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By Jitin Gambhir

Guns N’ Roses cancels show in St. Louis due to unspecified illness

Guns N’ Roses recently announced on social media that one of their band members has fallen ill, leading to the unfortunate cancellation of their St. Louis concert on Saturday. The iconic rock band shared a joint statement on Instagram, informing their fans about the postponement and assuring them that those unable to attend the rescheduled date will be eligible for a refund. Unfortunately, no further details were provided regarding the specific member who fell ill. Representatives for Guns ‘N Roses declined to comment further on the matter.

While Slash, the lead guitarist of the group, reposted the announcement on his Instagram, Axl Rose, the band’s lead singer, did not share the news. Guns N’ Roses explained the cancellation on Instagram as being due to an “illness.” Their most recent Instagram post, shared by the “Welcome to the Jungle” singer, showed footage from a concert in Toronto. After their scheduled St. Louis show, the band is set to perform in Knoxville, Tennessee on Tuesday, according to their website. It remains uncertain whether the band will be able to return to the stage by early next week.

Fans have expressed their opinions on the cancellation in the comments section of Guns N’ Roses’ Instagram. Many fans have noted the band’s troubled history with St. Louis, recalling the infamous “Riverport Riot” concert that took place on July 2, 1991. Some fans believe that there is always something amiss during their shows in St. Louis, while others believe that Axl Rose may have lingering negative feelings from that past incident. The riot occurred when Rose jumped into the crowd during the concert and left the show prematurely. This led to a chaotic situation, resulting in numerous arrests and injuries.

In conclusion, Guns N’ Roses had to cancel their St. Louis concert due to a band member falling ill. The specific details of the illness have not been disclosed. Fans have expressed their thoughts on social media, with some connecting the cancellation to the band’s troubled history in St. Louis. The band’s future performances remain uncertain, and it is unclear if they will be able to resume their tour as scheduled.

Guns N’ Roses revealed via social media that one of their members has fallen ill, forcing the iconic rock band to cancel their show in St. Louis Saturday.

“Gunners, the concert scheduled for St. Louis on September 9 has been postponed due to illness,” the “Sweet Child O’ Mine” musicians said in a joint statement on Instagram Friday.

“Hang on to your tickets – fans who are unable to make the rescheduled date will be eligible for a refund. Thank you for the support 🌹.”

It is unclear who has gotten sick and no further details about the illness were released.

Reps for Guns ‘N Roses declined TheFantasyTimes’s request for further comment.

Slash, the group’s lead guitarist, also reposted the same announcement on his Instagram Friday, but Axl Rose, the band’s lead singer, did not post it.


Guns N' Roses' Instagram post about their show cancellation.
The rock band said on Instagram that the cancellation was due to an “illness.”

The “Welcome to the Jungle” singer’s most recent Instagram post was shared on Wednesday, and showed video of the rocker onstage at a show in Toronto.

After the St. Louis tour date, Guns N’ Roses is scheduled to perform in Knoxville, Tenn., on Tuesday, per their website.

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It is unclear if the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famers will be ready to return to the stage by early next week.

Fans have taken to the comments section of Guns N’ Roses’ Instagram to weigh in on the cancellation.

Axl Rose and Slash performing onstage.
Fans noted that Guns N’ Roses had a negative experience at another show in St. Louis decades ago.
Marc Grimwade

Many pointed out that the group appears to have a stroke of bad luck with St. Louis, referencing the infamous July 2, 1991, concert that has been dubbed the “Riverport Riot.”

“There is always something wrong in St. Louis shows,” one person wrote.

Another commented, “Axl post traumatic vibes from St. Louis.”

An old photo of Axl Rose and Slash performing together.
A riot ensued at a Guns N’ Roses concert in St. Louis in 1991 after Axl Rose jumped into the crowd and then left the show early.

According to Billboard, during the show 32 years ago, Rose got upset with a fan who had a camera and so he dove into the crowd to confront the person.

The “November Rain” singer, now 61, reportedly then said, Thanks to the lame-ass security, I’m going home! … We’re outta here,” before taking off his mic.

Per Billboard, the audience then grew upset and a riot ensued, resulting in several arrests and 65 injuries.

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