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By Jitin Gambhir

Ioan Gruffudd’s ex-wife, Alice Evans, ‘in love’ after divorce

Alice Evans is embracing a new chapter in her life following her difficult divorce. The talented actress recently celebrated her 55th birthday and took the opportunity to share her newfound happiness and love after her 15-year marriage to Ioan Gruffudd officially ended last month. On Instagram, she posted a series of photos featuring herself and her two daughters, Ella (13) and Elsie (9), captioning it with excitement and gratitude for the wonderful time they had together. She expressed her love and astonishment at experiencing such intense emotions at the age of 55.

While Evans admitted that her words may seem mysterious, she clarified that life has taught her to be cautious. She assured her followers that everything will be revealed in due time. She spent her special day with her beloved daughters, Ella and Elsie, creating beautiful memories.

Since the tumultuous custody battle between Evans and Gruffudd, known for his roles in “Lost” and “Titanic,” it seems that both the actress and her children have found a happier place. Ella even went as far as filing a restraining order against her father, accusing his girlfriend, Bianca Wallace, of abusive behavior. Ella claimed that Wallace once slammed a door on her head, causing injuries. Despite Ella’s efforts, she ultimately lost the bid for the restraining order.

In March 2021, Gruffudd filed for divorce from Evans, who then accused him of having a three-year affair with her friend, Wallace. In response, Gruffudd filed a restraining order against Evans, alleging that she threatened to tarnish his career with false accusations and sell fabricated stories to the media if he left her. Last August, a Los Angeles judge granted Gruffudd a three-year protective order against Evans. Finally, on July 3, their divorce was legally finalized.

Alice Evans has chosen to move forward with her life, embracing love and happiness after her challenging divorce. She remains optimistic about the future and looks forward to sharing more details when the time is right.

Alice Evans is moving on from her bitter divorce.

The actress celebrated her 55th birthday Wednesday and marked the occasion by revealing she is “SO in love” after her 15-year marriage to Ioan Gruffudd officially came to an end last month.

“We had the BEST TIME EVER. Instagram won’t let me put in all the pics in one go. ( wisely, probably!),” she captioned a series of photos of herself and her two daughters, Ella, 13, and Elsie, 9, on Instagram.

“I am SO in love right now and cannot believe I only felt this level of intense love at 55.”

Evans acknowledged that she “may sound cryptic” but was only doing so because “life has taught” her “to be cautious.”


“All will become clear,” she added, teasing that more information will be shared in due time.

alice evans and her two daughters sitting at a restaurant table
She spent the day with her two daughters, Ella and Elsie.

The “Lost” alum and her kids appear to be in a much happier place since her and the “Titanic” actor’s nasty custody battle, during which Ella filed for a restraining order against her father.

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In the filing, the teenager accused 49-year-old Gruffudd’s girlfriend, Bianca Wallace, of abuse and claimed Wallace once “slammed a door” on her head.

“I was able to make my way around her, and I opened the door,” Ella claimed in the filing. “I was able to walk halfway out the door, but while I was still in the door frame, [Wallace] slammed the door on me, causing the door to hit me on the head as well as my arm. My arm got bruised, and I had small bump on my head.”

alice evans' daughters standing in an elevator
“I am SO in love right now and cannot believe I only felt this level of intense love at 55,” she wrote.

Ella ultimately lost her bid for the restraining order, and both she and Evans appeared distressed outside of the courthouse after the ruling was made.

Gruffudd filed for divorce from Evans in March 2021.

The “102 Dalmatians” actress subsequently accused the “Fantastic Four” star of having a three-year affair with Wallace, who was her friend.

alice evans and ioan gruffudd
Evans and her ex-husband, Ioan Gruffudd, finalized their divorce in July.

In response, Gruffudd filed for a restraining order against Evans, claiming that she had threatened to “make false public accusations,” “sell false stories to the press” and “destroy” his career if he left her.

He was granted a three-year protective order against Evans last August.

A Los Angeles judge declared Gruffudd and Evans legally divorced on July 3.

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