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By Nikita Gambhir

How to Become a Hybrid in Project Slayers

Roblox has transformed into an incredible platform where fans can recreate their beloved worlds and let players live out their wildest fantasies. Among the many popular worlds within Roblox, Demon Slayer has been a particular focus for numerous creators. The famous anime depicts the ongoing battle between humans and demons, fighting for good and evil. In the increasingly popular Project Slayers, players can immerse themselves in this world as demons or slayers. But the question remains: can they become the legendary hybrids?

How to Become a Hybrid in Project Slayers

Hybrids are demons who were once slayers in the anime. They retain their slayer skills and then acquire the power of demons, making them the most formidable of all.


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In Project Slayers, players can learn both demon powers and slayer skills individually. However, to become a hybrid, they must learn skills from both categories. Currently, there is no way to learn from both skill sets, as players must choose to be either a demon or a demon slayer.

As Roblox games are constantly under development and improvement, it is possible that the ability to become a hybrid in Project Slayers may be added in the future.

Hybrid Testing

Currently, a select few YouTubers have been granted special access to later versions of Project Slayers by the developers, allowing them to become hybrids in the game. Developers themselves are also able to become hybrids, indicating that they may be testing the feature to see how it will work and what level of progression will be necessary to make it fit with the game. It is highly probable that once testing is complete, becoming a hybrid will be achievable in Project Slayers.

Roblox has become an amazing place in which fans are able to recreate their favorite worlds for players to live out their fantasies. Demon Slayer has been of particular focus for a lot of creators in Roblox. The popular Anime pits humans against demons in a fight for good and evil. In the ever more popular Project Slayersplayers can enjoy the world for themselves as Demons and Slayers, but can they become the famous Hybrids?

How to Become a Hybrid in Project Slayers

Hybrids are Demons who were previously Slayers in the anime. They retain a lot of their skills from when they were Slayers and then take on the power of demons. These are the most dangerous of all because they combine both strengths.

How to Become a Hybrid in Project Slayers

Screenshot by PC Invasion


In Project Slayersit is possible to learn both the Demon powers and the Slayer individually. To become a Hybrid, it would be necessary to learn skills from both trees. As of writing this article, there is no way to learn from both skill sets. You must either be a Demon or a Demon Slayer in Project Slayers. There is no way to be both.

Obviously, being a Roblox game, there is always a chance they will add in the ability to become a Hybrid in Project Slayers. These games are constantly under work and improvement, and with enough time and encouragement, they may add it.

Hybrid testing

At the moment, there are a few YouTubers who are able to become Hybrids in Project Slayers. These players have been given special access to later versions of the game by the developers. Developers are also able to become Hybrids in the game. This looks like they are it testing to see how it will work and what leveling will be needed to make it fit with the game. It is highly likely, once testing is complete, Hybrid will be possible in Project Slayers.

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