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How To Get Strange Diamonds

Slime Rancher 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the beloved Slime Rancher game, follows Beatrix on her quest to explore Rainbow Island in search of slimes, plorts, and valuable resources. Among these resources is the elusive Strange Diamond, a rare find that requires both luck and careful exploration. These precious gems can be discovered in treasure pods and select caves scattered throughout the island.

In the original Slime Rancher game, players were often rewarded with slime science resources when they discovered treasure pods. However, in Slime Rancher 2, treasure pods typically contain blueprints instead. The exception is the final treasure pod in Ember Valley, which rewards players with a Strange Diamond upon opening. This particular treasure pod is hidden in a cave behind the Boom Gordo.

While treasure pods are not a reliable source for farming Strange Diamonds, players can utilize the Resource Harvester to collect these valuable gems. The Resource Harvester can be purchased in the Lab using 10 Cotton Plorts and 450 Newbucks. Once obtained, players can use the harvester to extract resources from nodes. After a short period of time, the resources will be freed from the node and can be collected using a vacuum.

To locate Strange Diamond Nodes, players should explore caves, particularly those near Gordo locations. In Rainbow Fields, the cave where the Phosphor Gordo resides is the most likely spawn location for Strange Diamonds. Additionally, players may find some in a small cave system located in the northern part of the zone. In Starlight Strand, Strange Diamond nodes are extremely rare, but players may stumble upon one behind a door that can be opened with a Rock Plort. This door is situated to the west of the Flutter Gordo. Ember Valley is the zone where Strange Diamonds are most commonly found. This may be due to the abundance of large cave systems in the area or a deliberate decision by the developers. Ideal locations to search in Ember Valley include the Batty Gordo cave and the cave system on the northwestern side of the zone. Powderfall Bluffs also have a chance to spawn Strange Diamond Nodes within their caves. However, the presence of Slime Fossils in the same locations slightly decreases the likelihood of finding a Strange Diamond.

For an efficient farming route, players should focus their efforts in Ember Valley. By exploring both the northwestern cave and the Batty Gordo cave, players can expect to find approximately 5-7 nodes, each containing a Strange Diamond. These locations are relatively close to each other, allowing players to visit them consecutively for a bountiful harvest. If players only have time for one location, it is recommended to prioritize the northwestern cave as it generally has more nodes.

In conclusion, the search for Strange Diamonds in Slime Rancher 2 requires careful exploration, a bit of luck, and knowledge of the best locations to find them. By utilizing treasure pods, the Resource Harvester, and strategically exploring caves, players can embark on a successful farming journey for these valuable gems.

Slime Rancher 2, the sequel to the cult classic Slime Rancher, has Beatrix hunting Rainbow Island for slimes, plorts, and resources. One such resource is the hard-to-find Strange Diamond.

Strange Diamonds are rare spawns that require a little luck, and looking in the right places — they can be found in treasure pods and select caves.


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Keep reading for more information about Strange Diamond Locations, How to Collect Them, and one of the best farming rotations for the resource.

Treasure Pods With Strange Diamonds

Slime Rancher 2 - Treasure Pod Closed

While the first Slime Rancher games frequently rewarded players who located treasure pods with slime science resources, Slime Rancher 2 treasure pods typically give blueprints.

The last treasure pod in Ember Valley is the only one currently in the game to give a resource instead of a blueprint. When you open it you will receive one Strange Diamond.

This treasure pod is located in the cave behind the Boom Gordo.

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Harvesting Strange Diamonds

A wide shot of the slime science lab from Slime Rancher 2

Since treasure pods are not a good way to farm Strange Diamonds, you’ll need to use the Resource Harvesterwhich can be purchased in the Lab (costing 10 Cotton Plorts and 450 Newbucks). Once you’ve done this, you will be able to vac a resource node. After a few seconds, the resources will come free from the node, and you can vacuum them into an empty tank.

Strange Diamond Nodes

An ingame screenshot of a strange diamond resource node in Slime Rancher 2

Now that you can harvest nodes, the next step is to locate some Strange Diamond Nodes. These nodes are located in cavesmost often around Gordo locations.

Rainbow Fields

The most likely spawn location for Strange Diamonds in Rainbow Fields is the cave where the Phosphor Gordo is located. However, you might also find some in the small cave system on the North of the zone.

Starlight Strand

The Starlight Strand only very rarely has Strange Diamond nodes. However, you might find one behind a door opened with a Rock Plort. This door is located to the West of the Flutter Gordo.

Ember Valley

While Strange Diamonds seem to spawn in every zone, they are most common in Ember Valley. This could be due to the large cave systems providing more spawn space, or an intentional choice from the developers. Either way, Ember Valley is the best place to find Strange Diamonds. Ideal locations to check are the Batty Gordo cave and the cave system on the Northwestern side of the zone.

Powderfall Bluffs

Like the other zones, Powderfall Bluffs has a chance to spawn Strange Diamond Nodes inside caves. As such, you are likely to find them in the cave system on the Eastern side of the Island. However, Slime Fossils also spawn in the same locations, making the likelihood of finding a Strange Diamond a little lower.

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Strange Diamonds Farming Route

Slime Rancher 2 - Ember Valley

The best path to farm Strange Diamonds is located in Ember Valley. If you take the time to check the Northwestern cave and the Batty Gordo cave, you will find about 5–7 nodes. Each node will give you one Strange Diamond. Because these locations are fairly near one another, you can visit them one after the other for a large haul. However, the northwestern cave usually has more nodes, so if you choose to do only one location, prioritize the northwestern cave.

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