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Harold Perrineau Teases The Twists & Turns In From Season 2 Finale

Caution: This content contains minor spoilers for the finale of season 2 of the show “From.” The season’s final episode is now available on MGM+ and revolves around Boyd (Harold Perrineau) and the rest of the show’s ensemble cast. The town’s residents are trapped, and a monstrous threat is terrorizing them. Boyd, the town’s sheriff, is doing his best to help the townsfolk while dealing with his strained relationship with his son Ellis (Corteon Moore). In this season, Boyd’s arc takes him to some dark places as he struggles to save the town and deal with his inner demons.

We spoke to Harold Perrineau about the season 2 finale and how Boyd’s character has evolved over the course of the season. He shared that the season 1 finale left Boyd with a sense of uncertainty, while the season 2 finale gives Boyd a bit of satisfaction, knowing that he isn’t going crazy. As far as the viewers are concerned, the finale will showcase Boyd’s resilience and his willingness to fight for the town’s safety.

Regarding Boyd’s relationship with his son, Ellis, Harold acknowledged that there is still some tension between them. Boyd’s biggest challenge is his own mind, as he struggles to trust himself and find a safe place. His confrontation with God in the finale is a standout moment that highlights his determination to find a resolution.

The show “From” unravels the mystery of a nightmarish town that traps its residents. In season 2, hidden truths about the town’s nature and origins emerge as mysterious newcomers arrive. The residents must fight to survive as they search for a way out, while terrifying creatures lurk in the surrounding forest.

The finale of “From” season 2 is now available on MGM+.

Warning: Minor spoilers for From season 2 finale!From season 2 has finally reached its finale, and the stakes are at their peak for everyone involved. From season 2 is streaming new episodes on Sundays on MGM+, centering on Boyd (Harold Perrineau) and the show’s entire cast of characters. Their entrapment in their town has taken many twists and turns, and is finally reaching a climax on June 25.

Since the beginning of From season 1, an entire township has found itself unable to leave, with a monstrous menace terrorizing them. Meanwhile, the town’s Sheriff Boyd has had a strained relationship with his son Ellis (Corteon Moore) while doing his best to help the town through the situation. With Boyd even fighting a war in his own mind, From season 2 takes him to dark places with Boyd fighting his way to the climax of season 2’s finale.


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We speak to Harold Perrineau about the From season 2 finale, and how Boyd has evolved as a character over the course of the season.

Harold Perrineau on From Season 2’s Finale

harold perrineau in from season 2

Screen Rant: What was the biggest differences in doing the finales of From season 1 and season 2 from your perspective?

Harold Perrineau: You know, the season 1 finale, I think for Boyd specifically, it left us with a feeling of ‘Oh my God! What do we do now?’, and the season 2 finale, after all the things that happened in season 2, I think it leaves Boyd really battered, but also leaves him with a bit of satisfaction. A couple of things got accomplished, and he can trust that he isn’t going crazy.

I think it leaves Boyd with, if you can call it this, satisfaction, wheras in last season, it left him with a giant question. So that’s where it leaves Boyd. As far as the show goes, there are much bigger questions, but for Boyd, I feel like there’s a tiny bit of satisfaction, if you can call it that.

With Boyd’s arc in season 2, what do you think will be some of the elements of the finale that will stand out the most for viewers?

Harold Perrineau: I think for the viewers, as far as the finale goes, I think that they’re going to think that Boyd should have reached his tipping point. He’s there, he’s tipped over, he’s cursing God directly, and so, he’s reached that point where all bets are off. I think the fans will see that and his resilience, andI think they will trust him a little bit more that whatever happens to Boyd, he’s going to keep fighting to save everybody if he can.

With Boyd getting some measure of satisfaction in From‘s season 2 finale, do you think he’s the only character on the show who has by the end of the season?

Harold Perrineau: In the season 2 finale, no! Boyd’s the only one who has any satisfaction! Everybody else is about to be fully traumatized. With all the stuff that happens with Tabitha, that’s going to be traumatizing for her family, for Victor, for all the town – and this is all me guessing the future – but my speculation is that the only person so far who’s had any satisfaction is Boyd.

from harold perrineau screaming

As far as Boyd’s relationship with his son Ellis, how do you feel that has progressed over the course of From season 2?

Harold Perrineau: Well, at the end of season 1, we leave with Boyd in the well, and then by the end of season 2, it’s really only been days. So, from the time the Matthews’ have gotten there, it’s been a couple of weeks maybe. So, as far as Boyd’s relationship with Ellis, they’re at a place where they can at least talk about Ellis’ mom Abby. I still there’s some struggling between them, and there will be places that they can connect and places where they’ll still have disagreements, because you can see that Boyd still isn’t doing it perfectly.

As you can see quite often, Boyd is going ‘Hey, I’ve got to go again’, and that’s exactly where they found themselves at the beginning, where Boyd feels like he has to do this mission, and leaves Ellis and his mom sort of out there by themselves. You see that again and again all throughout season two, and I feel like that’s something they still have to contend with. While I think things are getting better, and Boyd will always love his son and Ellis will always love his Dad, that strain is always kind of going to be there. It’s an age-old kind of problem with fathers and sons, and lots of people deal with that issue of ‘Oh, my Dad went to work and he just left me’, and I think that’s what we’re looking at in their relationship right now.

What would you say has been Boyd’s biggest challenge in From season 2 compared to season 1?

Harold Perrineau: Boyd’s biggest challenge in season 2 was his own brain. He just couldn’t find a place where it was safe, and he just didn’t know how to trust himself, and I think that was his biggest challenge throughout the entire season.

Avoiding spoilers, what would you say were some of your favorite moments or scenes with Boyd in the season 2 finale of From?

Harold Perrineau: You know, I think Boyd has a lot of great moments throughout the whole season, and I think when Boyd comes to question God and stand in God’s face and ask ‘What do you think you’re doing here?’, for me, that’s a really big moment, and it felt really big for me even as an actor, because there are times where I’m like ‘Hey God, you know I’m acting, right?’ For me, that’s a really big stand out moment, and then the push forward to try to get some resolution.

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FROM unravels the mystery of a nightmarish town that traps all those who enter. As the unwilling residents fight to keep a sense of normalcy and search for a way out, they must also survive the threats of the surrounding forest – including the terrifying creatures that come out when the sun goes down. In season 2, hidden truths about the nature and terrifying origins of the town begin to emerge, even as life for its residents is plunged into chaos by the arrival of mysterious newcomers.

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From season 2’s finale arrives on MGM+ on Sunday, June 25.

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