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By Jitin Gambhir

Hrithik Roshan Shares the Secret Of 5-Week Transformation For Fighter

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan eagerly anticipates his upcoming project “Fighter”. The actor underwent a remarkable physical transformation, and the results are truly astounding. Hrithik Roshan showcased his stunning physique on his Instagram account, sharing details about his intensive 5-week journey. Read his post below.

Over a span of 5 weeks, Hrithik Roshan achieved his goal. From post-vacation to post-shoot, he successfully accomplished his mission. In his heartfelt message, he expresses his gratitude to his knees, back, ankles, shoulders, spine, and mind. They all played a significant role in supporting his journey. He also extends his love and appreciation to his fans who always enjoy a good fight. Hrithik Roshan concludes by thanking everyone and emphasizes the importance of rest, recuperation, and finding a better balance in life.

The most challenging aspect of this journey was having to say no to other important commitments, loved ones, friends, social events, school meetings, and even working extra hours. The second most challenging part was adhering to a strict bedtime of 9pm. However, Hrithik Roshan acknowledges that having a like-minded partner in thoughts and actions, like his beloved Sa, made it easier. He also credits his mentor, Mr. Kris Gethin, for providing invaluable expertise and guidance. Additionally, he expresses his gratitude to his trusted team members, who have been a blessing in his life.

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P.S: Hrithik Roshan explains that he undergoes such physical transformations for his movie characters as they sometimes challenge him to look a certain way. He enjoys taking on these challenges. However, he emphasizes that his self-worth is not dependent on his physical appearance.

(Here are some intriguing voice notes from my online conversations with Kris. Enjoy!)

Hrithik Roshan


Hrithik Roshan is waiting for his upcoming project “Fighter“. The actor had to go through a body transformation, and the results are simply astonishing. Hrithik Roshan had made stunning physics and took to his Instagram handle to share about his 5-week hard work. Read it below.

5 weeks.
Start to finish.
Post vacation to post shoot.
Mission accomplished.
Thank you knees , back, ankles, shoulders and spine and mind. You guys love a good fight.
I love you all. Now time to rest and recuperate and begin to find an even better balance.

Hardest part – was saying NO to other important things, loved ones, friends, social occasions, school PTM’s and even extended work hours.
2nd hardest part – Getting into bed by 9pm.
Easiest part – having a partner who is likeminded in thoughts and action. Thank you Sa.
Best part – having a mentor like Mr. Kris Gethin who one can follow blind. Thank you Mr. Gethin for that expertise.
Person I couldn’t do it without – my man Swapneel Hazare
Thank you to my team. I am blessed to have these humans on my side.

P.s : i do this cause my movie characters sometimes challenge me to look a certain way. And I love challenges. That being said, I don’t depend on one shape or the other for my own self worth.

(Sharing some very interesting voice notes from my online chats with Kris. Enjoy!)

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