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How to Complete Crystalline Lifeline in Final Fantasy XVI (FF16 Side Quest Guide)

Upon arriving in the town of Martha’s Rest in the game Final Fantasy 16, players will need to complete several subquests assigned by Martha in order to advance the main storyline. Once these quests are done, they will gain access to the main story mission “Holding On” and can continue their journey to Eastpool. However, players may want to explore Martha’s Rest a bit more as new side quests have become available.

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One of these side quests is called “Crystalline Lifeline,” in which Clive and Jill aid a struggling fishmonger in retrieving a valuable item. Although it is not a difficult quest, players will face a group of capable enemies, requiring them to be vigilant in retrieving the fishmonger’s crystal and claiming their reward.

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One of these side quests is called “Crystalline Lifeline” and sees Clive and Jill helping out a lowly fishmonger by retrieving a valuable item for him. The quest is far from a challenging one, but it does involve a spot of combat against a group of fairly capable enemies, meaning that players will need to remain on their toes if they’re to recover the fishmonger’s crystal and claim their reward.

How to Complete Crystalline Lifeline in Final Fantasy 16


Players will first be able to trigger the “Crystalline Lifeline” side quest by speaking with a fishmonger named Clarke after starting the “Holding On” main story quest. He can be found in Martha’s Rest near the Fallen Gate and is lamenting the loss of his crystal, which he uses to chill his catch before taking it to market. He’ll offer Final Fantasy 16 players 1,000 Gil as a reward for helping him, which is a decent payment given how little work is needed to complete “Crystalline Lifeline”.


It turns out that Clarke dropped his precious crystal into the nearby bog, where it was then claimed by a Bog Crab. After agreeing to help, players should make their way down into the bog using the ladder just next to Clarke and then follow the quest marker to find a group of hostile Bog Crabs. The best way to defeat them is to hit them from behind, though using Eikonic Abilities can also be incredibly effective here.


After the last crab has been defeated, players will receive the Foul Crystem, at which point, they can make their way back to Clarke. They can climb back up the ladder if they really like, but thanks to the game’s lightning-fast load times, it’s much quicker to just fast travel back to the Martha’s Rest obelisk. Clarke will be delighted to have his crystal back, and, as promised, will pay Clive 1,000 Gil for his troubles. Players will also get 19 XP, ten Wyrriteand ten Magicked Ashmaking this a particularly profitable side quest considering how quickly it can be completed.

Final Fantasy 16 is available now exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

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