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Hogwarts Legacy Potion Tier List

Hogwarts Legacy features a variety of potions that offer powerful and deadly benefits, while others may not be essential to brew or purchase. The game offers a limited selection of potions for players to brew and consume, but choosing the right ones can greatly impact combat. Success in battles against enemies in Hogwarts Legacy often comes down to preparation, including the acquisition of potions through brewing or purchase. Potions can be particularly advantageous in challenging spellcasting encounters such as boss battles and battle arenas. In the game, players have access to six core potions, with an additional exclusive potion available for PlayStation players. Although this number may seem small compared to the extensive list of over 30 spells, some potions are worth the extra effort due to their powerful effects, while others may be less necessary for most players. The categorization of each potion in Hogwarts Legacy takes into account factors such as duration and usefulness in combat, ease of ingredient acquisition, and cost.

S Tier:
– Focus: This combat potion is perhaps the most valuable, as it restores all spell cooldowns for a limited time, allowing players to continuously cast spells and essentially granting them unlimited spellcasting abilities. Focus is especially useful in battle arenas and can be purchased for a reasonable price of 500 Galleons or brewed in just one minute. The required ingredients, including Lacewing Flies, Fluxweed Stem, and Dugbog Tongue, are relatively easy to obtain, making it a top-tier potion for gaining an advantage in any encounter.

A Tier:
– Edurus: When things get tough, the Edurus potion provides a defensive boost by temporarily rendering the player character invulnerable to attacks. It even protects against powerful attacks from formidable enemies. Each potion costs 300 Galleons and takes 30 seconds to brew. The ingredients, Ashwinder Eggs and Mongrel Fur, may be slightly more challenging to acquire, but the benefits of temporary invulnerability outweigh the costs.
– Thunderbrew: Although it takes the longest to brew at 90 seconds, Thunderbrew is worth the investment due to its ability to unleash a thunderstorm that damages surrounding enemies. It is particularly effective when combined with the Maxima potion, which provides buffs. The high price tag of 1,000 Galleons makes it expensive, but brewing it requires Leech Juice, Shrivelfig Fruit, and Stench of the Dead, which may be obtained through effort.

B Tier:
– Wiggenweld: This potion is invaluable for making combat easier in Hogwarts Legacy, as it restores a small amount of health by default and a significant portion when upgraded. Brewing this potion only takes 10 seconds, and it can be purchased for 100 Galleons. The ingredients, including Horklump Juice and Dittany Leaves, are easily obtainable. However, the necessity of Wiggenweld Potions may vary depending on player preferences and the use of Dark Arts spells.
– Maxima: For players seeking to speed up challenging battles, Maxima significantly increases spell damage for about thirty seconds. It can also break enemy shields. By using potions like Focus and Maxima together, players can maximize their damage output. Maxima is affordable at 300 Galleons, quick to brew in 30 seconds, and requires easily accessible ingredients such as Leech Juice and Spider Fangs. However, some players may find it less necessary due to the already powerful spells available in Hogwarts Legacy.

C Tier:
– Invisibility: While some players may find the Invisibility potion useful during combat and stealth gameplay, others may deem it unnecessary when the Disillusionment Charm can serve a similar purpose. However, the Invisibility Potion provides complete invisibility, allowing players to heal or sneak attack enemies. Without the Invisibility Potency talent upgrade, its effects only last for five seconds, which can feel somewhat pointless. It is priced at 500 Galleons and requires ingredients like Leaping Toadstool Caps and Troll Bogeys, which may be more challenging to obtain.

D Tier:
– Happy Happy (Felix Felicis): This PlayStation preorder exclusive potion, also known as Liquid Luck, reveals the location of large loot chests on the mini-map for one in-game day. While some players may find it useful for discovering additional rewards, it is a non-combat potion that is inaccessible to all and cannot be purchased. Brewing it requires Fluxweed Stem and Lacewing Flies, taking one minute. The overall value and usefulness of Felix Felicis may be questionable, and some players may feel that it detracts from the exploration experience.

Hogwarts Legacy is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and will be released for the Nintendo Switch on November 14.


Some of Hogwarts Legacy’s potions create some extremely powerful and deadly benefits, whereas others aren’t always strictly necessary to brew or buy.

Hogwarts Legacy contains a limited set of potions for players to brew and drink, yet choosing the right ones can make all the difference in combat. The difference between success and failure when fighting enemies in Hogwarts Legacy partially comes down to being prepared, including buying or brewing potions. Often, potions can help give players the edge in challenging spellcasting encounters like boss battles and battle arenas.

Players can only get their hands on six core potions in Hogwarts Legacyplus an additional PlayStation exclusive. Although this number is small compared to its list of over 30 spells, some are worth spending more effort on for their powerful effects over those less necessary for most players. Categorizing each of Hogwarts Legacy‘s potions considers their duration and usefulness in combat, ease of ingredients to farm, and price tag.

