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By Nikita Gambhir

In Final Fantasy 16, you will encounter Benedikta and soon develop an urge to defeat her. However, your battle will take an unexpected turn when she summons Chirada, a winged creature, to fight you.

Chirada is a relatively simple opponent to defeat, but you should remain cautious of her attacks. Dodging her swooping attack is easy since she telegraphs it clearly and backs up to the outer edge of the arena before starting it.

Chirada will use her wings to perform vertical and horizontal slashes that are quicker and harder to dodge. However, they don’t inflict much damage.

How To Defeat Chirada (Solo Fight)

She will periodically summon area-of-effect attacks around the arena, indicated by glowing spots on the ground and in the air. Avoid these spots and dash away during the fight.

Stay close to Chirada and keep attacking. Use your Eikon abilities to deal significant damage to her health bar.

Chirada Phase Two

When you reduce Chirada’s health to about half, she will enter her second phase. The only significant change is her new attack, where she spins in a circle, creating a whirlwind that damages the surrounding area. Dodge backwards to avoid the attack.

Continue attacking and keeping the pressure on Chirada until she is staggered, leaving her open to massive damage, which will defeat her with ease.

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You will quickly gain the urge to take down Benedikta in Final Fantasy 16, and when the earlier missions have her just within reach, you will expect to do battle with her. However, the rug will be pulled out from under you at first when she summons a winged creature known as Chirada to deal with you.


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Chirada is a pretty straightforward fight and won’t prove to be too complicated to deal with. She has some attacks to look out for, however, and knowing what you are doing is always going to benefit you greatly.

How To Beat Chirada

FF16 - Clive Fighting Chirada



Thanks to her wings, Chirada will use a lot of aerial attacks, with her favorite one being an attack where she swoops across the arena to slash at you. Luckily, this attack is incredibly easy to dodge. She telegraphs the attack pretty clearly and will often back up to the outer edge of the area to start it.

When she does this, just get ready to dodge, and then move back in to do some damage while she collects herself.

Other than that, she will attack you with vertical and horizontal slashes of her wingswhich are quicker and harder to see coming, but you can still manage to get out of the way when you see her getting ready for it. Even if it does hit you, though, they don’t do much damage, so you will be fine.

She will also summon area-of-effect attacks around the arena periodically. When this happens, just avoid these spots, which will be shown to by glowing spots on the ground and in the air. These attacks seem to stay close to Chirada, so expect to dash away a few times during the fight.

Just stay close to her and keep the attacks coming. Use your Eikon abilities when you can to take out some good chunks of her health bar.

Chirada Phase Two

Chirada will also have a second phase once you have reduced her health to just about half. Fortunately, there isn’t much of a difference between this phase and the first, so keep up the same strategy for the most part.

You will have to look out for a new attack where Chirada will spin in a circlecreating a whirlwind that will do damage to the surrounding area, hitting you repeatedly if you get caught in it. Just be ready to dodge backwards to avoid the damage from the attack.

Keep up the pressure, and Chirada will eventually be Staggered, opening her up to some massive amounts of damage. With this, she will go down without much of an issue at all.

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