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By Jitin Gambhir

Is Adam Driver’s Dinosaur Movie Just a Jurassic Park Rip-Off?

Adam Driver plays the role of an extraterrestrial being who crash-lands on Earth. However, the twist is that this happens 65 million years ago, and the planet is still inhabited by dinosaurs. The film, 65, features Driver as a space pilot named Mills who embarks on a mission to transport a group of cryogenically frozen individuals across space. Unfortunately, the ship suffers damage from meteor strikes and ends up crashing on Earth.

The film’s plot follows Mills and the only other survivor, a child named Koa, as they attempt to navigate through the prehistoric landscape and reach their escape vessel. Along the way, they encounter various types of dinosaurs, and Mills uses his alien weaponry to fight them off. As they journey, they realize that a giant asteroid is headed towards the planet, and they must find a way to escape before it hits.

Some viewers have drawn comparisons between 65 and the iconic Jurassic Park franchise. While the film does borrow certain tropes from the dinosaur-themed movies, it attempts to be a unique vision in its own right. However, some critics argue that it falls short of the originality and surprise factor that made Jurassic Park such a hit.

Despite this criticism, 65 has its strong points. The film boasts impressive visuals, and the dinosaur CGI is well done. Driver and Ariana Greenblatt, who plays Koa, have great on-screen chemistry. Driver’s character is a grieving father who takes Koa under his wing, and their relationship is touching to watch.

Overall, 65 is a straightforward action movie with a sci-fi twist. It may not offer anything groundbreaking, but it is an entertaining watch for those looking for some dinosaur-themed action. The film is currently available on Prime Video.

Adam Driver is an alien who has crash-landed on Earth. But it is 65 million years ago, so there are dinosaurs to contend with. 65 may want to be Jurassic Parkbut is it?

Jurassic Park is an all-time classic of a movie, and 65 obviously didn’t fare quite as well. However, is the Adam Driver-led film a complete rip-off of the iconic story?

What Is 65?


Adam Driver Ariana Greenblatt 65

The film 65 follows space pilot Mills (Adam Driver), who has left his wife and sick daughter on their home planet to take a group of cryogenically frozen people on a multi-year expedition. The ship is struck by meteors and winds up crashing on Earth. However, it is Earth 65 million years ago.

In the wreckage of the ship, a distraught Mills learns that one other person has survived. The child, Koa (Ariana Greenblatt), speaks very little of his language, and the two must make their way across the hostile landscape to find their escape vessel. On the way, they encounter a variety of dinosaurs, with Mills using his alien weaponry to fight his way through various landscapes.

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As all of this is happening, Koa and Mills realize that the giant, bright shape in the sky is an imminent threat. It is, of course, the asteroid that will kill the dinosaurs. Mills does not know this, but he knows they need to get off the planet before it strikes.

How Close Is 65 to Jurassic Park?

jurassic park jello
Universal Pictures

The film wants to be a number of films all rolled into one and still be its own original vision at the same time. The problem is that Jurassic Park is so ingrained in our minds that certain tropes must be visited before they can pass.

These tropes include the realization that something big is out there by showing us the gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex footprint in the mud, the scared but capable child that needs protection, and a hostile environment.

The film draws from multiple Jurassic Park movies with a “sound from over there” scene, a “two tyrannosaurus attempt to attack a semi-secure vehicle,” and a “big dinosaur head comes through the waterfall” scene. The problem is that these would be a great combination if they were not taken from a genre and not from a specific film series. But if people have seen the Jurassic Park films, they are in for no real surprises.

The film also takes a page out of the Jurassic Park playbook by making it so that even if our heroes can get past the dinosaurs, there is still a wider issue to contend with. In Jurassic Parkthere is a power issue mixed with a severe storm. In 65there are the smaller asteroids that begin falling mere hours before the giant one actually hits the planet.

Does 65 Pack the Same Punch as Jurassic Park?

Ariana Greenblatt in Love and Monsters.
Paramount Pictures / Netflix

In Jurassic Parkthe big surprise was that the dinosaurs could not just get out of their enclosures but were also breeding. That meant there was the danger of more of them being around every corner. It made for constant surprises.

In 65the surprises have been taken away. There is actual text at the beginning that tells us Mills crashed on Earth 65 million years ago. They missed the biggest reveal, which would have been the odd look up in the night sky to see the glow of the asteroid heading towards them, followed by the dinosaur reveal. Then the audience would have sat up and thought, “Oh man! That’s why it’s called 65! They need to avoid the extinction-level event!” But the directors do not trust the audience to make the journey with them.

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Therefore, 65 does not reach the fascination level that brought people to Jurassic Park. It has great visuals, and the dinosaurs look good (except for one baby they save from a tar pit), but this is thirty years after Jurassic Park. The dinosaurs need to look good. They’ve been making CGI dinosaurs for a long time. If 65 couldn’t get the basics down, it would not even be on people’s radar.

Adam Driver and Ariana Greenblatt have great chemistry, with Driver showing that he is a grieving father who welcomes the child into his care. There is no reluctant hero. He wants to save this child, even at the expense of his own life. Driver is a more-than-capable actor who could show range through a brick wall.

For her part, Greenblatt plays the confused alongside the precocious. She’s not cloyingly adorable and is able to show rage and fear without the need for language. Her character is led by Driver to the escape vessel under the guise of finding her family. Her reaction upon realizing it was a ploy to save her is genuine, and Driver gives her room to act.

Greenblatt is the stand-in for the Tim and Lex characters from Jurassic Park. The difference is agency. Koa is obviously a curious child, but her confidence builds as she spends time with Mills. Hers is the arc that doesn’t exist in Jurassic Park. Mills is there to protect Koa, but Koa does her fair bit to keep Mills alive as well.

Is It Different Enough to Watch?

Sony Pictures Releasing

65 is a simple “get from here to there” movie with dinosaurs. Jurassic Park was the same, except when it came out in 1993, it was new. This newness has worn off in the intervening twenty years. 65 is a movie helmed by Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, two directors who could use more meat on the bone and more trust in their audience. They are no Spielbergs. But for people who want straightforward action with a sci-fi twist, 65 may fill that need.

65 is currently available on Prime Video.

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