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S Tier

hogwarts legacy focus potion

  • Focus – Perhaps the most useful combat potion, Focus restores all spell cooldowns for a limited time, allowing players to stay in the fight and cast spells repeatedly, effectively giving players unlimited spellcasting for a decent short-lived time. This boost makes the Focus potion invaluable for various situations, especially in battle arenas. Amazingly, it only costs 500 Galleons to buy and takes one minute to brew, making it time and cost-effective. Its ingredients are also pretty to farm, requiring only Lacewing Flies, Fluxweed Stem, and Dugbog Tongue, making it an all-around top-tier potion to have on hand for getting the edge in virtually any encounter.

A Tier

hogwarts legacy edurus potion

  • Edurus: For a defensive boost, the Edurus potion is often an invaluable choice when things get dicey, as it coats the player character’s skin in a rocky protective barrier that makes them temporarily invulnerable to attack when upgraded. Edurus even protects against powerful attacks from strong enemies like trolls. At only 300 Galleons each, it’s also very affordable and is quick to brew at 30 seconds per potion. Some players might find its ingredients a bit more challenging to source, as it requires Ashwinder Eggs and Mongrel Fur to brew. However, players can always buy these ingredients from J. Pippins Potions, where the temporary invulnerable benefits far outweigh any small costs.

  • Thunderbrew: This is the longest potion to brew at 90 seconds, but it’s worth it when it comes to inflicting more damage, as it causes a massive thunderstorm to follow the player, striking surrounding enemies with AoE damage. Its high price tag of 1,000 Galleons makes it very expensive unless brewed, and it’s a complex recipe, requiring Leech Juice, Shrivelfig Fruit, and Stench of the Dead. However, Thunderbrew is undoubtedly worth brewing as an OP Hogwarts Legacy potion with Maxima that wipes out enemies while Maxima provides buffs.

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B Tier

hogwarts legacy wiggenweld potion

  • Wiggenweld: This is a staple and invaluable potion that makes Hogwarts Legacy‘s combat easier, as Wiggenweld restores a small chunk of health by default and a significant portion when upgraded through the game’s Talents system. Wiggenweld is also quick to brew, taking only 10 seconds, and is cheap to buy at 100 Galleons. Its ingredients are easy to farm, with Horklump Juice found near marsh or river areas. Dittany Leaves are also easily purchasable from The Magic Neep for a reasonable price. However, Wiggenweld Potions are not always strictly necessary depending upon player preferences, as they become somewhat redundant when killing foes in one shot using Dark Arts spells like Avada Kedavra.

  • Maxima: Players looking for a way to speed up tough battles may find Maxima to their liking, as it significantly increases spell damage for around thirty seconds. It can even cause more damage and break enemy shields if players invest talent points into the Maxima Potion Potency upgrade once they reach level sixteen. Players can maximize damage by using Hogwarts Legacy‘s potions simultaneously, like Focus and Maxima, for multiple max-damage spells. At 300 Galleons, it’s incredibly affordable, takes just 30 seconds to brew, and only requires commonly-found Leech Juice and Spider Fangs to make. Yet, many of Hogwarts Legacy‘s spells are often powerful enough, so some players might not always find it as handy as others.

C Tier

hogwarts legacy invisibility potion

  • Invisibility: While some players might find uses for Hogwarts Legacy‘s invisibility potion during combat and stealth gameplay, other players may find it’s not necessary at all when the Disillusionment Charm does a similar job, particularly before casting Petrificus Totalus to knock enemies out. In some ways, the Invisibility Potion is better as it allows players to become completely invisible, giving players a breather to heal or sneak attack enemies. However, unless players invest in the Invisibility Potency Room of Requirement talent upgrade, it only lasts five seconds, making it feel somewhat pointless. It’s affordable at 500 Galleons but requires a mixture of ingredients to make, like Leaping Toadstool Caps and the rarer Troll Bogeys.

D Tier

Happy Happy Potion

  • Happy Happy: Many players might be unfamiliar with Hogwarts Legacy‘s Felix Felicis potion as it falls into the somewhat controversial category of a PlayStation preorder exclusive. Also known in the Harry Potter universe as Liquid Luck, it reveals the mini-map location of large loot chests for one in-game day when drunk. Some players may find it handy to discover additional rewards, and it only takes one minute to make using Fluxweed Stem and Lacewing Flies. That said, it is a non-combat potion that’s not accessible to all and can’t be purchased. Therefore, Felix Felicis’ overall value and usefulness is questionable, and some might find it detracts somewhat from the exploration experience.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with a Switch version releasing November 14.

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