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How To Farm Ender Pearls In Minecraft

Mojang’s sandbox-building game Minecraft showcases an array of scarce resources and treasures that players must acquire in order to obtain powerful equipment, rare enhancements, and access new dimensions. When it comes to exploring the End dimension and defeating the Ender Dragon for experience points or discovering End cities for valuable loot and the elusive Elytra, Ender Pearls are an essential item. Therefore, players will need to efficiently farm for Ender Pearls during their gameplay. This guide will provide various methods to assist players in obtaining a substantial quantity of Ender Pearls.

Ender Pearls serve as teleportation devices when thrown, transporting players to the location where they land. They can also be used to craft Eyes of Ender by combining them with Blaze Powder, which are necessary for activating End portals and traveling to the End dimension. The trajectory and speed of Ender Pearls vary each time they are thrown, even when thrown from the same spot, with a maximum distance of approximately 54 blocks. Defeating an Enderman will yield a 50% chance of dropping an Ender Pearl upon death.

To successfully take down Endermen, players should be well-prepared with strong armor and preferably a Diamond weapon. Endermen are technically neutral but will become hostile and attack players who provoke them or make direct eye contact. To ensure a safer and more efficient approach to defeating Endermen, players can utilize the following techniques:

1. Construct a tower that is at least three blocks high and engage in combat from there, as Endermen cannot reach players at that height unless they fall.
2. Fight in an enclosed area with a low roof that is at least three by three blocks wide. Endermen are too tall to access this area.
3. Use a water source as cover since Endermen are unable to cross lakes or rivers.
4. Place a boat close to an Enderman, causing it to sit on the boat and become trapped while players attack it.
5. Wear a pumpkin on the player’s head to prevent direct eye contact with Endermen, thereby avoiding their aggression.

To farm Ender Pearls in larger quantities, players can employ the following methods:

1. Trade with a Cleric villager who has reached the expert level in their profession. Although not all Clerics sell Ender Pearls, there is a small chance for them to do so. The cost of one Ender Pearl is five Emeralds.
2. Build a mob farm specifically designed for Endermen in the End or the Nether. Endermen will spawn occasionally in general mob farms, provided the spawning room is at least three blocks tall. However, creating an Enderman farm in the Nether is also possible. Detailed guides and tutorials are available for constructing such farms.
3. Obtain a Looting III enchanted sword, as this significantly increases the chances of Endermen dropping Ender Pearls upon death. Looting III can only be obtained through enchantment and is recommended to be applied to a Diamond or Netherite sword.
4. Barter with Piglins in the Nether, which has become a popular method among Minecraft speedrunners. By dropping gold ingots near Piglins, players can initiate a bartering exchange where there is a 2.18% chance of receiving two to four Ender Pearls in return.
5. Hunt Endermen in the Warped Forest biome of the Nether, where Endermen spawn abundantly since the 1.16 update. Killing Endermen in this biome, combined with the use of a Looting III sword, can yield a substantial number of Ender Pearls.

By utilizing these strategies, players can optimize their Ender Pearl farming and acquire the necessary resources to enhance their Minecraft experience.

Mojang’s sandbox-building game Minecraft features a host of rare resources and treasures players need to get their hands on if they wish to get good gear, rare buffs, or even enter new dimensions. When it comes to the latter, Ender Pearls are a necessary item everyone needs in order to activate an End Portal inside a stronghold and to enter the End dimension.


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There are two main reasons to get to the End: defeating the Ender Dragon for XP and exploring the End islands to find End cities for loot and for the extremely rare Elytra. As such, Ender Pearls will become an important item for players to farm at some point in the game. Here’s how players can efficiently farm for Ender Pearls in Minecraft.

Updated July 5, 2023, by Stephen LaGioia: Mojang’s blocky sandbox epic has continued to thrive in terms of success and its dynamic, alluring gameplay. The studio has continued to breathe life and expand upon the already vast adventure with the recent release of Trails and Tales, featuring a colorful new biome called Cherry Grove. With so much enticement to explore, players will likely wish to get around quicker — and this often means teleporting by way of Ender Pearls. And with various involved methods of farming these coveted pearls, we thought we’d revisit and add to this guide regarding the best and easiest ways to get many Ender Pearls.

What Are Ender Pearls?

ender pearl minecraft (1)

Ender Pearls are items that can be used to teleport by tossing them. Players will be transported to the area it lands. They are also used for crafting Eyes of Ender when fused with one Blaze Powder, which are needed in order to activate End portals and transport to the End.

The direction and speed of these pearls vary when thrown, even when being thrown in the exact same spot. They can travel to about 54 blocks forward maximum.

Slaying an Enderman will yield a 50% chance of dropping one Ender Pearl when killed.

Techniques To Take Down Endermen

minecraft - enderman screenshot

Enderman are large and tanky mobs that can be tough to take down if not prepared. They are technically neutral but will get aggressive and charge players that damage them or look them in the face. Players will want to make sure they’re well-equipped (ideally with a Diamond weapon) and laced with solid armor to defeat them.

