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How To Defeat Flame Lizard

Before taking on the Flame Lizard in Final Fantasy 16, there are a few things to keep in mind. During the game’s second act, Clive and his team vow to destroy the Mothercrystals under Cid’s leadership. However, when Cid is unavailable, the team ventures into Drake’s Breath, a volcano fortress, to continue their mission. There, they encounter the Flame Lizard, a massive creature infused with fire elements.

When fighting the Flame Lizard, it’s important to note that it has similar skills to the Hugs that Clive and Cid battled earlier in the game, but with added fire damage. It’s also resistant to Phoenix and Ifrit Eikonic abilities, so it’s best to use Garuda and Ramuh instead. Although fire Eikons can still be useful, the damage output is reduced.

The Flame Lizard is a tough opponent to beat, and it’s essential to keep some distance between Clive and the Lizard to avoid getting caught in its extended combo. When attacking from the side, the Lizard will try to impale Clive with its spikes, while its tail will sweep him back around to its front if he attacks from behind.

During battle, the Flame Lizard will also curl up into a ball and fling itself across the arena. Clive can dodge this attack and deal heavier stagger bar and health damage if he perfects the dodge. However, the Flame Lizard’s most dangerous attacks are Incense, Firewater, and Overdrive.

Incense causes the Flame Lizard to burst into flames, dealing additional flame damage to Clive and enhancing its own attacks. Firewater is a beam of molten lava that the Flame Lizard shoots from its maw in a straight line attack at Clive. Overdrive is when the Flame Lizard, incensed, stands on its hind legs and fires a beam of lava at Clive, which can travel in any direction.

To defeat the Flame Lizard, Clive should avoid spending too much time on its sides or rear, as it has effective counters in those areas. It’s also essential to aim for its head, which is the most vulnerable part of its body. Clive should dodge and strike with Eikonic abilities when there are openings.

In summary, defeating the Flame Lizard requires careful maneuvering and effective use of Eikonic abilities. It’s a challenging boss battle, but with the right strategy, Clive and his team can emerge victorious.

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During the second act of Final Fantasy 16, Clive and his companions vow to follow Cid’s lead in destroying the Mothercrystals. On their first attempt without Cid, Clive, Jill, and Torgal venture into the depths of Drake’s Breath, a fortress built deep inside a volcano. After toppling the Akashic Morbol and entering the fortress, the party discovers that the volcano is likely active, causing earthquake tremors and riling up the creatures living within.

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One such creature, perhaps in an attempt to flee the volcano, is the Flame Lizardand it crosses paths with Clive’s party in the worst of scenarios. It aggressively wants to leave and will pummel Clive in order to do so.

Before Fighting The Flame Lizard

Final Fantasy 16 Flame Lizard Beginning Its Rolling Attack On Fire

The Flame Lizard is a fire element-infused massive creature. It features a skillset similar to the Hugs that Cid and Clive battled early in the game, but its boosted by the addition of fire damage. Likewise, it is resistant to Clive’s Phoenix and Ifrit Eikonic abilities, so utilizing Garuda and Ramuh effectively will be of import. This is not to say that the fire Eikons are not useful (using Phoenix’s Rising Flames still deals a good chunk of stagger bar damage), but the damage output is lessened. This also applies to Clive’s Limit Break. Simply switch to Garuda or Ramuh during the limit break, and he will deal a bit more damage.

Additionally, this fight takes place not too long after the Akashic Morbol battle, meaning Clive may require healing. There are plenty of potion and hi-potion pickups scattered around Drake’s Breath, so use them wisely.

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How To Defeat Flame Lizard

Final Fantasy 16 Flame Lizard Defeated And Rolling Off The Cliff While Clive and Jill Watch

The Flame Lizard is, in some ways, the more difficult boss battle between it and the Akashic Morbol. The Flame Lizard strikes quicker and can catch Clive in an extended combo for large amounts of damage. It also is one of the most difficult bosses to damage from behind, as he will swing his tail in vicious strikes to sweep Clive back around to his side or front. If Clive attacks from the side, the Flame Lizard will roll from side-to-side in an attempt to impale Clive with its spikes.

Every so often, the Flame Lizard will curl up into a ball and fling itself across the arena, typically three times. As long as Clive keeps some distance between himself and the Lizard, he should be able to run or dodge out of the attack path. Should Clive be far enough away from the incoming lizard ball, he can perfect dodge and deal heavier stagger bar and health damage.

Flame Lizard’s Most Dangerous Attacks

Final Fantasy 16 Flame Lizard Readying Overdrive Attack And Buff

  • Incense: The Flame Lizard will burst into flames when incensed. This covers the shell of the Flame Lizard with active fires that will deal additional flame damage to Clive and enhance the Flame Lizard’s own attacks. While not an active attack, Incense is used often and changes the trajectory of battle. It makes dodging the aforementioned attacks all the more important.
  • Firewater: As if dodging a giant agile lizard was not enough, Clive will have to prepare for the Flame Lizard’s Firewater attack. When used, the Flame Lizard will shoot a beam of molten lava from its maw in a straight line attack at Clive. It will swing its head back and forth to send the attack in the direction Clive is running. There may be a need to dodge the attack multiple times depending upon its path.
  • Overdrive: After Clive staggers the Flame Lizard the first time, it will shift into Overdrive. During Overdrive, the Flame Lizard, incensed, will stand on its hind legs and fire another beam of lava at Clive. This time, however, the beam will travel in any direction. Whereas Clive, during Firewater, could use Garuda’s Deadly Embrace to effectively jump over the attack, he can no longer do so during Overdrive.
    • Good dodging and effective maneuvering will allow Clive to avoid most, if not all, damage.
    • Next, the Flame Lizard will once again curl up and roll across the arena. During Overdrive, this attack deals more damage and should be avoided if possible.
    • The Flame Lizard will roll across the arena five times, unlike its previous ball attack. It will drag Clive across the arena if he is stuck in its path early enough. Firewater will make another appearance during Overdrive, attacking twice (once in each direction).

There are a lot of moving parts to this particular battle, and the Flame Lizard is not as easy a foe as it may initially seem. Clive should be careful not to spend too much time on the sides or rear of the Flame Lizard, as it has extremely effective side and rear counters. Clive will also deal more damage to its head than any other part of its body. Dig in, dodge, and strike with Eikonic abilities when openings are available, and Clive will have the Flame Lizard catapulting back into the depths of the volcano in a few minutes.

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