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How To Get Ashava Barding

Diablo 4 offers an array of mount armors and horse cosmetics, but only two of them can be obtained from World Bosses – the Treasure Beast Barding from Avarice the Gold Cursed and the Ashava Barding that drops from Ashava the Pestilent.

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While Wandering Death does not provide a death-themed mount armor, it does offer a unique trophy. The Ashava Barding will make a Diablo 4 player stand out and prove that they are lucky. However, it is not as prestigious as the Cry of Ashava trophy earned by beating Ashava while under-leveled in the beta.

How to Obtain Ashava Barding Mount Armor

Of the numerous mount armors and horse cosmetics available in Diablo 4there are two that can come from World Bosses: the Treasure Beast Barding from Avarice the Gold Cursed, and the Ashava Barding, which drops from the one and only Ashava the Pestilent.

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Though Wandering Death does not offer Diablo 4 players a chance at getting a death-themed mount armor, it does drop a unique trophy. The Ashava Barding will make a Diablo 4 player stand out amongst the rabble as proof that Lady Luck smiles upon them – though it’s not quite as prestigious as the Cry of Ashava trophy earned for beating her while under-leveled in the beta.

How To Get The Ashava Barding Mount Armor


The Ashava Barding, as the name suggests, is a possible drop from the Ashava the Pestilent world boss – the reward for consuming the Reins of Ashava drop, specifically. The Reins of Ashava won’t drop from Avarice or Wandering Death, but it won’t even drop from Ashava every time. There are few guaranteed drops in the Diablo series, and the mount cosmetics of Diablo 4 are not among them.

Though fans haven’t figured out the exact numbers yet, nor has Blizzard confirmed them, the Reins of Ashava appear to be one of the game’s rarest cosmetics.

As with farming anything rare in a Diablo title, the name of the game is patience – and praying to the RNG Gods.

Tips For Farming Ashava’s Barding (& Other World Bosses)

diablo 4 world boss spawn locations

Not only is there likely an incredibly low chance for it to drop in the first place, but players have to specifically kill Ashava. Because there are three world bosses, there’s only a 1/3 chance for Ashava to actually spawn instead of Avarice or Wandering Death. And, because world bosses spawn so infrequently, it can take days for a player to even see the boss once.

Though fans haven’t perfectly nailed the timing down, the frequency that world bosses spawn has been mostly figured out. Use a site like MapGenie.io, Diablo4.Lifeor join the official Diablo 4 discord for real-time notifications and predictions on when – and what – the next world boss will be.

Ashava is arguably the hardest world boss in Diablo 4especially for ranged players or PC players who don’t have Force Move bound. Ashava moves a lot, and her most devastating attacks are mid-to-long-range. Stay under her as much as possible, and don’t idle in catching up to her when she dashes across the arena.

Diablo 4 is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S

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