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How To Change Your HUD

If you have been exploring the online communities of Diablo 4 while playing the game, you might have noticed that some players have their HUDs positioned differently on the screen compared to yours. Additionally, their layout for health, skills, and resources may also be different. In order to cater to this diversity, Blizzard offers at least two HUD layouts for players to choose from. It is worth experimenting with both options to find the one that suits you best. However, locating the option to change the HUD can be challenging due to the various menu screens in Diablo 4.

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How to Modify Your HUD
To begin, open up your map. Then, scroll to the far right menu tab titled “Game.” Within the “Game” tab, select “Options.” In the “Options” menu, scroll to the right until you reach the “Gameplay” tab. Among the various gameplay options, you will find one labeled “HUD Configuration.” Here, you have two choices: “Centered” and “Left Corner.”

HUD Options
The “Left Corner” style provides a clearer view of the center of the screen. This is particularly beneficial as the game camera always keeps the player at the center focus, allowing for a better view of enemies and allies directly below. Additionally, this layout features a larger and elevated health orb compared to the rest of the HUD, making it easier to monitor during battles. Considering that health is a crucial aspect to keep track of in combat, this layout proves to be useful.

On the other hand, the secondary option, “Centered,” places everything in the middle of the screen. For certain players, this may enhance the ease of tracking various elements as they are closer to the center. It proves particularly useful for quickly glancing at ability cooldowns, which might be harder to notice when placed in the bottom left corner. Ultimately, the choice between the two options depends on your personal preference.

Now that you are aware of the two available options, select the one that suits you best.

If you’ve been perusing Diablo 4‘s online communities as you play the game, you may have noticed that some players’ HUDs are in a different spot on the screen than yours, and they have a different layout when it comes to their health, skills, and resources.

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Though the official options for HUD variety aren’t that plentiful, there are at least two layouts Blizzard lets you choose between. It’s worth it to give each of them a try to see what works best for you, however, it can be difficult to find where the HUD can be changed, due to Diablo 4’s various menu screens.

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How To Change Your HUD

Diablo 4 Options Menu

First, you’ll want to open up your map. From there, you’ll scroll to the far right menu tab, which will be titled ‘Game.’ In ‘Game,’ press ‘Options’, then, in ‘Options,’ scroll right toward the tab labeled ‘Gameplay.’

Diablo 4 HUD Options

Down the list of Gameplay options, you should see that one of them is labeled ‘HUD Configuration.’ Your two choices here are ‘Centered’ and ‘Left Corner.’

Your HUD Options

Diablo 4 Centered HUD

In the ‘Left Corner’ style, you have a clearer view of the center of the screen, which is valuable as the game camera always keeps the player at center focus, so you’ll have a better view of the enemies and allies that are right below you.

Furthermore, this layout has a larger health orband it’s also elevated in comparison to the rest of the HUD, making it easier to check mid-battle. This is obviously useful, as your health is the first thing you should keep track of in combat.

The secondary ‘Centered’ option has everything… centered. For some players, this may make everything easier to track as it’s closer to the middle of the screen. It’s particularly useful for glancing down at ability cooldownswhich could be harder to notice when they’re tucked in the bottom left. Ultimately, it’s a matter of preference. Now you know your two options, so choose the one that works best for you!

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