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By Nikita Gambhir

Insomniacs After School: 8 Best Characters

Insomniacs After School is an incredibly captivating show that’s difficult to define precisely. It elicits a profound sense of yearning in its viewers, inspiring them to pursue their dreams and strive for something greater. The series delves deep into a niche hobby that may not initially interest most people, but manages to engage and captivate them nonetheless.

When it comes to slice-of-life anime, the characters and their interactions have always been the driving force. From the romantic subplots to the bonds of friendship, the characters breathe life into these shows. Insomniacs After School is no exception. It features a diverse cast of characters who bring their own unique charm and dynamics to the story.

Motoko Kanikawa, a friend of one of the main characters, embodies the beloved tsundere archetype. She strikes the perfect balance between cuteness and abrasiveness, making her a compelling character. Unlike other tsunderes, she doesn’t resort to physical violence, but still manages to convey her affection for the main character.

Kanami Anamizu, on the other hand, subverts the typical sports girl trope. Despite her tough exterior and love for baseball, she struggles to excel in the sport. Her contrasting personality complements Motoko’s fiery nature, providing stability to the group dynamics. Although she may seem unapproachable from a distance, she possesses a kind-hearted nature once you get to know her.

Yui Shiromaru plays a crucial role in introducing the main characters to the obscure hobby of astronomy and photography. She embodies a shy and tomboyish persona, living independently with her pet cat. While dedicated to pursuing her hobby, she remains rooted in conservative Japanese values, much like the other characters in the anime.

Tao Ukegawa, a member of the student council, stands out as an empathetic and understanding individual. He proves to be a loyal friend, always ready to lend a helping hand. His unwavering support and willingness to go to great lengths for his friends make him a valuable asset to the group.

Mina Nono, one of Magari’s close friends, showcases her artistic talent and nurturing nature. Despite her youthful age, she takes on the role of the group’s caretaker, providing assistance and watching over them. Her skill with pen and paper is remarkable, and she utilizes her talent to create a captivating flyer for their star gazing event.

Usako Kurashiki, the cool teacher in the series, defies traditional expectations and encourages her students to pursue their passions. She breaks free from the conservative norms of the Japanese high school system, offering guidance and support to the astronomy club. Her involvement in organizing events, connecting the students with alumni, and boosting morale through treats demonstrates her commitment to their growth.

Ganta Nakami, the main character, possesses an undeniable screen presence. His introspective musings, accompanied by melancholic music, create an oppressive atmosphere that resonates even with the most cheerful morning person. Though he can be self-absorbed at times, he genuinely cares for others and grapples with the pressures imposed by society. His character represents the struggle of navigating a society that disregards personal needs and desires.

Finally, Isaki Magari, the adorable love interest, exudes a captivating energy that illuminates any room she enters. Her presence draws Ganta towards her like a moth to a flame, but their connection goes beyond surface-level attraction. They find solace and support in each other, creating a pure and wholesome romance that warms the heart.


In conclusion, Insomniacs After School is a remarkable anime that resonates with viewers through its compelling characters and their relatable journeys. The show captures the essence of pursuing dreams, finding solace in unlikely places, and cherishing the simple joys of genuine connections.

It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly about Insomniacs After School makes it such a compelling show. It evokes a feeling of longing in the viewer. A feeling of pursuing your dreams and wanting something more. It does so by doing a deep dive into a niche hobby that most people wouldn’t be that interested in.

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The pull of slice-of-life anime has always been the characters and their interactions. From the romance subplots to the bonds of friendship, characters are the lifeblood of a good slice-of-life show, and Insomniacs After School is no exception.

8 Motoko Kanikawa: Tsundere

Motoko Kanikawa refusing Ganta's request

Who doesn’t love a good tsundere that doesn’t go around hitting the main character like she’s trying to get a restraining order? Don’t answer that; it’s a rhetorical question because the answer is, obviously, nobody! Tsunderes have been a trope in anime that has started to become quite overplayed, but some shows just do it right.

Motoko Kanikawa, a friend of one of the main characters, has just the right amount of abuse-to-cuteness ratio for her to work as a character. That’s to say: she’s not that cute, but she’s not that abusive either! She’s in a nice soft spot between liking the main character and having an abrasive personality but being a realistic enough representation that she doesn’t go around giving him head bonks every two minutes. Or at all, really.

