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By Jitin Gambhir

Ice Spice re-creates Britney Spears’ iconic 2003 VMAs outfit

Ice Spice drew inspiration from the iconic looks of Britney Spears, both as a princess and a queen of pop, when she curated her stunning red carpet ensemble for the 2023 Video Music Awards. As the recipient of the prestigious Moon Man for Best New Artist, the “Deli” singer added her unique touch to Spears’ timeless white lace outfit from the 2003 awards show.

Crafted by the renowned fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, Ice Spice’s outfit showcased a bodice-style top and a mini skirt, mirroring the essence of Spears’ ensemble. However, she elevated her interpretation by incorporating a full lace-tiered tutu, in contrast to Spears’ modest lace trim at the skirt’s hemline. To complete her look, the 23-year-old rapper adorned herself with long layered necklaces, a prominent cross pendant, and accessorized with a thick silver choker and stilettos.

Notably, Ice Spice paid homage to Spears by sharing a photo of the pop icon in her iconic deconstructed wedding gown look from the 2003 awards show on her Instagram Story. This outfit gained notoriety as it was worn during the memorable Madonna and Spears kiss, a performance of Madonna’s hit song “Hollywood” alongside Christina Aguilera. Interestingly, Spears’ attire was actually an homage to Madonna’s 1984 VMA dress.

Madonna, famously known as the “Material Girl,” captivated audiences during the inaugural MTV VMAs with her white lace bustier dress adorned with a tulle skirt embellished with small white hearts. The now 65-year-old songstress complemented the wedding-inspired ensemble with gloves and a belt reading “Boy Toy.” While performing her chart-topping single “Like a Virgin,” Madonna encountered a mishap when her shoe slipped off as she descended from a grand wedding cake set, causing her dress to flip up and inadvertently expose her buttock. Despite this unexpected incident, Madonna’s performance and outfit choice continue to be revered and celebrated.

In an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in August 2022, Madonna shared her recollection of the incident, expressing her initial belief that her career would be jeopardized. However, she humorously recounted the mishap, highlighting how societal standards have evolved since then.

Ice Spice’s homage to Madonna’s iconic 1984 VMAs dress further emphasizes the lasting impact and influence of these legendary pop stars. Their fashion choices and performances continue to be revered and celebrated in the industry.

Ice Spice took a little inspiration from the Princess — and Queen — of Pop when designing her 2023 Video Music Awards red carpet look.

The “Deli” singer, who took home the Moon Man for Best New Artist, put her own spin on Britney Spears’ iconic white lace look from the 2003 awards show Tuesday night.

Designed by Dolce & Gabbana, the outfit featured the same bodice-style top and mini skirt, which she paired with long layered necklaces and a large cross pendant.

Yet while Spears only had a sliver of lace lining the bottom of her skirt, the rapper opted for a full lace-tiered tutu.


The 23-year-old also added long lace sleeves and tights to her rendition, which she amped up with a thick silver choker and stilettos.

Ice Spice.
The rapper, 23, opted for full lave sleeves and tights.
Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock

Ice Spice
Her outfit was designed by Dolce & Gabbana.

She later shared a photo of Spears in the iconic outfit — which was supposed to look like a deconstructed wedding gown — to her Instagram Story followed by a sketch of her own look.

Spears famously wore the frock 20 years prior when she kissed Madonna on stage while performing the latter’s song “Hollywood” with Christina Aguilera.

Ironically, Spears’ outfit was actually a reference to Madonna’s 1984 VMA dress.

Britney Spears VMAs 2003.
Ice Spice later shared a photo of Spears in her deconstructed wedding gown look from the 2003 awards show.

Madonna and Britney Spears kissing.
Spears was wearing the outfit when she famously kissed Madonna, who was the first to wear the wedding-esque look.

The “Material Girl” singer wore a white lace bustier dress complete with a tulle skirt adorned with small white hearts during the first-ever MTV VMAs.

The now 65-year-old, who paired the wedding dress with matching gloves and a belt that read “Boy Toy,” performed her hit single “Like a Virgin” for the first time while wearing the elaborate outfit — and things didn’t go too well.

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In fact, during an August 2022 appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Madonna explained that she thought her career was over after she accidentally flashed the crowd in the daring dress.

Madonna 1984 VMAs
Spears took inspiration from the “Vogue” singer’s 1984 VMAs dress.
Getty Images

Madonna at the 1984 VMAs
Madonna performed in the iconic dress at the first-ever MTV awards show.

According to the “Vogue” singer, as she stepped down from her massive wedding cake set, one of her shoes slipped off.

“I got to the bottom and I start dancing around and my white stiletto pumps fell off, and I was trying to do this smooth move, like dive for the shoe and make it look like it was choreography,” she explained. “My dress flipped up and my butt was showing. Can you imagine?”

She continued, “Those were the days when you shouldn’t show your butt to have a career. Now it’s the opposite. But it happened by accident, and I didn’t even know my butt was showing. It wasn’t even the whole butt, it was just like a butt cheek, like half of a butt cheek.”

Despite the mishap, her performance — and outfit choice — is still praised to this day.

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