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By Jitin Gambhir

Grimes, the artist behind the hit song “Genesis,” recently shared her latest body modifications on Instagram. In addition to a massive leg tattoo that she revealed earlier this month, Grimes debuted new scar-like tattoos and a chipped tooth.

The alien-inspired design features futuristic letters along her collarbone, inked by tattoo artist Zhenja. Grimes also revealed her leg tattoo, which features a vein-like design. She wore extreme blush on her cheeks and eyelids in the photos, revealing a chipped tooth in her open-mouthed pose.

Grimes debuts fresh ‘alien scar’ chest tattoos, chipped tooth

Grimes shared her long-term goal of having a “totally covered in white ink” alien body earlier this year. While some fans praised her new tattoos, others expressed confusion, fear, and concern.

Grimes clarified that her front tooth has been broken since December and healed wrong, creating a jagged look that she finds attractive. Keep an eye out for more of Grimes’ alien transformation.

Earth to Grimes.

The “Genesis” singer continued her journey to “have a full alien body” by debuting some new tattoos — and a chipped tooth — in an Instagram post on Saturday, with the fresh ink coming on the heels of the huge leg design she revealed earlier this month.

Grimes, 35, captioned her photo, “Alien scars by @zhenja_tttr,” adding a planet emoji and tagging tattoo artist Zhenja while inviting fans to check out her new song, “Welcome to the Opera.”

In the closeup snap, the singer — born Claire Elise Boucher — goes sans top while showing off white scar-like tattoos in the shape of futuristic letters along her collarbone.

The “Flesh Without Blood” singer debuted her newest tat in this snapshot.


Grimes also showed off her new leg piece on Instagram last weekend.

She wore extreme blush on her cheeks and eyelids in the pics, revealing a chipped tooth in her open-mouthed pose.

The same day, she showed some pics of her creepy red leg design, writing about her new song and a “toxic horror pseudo Victorian gay space romance” video in the process.


“Ps so stoked w this tattoo by @caidasindesamparo – got a bunch of amazing pics of it yesterday,” she captioned the post. “I am marveling at this masterpiece on my leg.”

Grimes leg tattoo


Her right leg is covered in a vein-like design.
Grimes leg tattoo


Grimes rolled up her pants to reveal the fresh ink.

In January, the mom of two — who shares a son and daughter with Elon Musk — shared her “long slow effort to have a full alien body” that’s “totally covered in white ink,” and her new chest design certainly seems to fit the otherworldly bill.

Fans seemed to have mixed feelings about her new tattoos, like one who wrote “That just looks like a bunch of korean letters jumbled up… what alien scars tf.”

A second said, “girl.. i’m a little scared.”

Another Instagram user added, “I’ve never thought someone would get varicose veins tattooed onto their leg but here you are.”

Others were digging Grimes’ look, with fans commenting, “Your new ‘alien scars’ look so sick” and “Ahhh the leg tattoo !” with a flame emoji.



The star promoted her new music with the new body art photos.

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Others focused their attention on her jagged front tooth, like one remark that read, “girl are your teeth okay.”

Grimes clarified her dental situation in a tweet on Saturday, writing, “Yes, front tooth is broken, has been since Dec. Stage diving incident in Japan. Didn’t seek medical attention in time. My bite healed wrong, so been warned they’ll chip a lot. But I dig the look.”

Stay tuned to see the next part of her “alien” transformation.


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