7 Kanami Anamizu: Sporty tough-girl

Kanami Anamizu handing out flyers

A tomboy at heart, Kanami Anamizu takes the sports girl trope and flips it on its head. Yes, she’s big, yes, she’s tough, and yes, she’s into baseball. But she also sucks at baseball and desperately wants to get better at it to make the regular lineup for the school team.

Her struggle with sports aside, she makes a great foil for Motoko’s feisty personality. She’s the unmovable object to her tornado, bringing a degree of stability to the group and balancing out the dynamic quite well. Though she might seem unapproachable from afar, she’s a sweetheart once you get to know her.

6 Yui Shiromaru: Helpful Alumni

Shiromaru infront of her arcade shop

One of the more important characters in the series, Yui, is the person who helps break the main characters into the ultra-niche hobby of being an astronomer/photographer. It’s one thing to go into the deep end of photography and come out having learned words you’ll never use in day-to-day conversation and yet another thing entirely to do that whole process in the dead of night.

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Yui’s personality is that of a shy maiden. She’s a bit tomboyish but not overly so. As a strong independent woman, she lives alone with her pet cat and loves to pursue her hobby, but she seems to be terribly entrenched in conservative Japanese values, and so do most of the others in the anime.

5 Tao Ukegawa: Class President

Tao Ukegawa

An empathetic and understanding person, and a great friend besides, Tao is a member of the student council. He’s one of the main character’s few friends, and he makes it count. He’s the kind of guy you could go do with a dead body, and his first question would be, “Do you have the shovel, or should I get one?” Not to glorify murder, but sometimes you’ve got to hide a body.

4 Mina Nono: Friendly Artist

Mina Nono taking Ganta's measurements

One of Magari’s good friends, Mina, is the resident creatively inclined individual with a flair for homeliness. Yes, that’s a word, and you can’t convince me otherwise. She’s the mother of the group, bringing them food and watching over them with a keen eye, providing help as needed.

Of course, she’s still a teenager, but her skill with a pen and paper would have you believe otherwise at times. She uses Magari and Nakami as models for her club project and ends up using that to help the two design the flier for their star gazing party.

3 Usako Kurashiki: Cool Teacher

Usako Sensei posing with Shiromaru

Perhaps the only reason the plot went as far as it did, Usako Kurashiki seems to be the only adult who doesn’t think bedtime is a curfew anyone below 18 needs to uphold. She brings a breath of fresh air to the stuffy conservative space of the traditional Japanese high school and helps out the two insomniac-ridden students in whatever way she can, other than lending them her fan.

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Despite seemingly not caring, the school nurse is a great teacher who’s surprisingly invested in the activities of the astronomy club. She helps them organize different events, hooks them up with alumni, suggest different activities, and even goes so far as to treat everyone after a couple of days of hard work and nothing to show for it as a way to cheer them up.

2 Ganta Nakami: Main Character

Ganta look at Isaki in the astronomy room

It’s hard to overstate how much screen presence Ganta has. He is the star of the show. Well, one of the stars, at least. His introspective musings, the melancholic music, and the oppressive atmosphere of the morning all come together to paint a picture that makes even the most chipper morning person empathize with his problems.

Though he can be a bit self-absorbed at times, thinking of himself as the only one with issues (as pointed out by the resident tsundere), he is a genuinely good person, though broken in a lot of ways. His character is the result of an oppressive and uncaring society imposing its values on him, expecting him to conform to their norms with no regard for his personal needs and wants.

1 Isaki Magari: Adorable Love Interest

Magiri posing in front of Ganta

It’s hard to capture the magic of Isaki Magari, but the anime does a fantastic job. She has a wonderful energy about her that lights up whatever room she’s in. Her aura draws in Ganta like a fire draws in moths, but she doesn’t burn. Instead, she gives him warmth, and he reciprocates, both of them leaning on each other in a way they can’t on their other friends.

The budding romance between Magari and Nakami is one of the cutest and most wholesome things you’ll see in a while. The innocent attraction to one another, the reliance on each other’s presence, and the simple joy they find in each other’s embrace; everything about their relationship is so pure that we don’t deserve it.

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