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John, Rachel Fuda’s teen son says jailed birth mom feels ‘like a stranger’

Jaiden Fuda, the teenage son of John and Rachel Fuda from “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” expresses his feelings of detachment from his biological mother, who is currently in jail, after she discussed him in a series of interviews. In an exclusive interview with TheFantasyTimes, 16-year-old Jaiden reveals that he is annoyed by Brittany Malsch for making their personal matters public. Despite his adoptive parents’ efforts to avoid talking negatively about his birth mother, Jaiden holds no anger or animosity towards her; she is like a stranger to him. Jaiden, who recently appeared on “RHONJ” when his stepmother Rachel joined the show, shares that his parents have repeatedly asked him if he wants to visit Malsch in prison, but he has declined. He wishes her well but hopes she stops reaching out to him while criticizing his parents.

Malsch, who is currently serving time in a halfway house for various crimes, including burglary and drug-related offenses, alleged in an interview with The Sun that John prevented her from seeing Jaiden. However, John denies this accusation, labeling Malsch’s interview as a targeted smear campaign that has negatively affected Jaiden. John explains that he and Rachel chose not to respond to avoid giving the story more attention, but Jaiden decided to speak out and add a comment against their wishes.

On May 16, it was revealed that Rachel officially adopted Jaiden after the adoption process was showcased on “RHONJ” Season 13. Malsch criticized these scenes, calling them a poor excuse for a storyline and boring. She believes Rachel disregarded Jaiden’s personal life and feelings while attempting to portray herself as a heroic stepmother. John expresses his disappointment in Malsch’s comments, viewing them as an attempt to gain publicity instead of considering Jaiden’s well-being.

John explains that Malsch has recently resurfaced, seeking publicity instead of prioritizing Jaiden’s well-being. He expresses disappointment in her actions and emphasizes his focus on Jaiden’s best interests. John gained sole custody of Jaiden in 2011, following his breakup with Malsch. He allowed occasional supervised visits for Jaiden to maintain a relationship with his mother, hoping she would improve her situation. John also shares two young daughters with Rachel.

Prior to Malsch’s incarceration, John and Rachel attempted to facilitate Malsch’s involvement in Jaiden’s life in 2015, but she often failed to show up for planned visitations or was under the influence of substances when she did. John, who became a father at 19, commends himself for taking responsibility and being there for his son every step of the way. He considers himself fortunate to have found Rachel, who embraced the role of a mother for Jaiden.

Rachel, in an interview on TheFantasyTimes’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast, expressed her excitement for viewers to witness Jaiden’s adoption story on “RHONJ.” She believes the show has had a positive impact on her life and describes the adoption process as a unique and personal story that is close to her heart.

Jaiden Fuda, the teenage son of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” couple John and Rachel Fuda, says he feels a significant distance from his convict birth mom after she discussed him in a series of jailhouse interviews. 

“I’m annoyed by [Brittany Malsch] making this public. My parents made a strong effort not to talk about her shortcomings or bash her,” Jaiden, 16, exclusively tells TheFantasyTimes.  

“I have no feelings of anger or animosity toward her; she’s like a stranger to me.”

The high school student — who made his reality TV debut this year on “RHONJ” when his stepmom-turned-adoptive mother, Rachel, 32, joined the Bravo show — tells us that his parents “have repeatedly asked” him if he would like to visit Malsch behind bars, but has declined. 

The Fuda family
“I have no feelings of anger or animosity toward her; she’s like a stranger to me,” Jaiden says of Brittany Malsch, who is currently incarcerated.

“I say ‘no,’” Jaiden says. “I wish her well and hope she stops trying to reach out to me while bashing my mom and dad.” 

Malsch — who is currently serving prison time at a halfway house for a succession of crimes, including burglary, money laundering and possession with intent to distribute crystal methamphetamine in the first degree — claimed in a May interview with The Sun that John banned her from seeing Jaiden.  

John, 34, tells TheFantasyTimes that isn’t true, branding Malsch’s correspondence with the tabloid as a targeted “smear campaign” that has “really affected” Jaiden.

Rachel and John Fuda
Jaiden’s father, John, is married to “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Rachel Fuda

“We have not responded in order to avoid giving the story clout, but against Rachel and my wishes, our son Jaiden decided he would us to respond and add a comment,” the businessman tells us of Jaiden’s choice to speak out. 

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It was revealed on May 16 that Rachel had officially adopted Jaiden after the early stages of the process played out on “RHONJ” Season 13.

The cast of "RHONJ"
Rachel made her reality TV debut on “RHONJ” Season 13.
Andrew Eccles/Bravo

After watching John and Rachel talk through the initial legal steps on the May 2 episode, Malsch told The Sun that she thought such scenes were a “poor pathetic excuse of a storyline” and “boring as hell.”

“If I had nothing to do with this situation,” the felon elaborated, “I would be watching the show thinking how lame she is — completely disregarding Jaiden’s personal life and feelings and taking shots at me to make her look like a knight in shining armor of a stepmom.”

John says that he was “disappointed” by Malsch’s comments, which he saw as a mere attempt to gain notoriety. 

John and Rachel Fuda
It was revealed on May 16 that Rachel officially adopted Jaiden after the early staged of the legal process played out on the Bravo reality show.

“My ex-girlfriend has been coming out of the wood work recently. I am honestly disappointed in Brittany for looking to take advantage of publicity instead of thinking of Jaiden’s wellbeing,” he explains. 

The Fuda Tile founder — who dated Malsch for four years before breaking up with the former bartender in 2009 — was granted sole custody of Jaiden in 2011 by a New Jersey judge.

“I allowed occasionally supervised visits so Jaiden could try to have a relationship with her,” the father of three tells us. “I’d always hoped she could straighten herself out.”

John Fuda and his daughters
John also shares two young daughters with Rachel.

Prior to Malsch’s incarceration, John claims that he and Rachel — who also share two young daughters, Gianella and Giuliana — “tried to give her a fair opportunity to see her child” in 2015.

He further alleges that she “would not show up” for planned visitations with Jaiden and “on the rare occasions she would, she was under the influence of substances.” 

“As a modern-day father, I stepped up to the plate at 19 years old, and had my son with me every step of the way,” says John, who wed Rachel in 2017 after five years of dating. “I was lucky enough to find Rachel, 23 at the time, who cared enough to give herself to be a mother for him.” 

Rachel and John Fuda
“I was lucky enough to find Rachel, 23 at the time, who cared enough to give herself to be a mother for him,” John says of Rachel, whom he wed in 2017.

Rachel previously said on TheFantasyTimes’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast that she was “excited” for viewers to watch Jaiden’s adoption story play out on “RHONJ.” 

“The show honestly helped change my life … in the most positive way possible. I’m excited for everybody to see that unravel, the adoption process because I feel like it’s a very unique personal story and not something that’s been seen a whole lot before,” she said in February. 

“And it’s very, very, very close to my heart.”

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