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By Jitin Gambhir

“I Have Lived and Breathed Tiger,” Salman Khan On Delivering The Biggest Ever Diwali Grosser With Tiger 3

Tiger 3

Salman Khan’s triumphant movie, Tiger 3, has emerged as a resounding commercial success for the entire team. The spy thriller belonging to the YRF Spy Universe has set its sights on reaching the remarkable 400 crore milestone worldwide and has already overtaken all previous Diwali releases in Bollywood, becoming the highest-grossing film of the festival. Salman Khan is overjoyed with the consistent success that the Tiger franchise has achieved.

Salman expresses his delight, stating, “Three Tiger films, three tales of triumph. The Tiger franchise holds a special place in my heart, and I am elated to witness its growing popularity among the audience. The Tiger franchise is one of my most beloved creations and undoubtedly a legacy brand that will forever illuminate my illustrious filmography.” Salman Khan tiger 3He further adds, “I believe that the Tiger franchise has presented audiences with an unparalleled Indian spy experience that has garnered immense love and adoration. I have wholeheartedly dedicated myself to the world of Tiger, and I express my gratitude to everyone for their warmth and appreciation for both me and the films.” Salman Khan Tiger 3Salman reflects, “During the making of Ek Tha Tiger, I never anticipated the possibility of a sequel, let alone a trilogy like Tiger 3! It has now become a franchise that captivates audiences worldwide since its inception in 2012. The success of any film or franchise lies in the story it weaves.”

Tiger 3Salman Khan‘s Tiger 3 has emerged as a commercial success for the team. The YRF Spy Universe film is set to hit the 400 crore mark worldwide and has already become the biggest ever Diwali grosser in Bollywood. Salman Khan is delighted to have a 3rd consecutive success in the Tiger franchise.

Salman says, “Three Tiger films, three success stories. The Tiger franchise sits dearly in my heart, and I’m glad that it has also found its place in the hearts of the audience. The Tiger franchise is one of my most loved and is definitely a legacy brand that will always make my filmography shine brighter.”Salman Khan tiger 3He adds, “I think the Tiger franchise has given audiences a desi spy like no other that people have showered heaps of love on. I have lived and breathed Tiger, and I thank everyone for their warmth and appreciation for me and the films.”Salman Khan Tiger 3Salman says, “When I was doing Ek Tha Tiger, I had no idea that we would have a sequel. Forget about the fact that we now have a trilogy in Tiger 3! It’s now a franchise on its own, entertaining audiences worldwide since 2012. The proof of the success of any film or franchise is in the success story it scripts.”

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