Though there are a few techniques to make for safer, more efficient ways to slay Endermen:

  • Construct a tower three blocks high and fight them from there. They won’t be able to reach the player unless they fall.
  • Fight in an enclosed area with a low roof (at least three by three blocks wide). They’re too tall to access this area.
  • Use a water source for cover, as they’re unable to cross lakes or rivers.
  • Place a boat close to the Enderman, as this will likely cause it to sit on it and be trapped, while players can strike it.
  • Players can put a pumpkin on their head to shield their eyes from looking at it, thus causing aggro.

Best Ways To Farm Ender Pearls

An ender pearl being thrown in The End in Minecraft

Farming a large quantity of Ender Pearls isn’t an easy task, as slaying many Endermen can be tough as is. However, there are a number of tricks, techniques, and exploits to make this easier and quicker. Here are five of the best methods.

Trade With A Cleric Villager

Minecraft Cleric

A consistent way to get Ender Pearls is to speak with a Cleric villager. However, not all Clerics will sell Ender Pearls. Players will have to first level up a Cleric until it reaches the expert level in its profession. After that, there is a small chance that it will sell Ender Pearls.

The cost of one Ender Pearl is five Emeralds. This can be quite a steep price, especially just for one item. However, players who have plenty of resources but don’t like to explore as much in the game can just go for this option, provided they have a ton of Emeralds saved up or traded from other villager trades.

Build A Farm

minecraft end enderman endermen

The obvious way to farm any mob drop in Minecraft is to build some type of mob farm. The complicated thing is that the best place to farm Endermen who drop Ender Pearls is the End, the very place where players are trying to get in the first place. Thus, building an Enderman farm only becomes a possibility after players have reached the End.

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It’s still possible to make a general mob farm for mob drops, as Endermen will spawn on occasion, provided that players make the spawning room for these farms three blocks tall for them to spawn into. That said, it’s possible to create some type of Enderman farm inside the Nether, according to Binary Vigilante and his YouTube guide on the matter.

Players can also craft a farm on End Island upon slaying the Ender Dragon. This step-by-step guide goes into more detail.

There are slight variants on farm crafting that will draw lots of Enderman while keeping the player safe. But in summation, players will want to construct traps that contain water, pits, and/or low roofs to keep players insulated from the mobs, while housing Endermites to lure them.

Endermites have a five percent chance of spawning when using an Ender Pearl.

Get A Looting III Sword

Minecraft Best Sword Enchantments

This piece of advice is generally good no matter what mob drop the player wants to farm. Looting III is pretty much a necessity that guarantees that players will have a higher chance of receiving lucky mob drops. As mentioned, Endermen aren’t always guaranteed to drop an Ender Pearl at their death, but with Looting III, that likelihood increases significantly.


Looting III is only available as a useful sword enchantment. In order to get it, players should first farm at least 30 levels of XP and then interact with an enchantment table with the sword they wish to enchant.

Given how rare and powerful this enchantment is, it’s recommended to put it on a diamond or Netherite sword, especially since Endermen are tankier mobs that can dish out a lot of damage if players don’t kill them quickly.

Barter With Piglins In The Nether

Piglin swarm Minecraft Piglins

One of the best ways to get Ender Pearls in the game is a favorite by many Minecraft speedrunners. This method has players enter the Nether dimension and interact with Piglins, which are mobs that they can barter with ever since the 1.16 Nether update.

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Piglins don’t have a trading screen as villagers do. When gold ingots are dropped on the ground nearby them, they will run over to them, pick them up, and stare at them for some time before dropping some item in return to the player.

One of these items is Ender Pearls. There is a 2.18% chance that Piglins will drop between two to four Ender Pearls every time they examine a gold ingot, so it’s far from a guaranteed method, but it’s one of the more affordable trades in the game. Since gold doesn’t really have better uses than this at the moment, and gold is easy to find, it’s a great method to quickly get Ender Pearls.

Kill Endermen In The Warped Forest Biome

Minecraft Warped Fungus Forest

Speaking of the Nether, earlier it was mentioned that it was possible to create an Enderman farm in the Nether thanks to the existence of the Warped Forest biome. This is because, since 1.16, Endermen now spawn in abundance in the Nether, provided players are able to find the correct biome.

The Warped Forest biome is turquoise, bluish, and green in color. It’s not guaranteed players will find one immediately, but if they happen to spawn in one, they’re in luck because Endermen will continuously spawn here.

Players can simply walk around in the forest and kill as many Endermen as they need. Pair this up with the Looting III sword mentioned above and they should be looking at a few stacks of Ender Pearls within an hour or two.

Additionally, a room of the Woodland Mansions dungeon contains a trapped chest that always carries two Ender Pearls within the “fake end portal” room.

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and many other platforms.

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