IPL 2023 playing XI after toss, what next? IPL 2023 new Rule Brings Shock to the WholE Fantasy Cricket Game

IPL 2023 New Rule

A lot of IPL 2023 new rule changes are set to make the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League more interesting. IPL teams will be able to reveal their starting lineup after the toss, taking a cue from SA20. Before, captains were required to swap team sheets at the toss, but the new regulation allows teams to make adjustments to their lineup based on the toss. In addition to the Impact Player Rule, it is one of many new improvements that BCCI has introduced for the upcoming season. Follow for LIVE updates on IPL 2023.


IPL 2023 New Rules: BCCI announces BIG RULE CHANGE

The Indian Premier League will have a special rule that allows a skipper to select his starting lineup after the toss.

According to the IPL 2023 new rules & regulations, the captains of both teams may choose to toss, and based on the outcome, they may select their starting XI lineups, along with five substitutes each, and present their lists to the match referee prior to the start of the game.

So, the playing Eleven can be chosen by the captain based on the players’ historical performances in the competition, against the opposition, or on the playing surface. IPL 2023 new rule.

One player at a time from the available five substitutions may be used during the game.

“Each captain shall nominate 11 players plus a maximum of 5 substitute fielders in writing to the IPL Match Referee following the toss,” states playing regulations clause 1.2.1.

No player (member of the playing eleven) “may be changed after the nomination and prior to the commencement of play without the approval of the opposing captain,” save as provided in clause 1.2.9.

According to the standard procedure for cricket matches, neither captain may make any changes to their starting lineup after submitting it to the match official prior to the toss.

Penalty for improper movement
The other important regulation that the IPL is implementing this year is the punishment of a wicketkeeper for unfair movement if he changes positions before the batsman meets the ball.

These strategies are frequently employed by wicketkeepers to divert the striking batsmen.

Any umpire has the authority to declare a wicketkeeper’s action an unfair movement, signal it as a dead ball, and explain their decision to the other umpire.

“Award the one-run penalty for Wide or No ball, if applicable, or award 5 Penalty runs to the batting side,” the umpire at the bowler’s end is subsequently instructed to do. Notify the fielding side’s captain of the reasoning behind this move. As soon as it is possible, let the captain of the batting side know what happened and inform the hitters as well.

Impact Player
This regulation had been put in place back in December. An Impact Player, as defined by this rule, is a replacement who may enter the game at any point and bowl or bat.

He might be an international or Indian player. However, the Impact Player can only be an Indian if the Starting XI already includes four players from abroad.

The Impact Player need to be one of the five subs whose names the captain will provide the match official following the coin toss. The Impact Player can be used at the beginning of an innings, when a batsman retires, after a wicket is taken, or at the conclusion of an over.

The player he replaces is unable to continue in the game. One of the team’s batsmen will not bat if the batting side inserts an impact player.

The team will continue to consist of 11 players.

An impact player can bowl his full allotment of overs if the bowling side introduces him, regardless of how many overs the player he is replacing has already bowled.

IPL 2023 New Rules

  • Only four fielders are allowed outside 30-yard circle for every over outside the allocated time.
  • Unfair movement of the wicketkeeper & fielder will result in a dead ball and 5 penalty runs.
  • Teams are to announce the playing XI after the toss is done.
  • Franchises to name 15-player team sheets, with one of the 4 substitutes in contention to be an impact player.

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