Is Jonathan Majors dating Meagan Good?

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By Jitin Gambhir

According to a report, the Marvel actor Jonathan Majors (“Kang” from MCU) is currently dating Meagan Good.

As he fights assault charges in court, Jonathan Majors has allegedly found a new girlfriend. Reports say that the star is dating Meagan Good right now. Meagan Good is trending online after recent video goes viral.

Recent changes have been made to the charges against Jonathan Major. After being arrested the first time at the end of March, the star showed up on a Zoom call for a court hearing. On May 9, the charges against him were changed to third-degree assault. Based on what has happened recently in Jonathan’s case, he could spend up to a year in jail or three years on probation. His lawyer has now said that the district attorney is “fixing the case” and agreeing with the accuser’s “recent lies.”

Key Highlights:

  • Jonathan Majors is reportedly dating Meagan Good while fighting his ongoing legal battles.
  • Their relationship is still ‘fairly new’ as they reportedly got close over the last few weeks.
  • As per rumors it also seems that Jonathan Majors’ future in MCU series remains uncertain.
Jonathan Majors dating Meagan Good
Jonathan Majors dating Meagan Good


Meagan said that she is ready to move on to the next part of her life. She said, “I’m excited about what’s coming next, and I feel very hopeful.” She went on to talk more about the time of her life she’s in and said, “Life is not only short, it’s also precious, so I’m just trying to be here in the moment.”

She went on, “I’ve learned that it’s OK if not everyone gets you or likes you. And it’s OK to know who your tribe is and be grateful for them. It’s also OK to know that sometimes they’re not your tribe. She then said, “It’s been a lot of changes, like going through a divorce.”

Sources told the media source that Jonathan and Meagan have become friends and “gotten closer” over the past few weeks. However, they also said that the relationship is “fairly new.”

Jonathan and Meagan were seen at Alamo Drafthouse in Los Angeles last weekend, where they watched a movie. This shows that the two don’t plan to keep their relationship quiet.

As of now, it’s not clear how serious the rumoured romance is. The people who work for Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good didn’t say anything.

Jonathan Majors could serve one year in prison as actor’s charges get upgraded after the hearing

If the assault charges against Jonathan Majors are raised to third-degree, he could spend a year in jail. The lawyer for the star said that the DA had “racial bias.”


On May 6, Jonathan Majors virtually appeared in court for the domestic violence case he was charged with. In late March, the star of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania was charged with assaulting and strangling his ex-girlfriend. His charges were recently upgraded. Now that he is being charged with third-degree assault, the actor could have to spend a year in jail or three years on probation.

Jonathan was accused of hitting and choking his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari. The star was also accused of harassment and violence, which are both crimes. But his lawyer says the charges against him have been “adjusted.” At the May 9 court hearing, a new accusation of third-degree assault was made, according to a story in Deadline. A blocking order has been put in place that says neither party can talk to the other directly or indirectly. Grace Jabbari, who used to date Jonathan, was given a brief order to stay away from him until the next court date.

Priya Chaudhry, Jonathan’s lawyer, says that the justice system has “racial bias” and a “glaring double standard.” In a statement that Daily Mail got a hold of, Priya said, “This false case keeps going on even though the woman’s story changes and her claimed address changes. Jonathan Majors is the target of a witch hunt based on false accusations. Instead of dropping the charges because the woman was clearly lying, the DA changed the charges to fit her new lies.

She went on to say, “This clear double standard in how Jonathan Majors, a 200-pound Black man, and his accuser were treated shows that the criminal justice system is full of racial bias.”

As per rumors it also seems that Jonathan Majors’ future in MCU series remains uncertain. 

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