Madolyn Addison, a beauty mogul. Glamorous mainly revolves around the two characters and their burgeoning relationship, but it also features plenty of other individuals who work at the makeup company. From rivals to potential love interests, Glamorous has it all.


Netflix released all ten episodes of the first season on June 22, 2023, and the show quickly generated the attention of plenty of subscribers worldwide. Glamorous charted on the Top 10 TV Shows in the U.S. list within the first week of its premiere. While the series’ story is a draw for many viewers, the talented cast also helped attract attention to the show.

Kim Cattrall As Madolyn Addison

Kim Cattrall as Madolyn Addison in Glamorous

Kim Cattrall of Sex and the City fame plays Madolyn Addison in Netflix’s Glamorous. Madolyn, a former supermodel, runs her own (once successful) makeup empire — Glamorous by Madolyn. Viewers meet her within the first five minutes of the Netflix series when she runs into Marco at his place of work (a makeup stand at the mall). Madolyn tells him that she came to the mall to learn more about her customers, and one thing leads to another, and suddenly she is hiring Marco to be her second assistant. As it turns out, Glamorous by Madolyn is struggling, and she thinks Marco will help the company reach new audiences.

As aforementioned, Cattrall is most known for her role as Samantha Jones in the Sex and the City franchise. She previously made headlines when she wasn’t included in the main cast of the spinoff, And Just Like Thatbut Cattrall is set to briefly reprise her role during the show’s second season in 2023. Cattrall also currently stars as Future Sophie in Hulu’s How I Met Your Fatherand she previously appeared in Police Academy, Big Trouble in Little China, Mannequin, Sensitive Skin, Tell Me a Storyand Queer as Folk​​​​​. Related: Glamorous Trailer: Sex And The City Star Builds A Makeup Empire

Miss Benny As Marco Mejia

Marco in Glamorous on Netflix.

Miss Benny plays the main protagonist, Marco Mejia, in Glamorous. When viewers meet Marco, he is a 22-year-old aspiring influencer whose life centers around makeup. He describes makeup as “therapy in a tube” and “magic in a jar” — it gives him the kind of confidence that everyone aspires to have. Marco is working at the mall when he runs into Madolyn, and she offers him a job as her second assistant. Of course, Marco accepts because it could be his big break, but also because Marco’s mother has been begging him to get a “real job.” Unfortunately, Marco’s “real job” is a lot tougher than he thought it would be.

Miss Benny, a transgender woman whose pronouns are she/her, rose to prominence when she started a YouTube channel in 2010. Like her character in GlamorousMiss Benny would film makeup tutorials, but she would also post comedic videos. In 2014, Miss Benny started making her own music and has released a handful of singles over the years. She then ventured into the world of acting and appeared in shows such as Fuller House, Love, Victorand American Horror Stories before landing the lead role in Glamorous​​​​​.

Jade Payton As Venetia Kelaher

Venetia in Glamorous on Netflix.

Jade Payton plays Venetia Kelaher, Madolyn’s first assistant, in Glamorous on Netflix. Unlike Emily Blunt’s character in The Devil Wears PradaVenetia is welcoming to Marco, even though he arrives late on his first day and routinely messes up. However, Venetia worries that she might be on her way out the door of Glamorous by Madolyn since she was Madolyn’s second assistant before the first one was fired, and Venetia took their job. Venetia aspires to run her own makeup company, so she’s very protective of her job and connections.

Before starring as Venetia in GlamorousPayton appeared as Jordan in iZombie and Demi in Daybreak. The audience might also recognize her from her role as Sergeant Grey’s daughter, Dominique, in The Rookie. But the new Netflix show is Payton’s first series regular job.

Zane Phillips As Chad Addison

Chad in Glamorous on Netflix.

Glamorous has everything — love triangles, self-discovery, beauty tutorials, and a sprinkle of nepotism. Zane Phillips stars as Chad Addison, Madolyn’s son, who is also Glamorous by Madolyn’s director of sales, in the Netflix comedy-drama series. It’s clear from the very first episode that he’s the show’s antagonist. When viewers (and Marco) first meet Chad, he makes a joke about Marco’s heels and claims, “I’m gay, but I’m not…gay.” Also, while Madolyn wants to reinvent the brand, Chad desires to sell it to the highest bidder. Aside from his most recent role in GlamorousPhillips is best known for starring as Ben in Legacies season 4.

Michael Hsu Rosen as Ben

Ben in Glamorous on Netflix.

Michael Hsu Rosen plays Ben, who was crushing on Marco from the moment they met in Glamorous. Ben is one-third of the love triangle (which also includes Parker — see below) and is the “Computer Boy” of the show. He works in the product design department of Glamorous by Madolyn and is Marco’s friend who is secretly (not-so-secretly) crushing on him. Unfortunately for Ben, he’s terribly shy and hesitates to ask out Marco because they work together. Outside GlamorousRosen previously starred in Looking, Jessica Jones, Tiny Pretty Things, The Good Doctorand Pretty Smart.

Ayesha Harris As Britt

Britt in Glamorous on Netflix.

Ben’s closest friend in Glamorous is Britt, played by Ayesha Harris. Harris, who is most known for her role as Bernie in Daisy Jones & the Sixstars as the other product design nerd of the Netflix series. But when Britt isn’t working, she’s acting as the voice of reason at Glamorous by Madolyn. Both Ben and Venetia turn to Britt for advice, whether it be about their love lives or jobs.

Graham Parkhurst As Parker

Parker in Glamorous on Netflix.

Just when viewers think they have figured out who will be Marco’s love interest in Glamorousalong comes Parker, played by Graham Parkhurst. Marco meets Parker when he accidentally gets into his Uber, and Parker sweetly offers him some words of encouragement related to his work struggle. However, as the season goes on, Parker becomes less sweet and more controlling. Before earning the role of Parker in GlamorousParkhurst appeared in Supergirl, Titans, The Umbrella Academyand Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

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Glamorous Supporting Cast & Characters

Julia in Glamorous on Netflix.

Diana Maria Riva as Julia: Outside his job and life at Glamorous by Madolyn, Marco lives with his mother, Julia, played by Diana Maria Riva. Julia is initially not supportive of Marco’s makeup dreams and tries to get him a job as a paralegal in training at the law firm she works at. Julia is tough on Marco, but it all comes from a place of love. Glamorous fans might recognize Riva from her role as Detective Ana Perez in Dead to Meand the actress has also appeared in The Good Guys, Telenovela, The West Wing, Castle, Man With a Planand many other television shows.

Lisa Gilroy as Alyssasays: Alyssa, played by Lisa Gilroy, initially believes Marco is her new social media intern when she first meets him. Alyssa, who goes by Alyssasays, is in charge of producing original content for Glamorous by Madolyn’s social media accounts. Before starring in GlamorousGilroy appeared in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Jury Duty.

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