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By Jitin Gambhir

Heather Locklear is ‘lucid and sober’ after ‘meltdown’ photos — friends

Heather Locklear is reportedly in good health and clear-minded, despite concerns raised by recent photos, according to a close friend. The “Dynasty” star caused worry when she appeared distressed outside a medical center in Malibu, LA, last month. However, a source informed TheFantasyTimes that the 61-year-old actress had received upsetting news that day but was otherwise not troubled. The Daily Mail published a report alleging that Locklear has resumed drinking after years of sobriety, with a so-called friend stating that tequila has always been her drink and that she is also obsessed with her weight. The friend claimed that Locklear has lost 40 pounds. Locklear has publicly battled addiction and has been to rehab approximately 20 times. However, the source refuted the claims, stating that Locklear has not been drinking for years. In May, Locklear was seen having lunch with her best friends, Sharan Magnuson, her husband Jason Boyleston, and Christina Ducote. Magnuson assured that Locklear was in great spirits during the meal. Magnuson, who has been friends with Locklear since 1981, stated that she recently FaceTimed with the actress and that Locklear is doing well. Magnuson added that Locklear looked fantastic and lucid, and they had a great time together a few weeks ago. Locklear’s friend also defended her against rumors of poor health, calling them incredibly cruel and stating that everyone is allowed to have a bad day. Locklear is engaged to her high school sweetheart, Chris Heisser, but sources claim that their relationship is not perfect. Locklear has lost weight, but according to other friends, it is around 25 pounds rather than 40 pounds. The actress is believed to be taking Ozempic for pre-diabetes. In 2018, Locklear made headlines when she was arrested following a domestic violence call involving Heisser. She was charged with battery and resisting officers. Heisser was also arrested for a DUI on the same day. Locklear was later ordered to enroll in a residential treatment program as part of her sentence. She pleaded no contest to eight misdemeanor offenses and entered a 30-day residential treatment program instead of serving time in jail. Locklear rose to fame in the 1980s with her roles in “Dynasty” and “Melrose Place.” She recently attended her daughter Ava Sambora’s graduation from USC Rossier, School of Education, and expressed her pride on Instagram.

Heather Locklear is “feeling good” and is “totally lucid” — despite worrying photos, according to one of her best friends.

The “Dynasty” star sparked fears for her health after being seen looking distraught outside a medical center in Malibu, LA, late last month.

But a source told TheFantasyTimes that the 61-year-old star had received some “upsetting news” that day, and was not otherwise troubled. “She was definitely upset,” said the source.

A report in the Daily Mail Wednesday claimed that Locklear is drinking again after years of sobriety, with a so-called friend saying: “Tequila has always been her drink. She can’t stay away from it. She’s also on Ozempic and obsesses over her weight. She’s lost 40lbs.”

Locklear has struggled with well-publicized addiction issues and has been to rehab about 20 times, but the source told us: “Heather is most definitely not drinking, she hasn’t for years.

Heather Locklear, Sharan Magnuson, Jason Boyleston, Christina Ducote
Heather Locklear was in great spirits at lunch with her besties, Sharan Magnuson, her husband Jason Boyleston, and Christina Ducote, in May, Magnuson said.

“She’s very upset at that allegation, it’s super hurtful.”

Locklear was photographed scaling the ledge of the building following her visit while muttering to herself, and was reported as writing in her journal while waiting for a ride home, but the source said: “That was her datebook!”

Multiple sources said that although Locklear and her fiancé Chris Heisser, her high school sweetheart, are still together, their relationship is “far from perfect.”

Heather Locklear
Locklear walked the ledge of the building while waiting for her pickup and talking to herself.

Locklear’s close friend Sharan Magnuson, who has been friends with the star since they met in acting class in 1981, told TheFantasyTimes: “I just FaceTimed with Heather today and she’s doing great.”


Magnuson, a former top Warner Bros PR executive, said she last saw Locklear in May with her husband James Boyleston and another close friend, Christina Ducote.

“We text all the time and we had lunch together only a few weeks ago, we had the best time, we laughed and reminisced. Heather looked fantastic, she was lucid – she’s the best she’s looked in years,” she said.

Heather Locklear, Chris Heisser
Locklear is engaged to her former high school sweetheart, Chris Heisser, seen on the right, but their relationship is “not perfect”, according to sources.

“She’s 100 percent the Heather I know and love, I don’t know who is trying to spread these rumors that she’s unwell, but it’s incredibly cruel.”

As for the photos, Magnuson added: “Everyone is allowed a bad day.”

After the lunch, Locklear posted a photo of the group together, writing: “Lovin my peeps. I love you guys.”

Locklear, also well known for her stint on “Melrose Place,” and more recently “Fresh Off the Boat,” and “Hot in Cleveland,” has definitely slimmed down, according to other friends, but has lost around 25 pounds, not 40 pounds, we’re told.

Heather Locklear, Chris Heisser
Locklear and Heisser are believed to be having issues in their relationship.

She’s believed to be on Ozempic for pre-diabetes.

The actress is still with Heisser and recently posted photos of them at a wedding in Palm Springs.

The pair hit the headlines in 2018 when Locklear was arrested after a domestic violence call and police alleged that she had hit Heisser.

During the arrest, police said that Locklear allegedly became combative and uncooperative, and allegedly battered three deputies. Just hours later, Heisser was arrested for a DUI. He pled guilty almost five months later.

Heather Locklear, Ava Sambora
Locklear and her daughter Ava Sambora, from her marriage to rocker Richie Sambora.

In 2019, Locklear was ordered to enroll in a residential treatment program as part of her sentence stemming from the two incidents.

The actress pleaded no contest to eight misdemeanor offenses of battery and resisting officers.

She was originally ordered to serve 120 days in jail, however, that sentence was stayed in lieu of Locklear entering a 30-day residential treatment program.

Heather Locklear, Gordon Thomson in "Dynasty"
Locklear became a huge star in 80s hit, “Dynasty,” playing Sammy Jo Carrington. She’s seen with co-star Gordon Thomson.
Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images
Heather Locklear, Grant Show, Daphne Zuniga
Locklear went on to star in another Aaron Spelling hit, “Melrose Place,” where she played Amanda Woodward. She’s seen here with co-stars Grant Show and Daphne Zuniga.

Locklear was also thrilled to attend her daughter Ava Sambora’s graduation from USC Rossier, School of Education in May. The lookalike blonde graduated with a masters in science, marriage and family therapy.

Sambora is her 25-year-old daughter from her marriage to Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora.

Heather Locklear
Locklear has appeared in shows like ‘Fresh off the Boat’ over the past few years.
Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Locklear posted on Instagram: “Such a proud mama. Congratulations my baby, with your masters in MFT. With your hard work and perseverance and kind heart,” to which Sambora replied: “My mommy!!! Thank you!!…I love you to the moon and back.”

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