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By Nikita Gambhir

Honkai: Star Rail – 6 Improvements The Memory Of Chaos Desperately Needs

The Memory of Chaos and, to some extent, the Forgotten Hall that precedes it are two significant components of Honkai: Star Rail’s current endgame content, at least for the time being. Today’s featured video: Netflix’s plans to incorporate video games into its service. Netflix intends to enter the game streaming service industry alongside Stadia and xCloud. RELATED: Honkai Star Rail: Every Leaked But Unused Character. The Forgotten Hall serves as a late-game challenge for players to earn additional Stellar Jades and refine their party setup, while the Memory of Chaos presents a formidable obstacle for players to overcome. Although the concept of challenging endgame content in Honkai: Star Rail is appealing since the rest of the game is relatively easy, there are several ways the developers at Hoyoverse could enhance the experience while maintaining the level of difficulty.

6. A Quick-Restart Option: Firstly, if Hoyoverse intends to create challenges like the Forgotten Hall and the Memory of Chaos, which require players to attempt them multiple times and even consult guides for assistance, it would be beneficial to include a quick restart option. Often, the difference between achieving a three-star or two-star result, or barely passing versus a party wipe, can be attributed to a single mistake. In such situations, it would be convenient for players to pause the game, click retry, and immediately resume from the beginning with the same settings.

5. Introduce Trial Characters: Trial characters are playable characters that function similarly to Support Characters from other players in areas like the Calyx portals. However, trial characters are pre-built by Hoyoverse. RELATED: Arknights: The Best Sniper Operators, Ranked. Typically, trial characters are used to allow players to test out certain characters or gameplay mechanics. If the dev team integrated trial characters into the Memory of Chaos, it could provide free-to-play players with a better chance of success and introduce everyone to the intended strategy of using the Memory Turbulence modifier.

4. Allow Players to Use Support Characters: In line with the concept of trial characters, why not allow players to utilize Support Characters in the Forgotten Hall or Memory of Chaos? This would enable players to make use of their friends’ characters, which they have invested time, resources, and rolls into. It would foster a sense of collaboration within the community and enhance the value of characters when they are utilized. This change would also encourage players to add friends more frequently and strategize their support character selection, rather than simply deploying the newest character. Real-life friends who both play the game would have more opportunities to bond through Star Rail. To balance the difficulty, Hoyoverse could introduce negative modifiers for hiring supports, such as requiring credits or imposing limitations on turns.

3. Emphasize Skill Over Resources: Currently, reaching the Memory of Chaos requires a significant investment of time and resources. Casual players may find it difficult to even access this content, while those who spend extensively on the game can easily overcome the challenges. By reworking the Memory of Chaos to focus more on puzzle-like battles rather than raw DPS checks or character levels, the overall experience would be improved. The Memory Turbulence and the recently released Stellar Flare event already demonstrate a similar approach.

2. Utilize Consumables: In Hoyoverse’s popular game, Genshin Impact, consumables often go unused. The same holds true for Honkai: Star Rail. Although there are various consumables available, there are few opportunities to utilize them effectively. Specifically, the Forgotten Hall, where players would most likely want to use consumables, prohibits their usage. By allowing consumables in appropriate locations, the Memory of Chaos would transform into a puzzle-solving experience rather than an insurmountable barrier.

1. Party Order Flexibility: In the Memory of Chaos, once players enter a Memory and face their targets, they are unable to adjust the party order. If players mistakenly place their tank in slot 3 and their DPS in slot 1, they must exit the Memory and re-enter to rearrange their characters. This inconvenience could be resolved by allowing players to switch party order between fights. While this change may seem minor, it would greatly improve user-friendliness and accommodate different strategies for each fight within a Memory.

Honkai: Star Rail is currently available for PC and mobile devices, with a PS5 version scheduled for release in Q4 2023. MORE: Honkai: Star Rail – Every Nihility Character, Ranked.

The Memory of Chaos and, to an extent, the Forgotten Hall that comes before it are two major parts of Honkai: Star Rail’s current endgame content, at least for the moment.

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Netflix is Planning to Add Video Games to Service Netflix is planning to enter the game streaming service industry alongside Stadia and xCloud.

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Where the Forgotten Hall is meant as a sort of late-to-end-game challenge for players to get some extra Stellar Jades and work out the kinks in their party setup, the Memory of Chaos is a wall for them to bash their heads against. But, while the concept of some brutally tough challenges in Honkai: Star Rail’s endgame sounds nice since the rest of the game is rather easy, there are quite a few things that the developers at Hoyoverse could do to make the experience more enjoyable while keeping the level of difficulty.

6 A Quick-Restart Option

Honkai Star Rail - The Return Menu While In Memory of Chaos With Mockup of Retry Option On Top

First and foremost, if Hoyoverse is going to design something like the Forgotten Hall and the Memory of Chaos, two challenge gauntlets that are designed to make players attempt them numerous times and even use guides to get through them, at least make it so that there’s a quick restart option.

A lot of times in Memory of Chaos, the difference between a three-star and a two-star result or even the difference between barely passing or a party wipe is the result of a single misplay. And in those circumstances, it would be nice if players could just quickly pause, click retry, and the game would pop them back in right at the start with all the same settings.

5 Introduce One Or More Trial Characters Alongside Memory Turbulence

Honkai Star Rail - Mockup Of Trial Character Explanation On Top Of Forgotten Hall Entrance Mirror

Trial characters, for those who don’t know, are playable characters that function almost exactly like the way Support Characters from other players function in areas like the Calyx portals and so on. The main difference, however, is that the trial characters are pre-built by Hoyoverse.

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Most of the time these characters are used so that players can try out certain characters (both the 4-stars and the 5-stars) that are in the current or upcoming Warp Banner, or to introduce players to a certain gameplay mechanic that the character utilizes well. But, if the dev team integrated Trial Characters into the Memory of Chaos, it could be a neat way to give free-to-play challengers more of a chance as well as introduce everyone to the ‘intended’ strategy to use the Memory Turbulence modifier.

4 Let Players Use Their Friend’s Characters As Support

Honkai Star Rail - Mockup Of Support UI to The Right Of Options For Memory of Chaos Memory

Along the same train of thought as with the Trial Characters, why can’t players use Support Characters in the Forgotten Hall or Memory of Chaos? Let people utilize their friend’s characters that they’ve put all their time, resources, and rolls into, as this would make overcoming the MoC a bit more of a ‘collaborative’ community effort, and would make people feel the value of their characters a bit more when they’re used.

That way, people will want to add friends more often, people will be more strategic about the character they send out as their support (instead of just sending out the newest character), and real-life friends who are both playing the game will now have more ways to bond through Star Rail. Granted, this could tip the scales of the difficulty a bit, but then Hoyoverse could just introduce some sort of negative cost for hiring Supports in MoC, whether it’s Credits, fewer turns overall, or some other negative modifier.

3 Less Resource-Based & More Skill-Based

Honkai Star Rail - Daily Supplies Popup For Those Who Paid For The Service

As of the time of writing this, Luocha and his banner just dropped, meaning the game is at Version 1.2, but it simply just has not been out long enough for most people that could be described as ‘casual players’ to even reach the Memory of Chaos, let alone have a chance at clearing it. However, people who have put their entire paychecks into the game, otherwise known by mobile game players as ‘whales’, can absolutely clear the Memory of Chaos with relative ease. The difference between a level 70 character with decent Relics at Eidolon 0 and a level 80 character with maxed-out Traces, all their best Eidolons, and perfect Relics is like night and day, especially in the MoC.

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However, if Hoyoverse reworked the Memory of Chaos to function more like puzzles in the form of Battles instead of a raw DPS check or character level check, it would likely improve the experience as a whole. The Memory Turbulence, in a way, does do something similar, and the recently released Stellar Flare event also seems to be a twist on this idea.

2 Letting People Use Consumables

Honkai Star Rail - Looking At The Consumables Menu

Anyone familiar with Hoyoverse’s other immensely popular game, Genshin Impactand is now hoping into HSR won’t be surprised to see that Consumables are equally as useless in this game too. While there seem to be many different Consumables players can craft using the Synthesizer or even find, there are not many places that allow them to be used beforehand or are even worth remembering to use them on.

And, the places where players would actually want to use these Consumables the most, such as in the Forgotten Hall, is exactly where they’re forbidden. But, if Hoyoverse changed things up so that Consumables could be allowed, it would actually make these items a worthwhile resource and would make the Memory of Chaos more of a ‘puzzle to solve’ rather than a wall to keep bashing their heads on.

1 Switching Party Order In-Between Fights

Honkai Star Rail - Mockup Of Team Select UI Next To Lacking UI Wheel In Memory of Chaos Memory

Out of all the fixes on here, this is likely the one Hoyoverse will actually integrate at some point, mostly because it’s a very simple change. Currently in the Memory of Chaos, once players dive into a Memory and load into the area with their targets directly ahead of them, Team Setup is no longer accessible.

If players accidentally put their Tank in slot 3 and their DPS in slot 1, they’ll need to hit Escape, click Return, and re-enter the Memory to move those characters around, which is not very user-friendly. Granted, including this change just to save a couple of clicks/presses might seem like a bit much, but there are also a fair number of situations where players would want a certain Team order for one fight in a Memory, and another order would work better for the second fight.

Honkai: Star Rail is available now for PC and mobile devices with a PS5 version releasing in Q4 2023.

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