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By Jitin Gambhir

Jonah Hill’s ex Sarah Brady hospitalized on ‘mental hold’

Jonah Hill’s former girlfriend, Sarah Brady, has come forward with claims of being forcibly hospitalized and mistreated after accusing the actor of emotional abuse. In a troubling video posted on her Instagram Story, Brady displayed bruises on her arms and alleged that medical staff restrained her and treated her inhumanely. She stated that the medics forcibly injected her with drugs and denied her access to water. Brady also expressed her concern about the impending cost of the ambulance service. As a surfer who has previously revealed her bipolar disorder diagnosis, she stated that she was never informed of any illegal actions she had committed before being involuntarily confined. Brady shared images of her bruises on Instagram and reiterated that she was treated like a violent animal despite remaining a human being.

According to Brady, the medical staff did not provide her with a reason for her involuntary mental hold, aside from asking if she was intoxicated. She clarified that she had consumed alcohol the night before but had not been under the influence at the time of the incident. Brady mentioned that she disclosed her mental health conditions honestly and wondered if her situation would have been different if she had denied having any. Although Brady admitted to engaging in reckless driving on a golf course the previous night, she emphasized that she was not stopped for that reason and was unaware of the cause behind her alleged involuntary hospitalization. Additionally, Brady claimed that she chose to accompany the police officers over going in the ambulance but changed her mind when the officer mentioned the opportunity to drink water, as she was severely dehydrated.

Brady proceeded to detail her distressing experience during the hospitalization, sharing an image of a person sleeping on a thin mattress in a filthy room. She described her own room as having concrete walls and floors, with a mat that resembled a gymnastics or yoga mat. She expressed gratitude for not being required to shower in an open area without a curtain. After cooperating for an hour, Brady stated that she was transferred to another room with a similar bed on a plastic stand. She agreed to an injection without knowing its contents, believing that compliance was necessary for her release. Brady also mentioned that the medical staff spoke to her condescendingly, using terms like “dear” in a patronizing manner. She revealed that this was not her first experience with involuntary hospitalization, having been through it multiple times before. Brady acknowledged her struggles with bipolar disorder and emphasized that her recent hospitalization was the most violent she had ever encountered.

Brady shared her story on Instagram to raise awareness and help others who may have experienced similar situations. She acknowledged that she was not the only person who had gone through such circumstances and urged everyone to prioritize their well-being and safety. In a previous incident, Brady accused her ex-boyfriend Jonah Hill of emotional abuse and provided evidence of their alleged text conversations where he prohibited her from posting bikini photos and having certain friendships. Hill has not publicly addressed these accusations. Subsequently, Brady released additional messages that allegedly showed Hill engaging in sexting just before his relationship with his rumored fiancée, Olivia Millar, began. Hill has yet to directly respond to these allegations.

Jonah Hill’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady claims she was hospitalized on an “involuntary mental hold” and treated like a “street dog” just weeks after accusing the “Wolf of Wall Street” star of emotional abuse.

Brady, 24, shared a concerning video on her Instagram Story Monday showing bruising on her arms while alleging that she had been “strapped down” by medical workers who laughed at her and “treated [her] like a violent animal whilst [she] remained a human being.”

“Medics strapped me down, shoved a mask in my mouth, put some mesh s–t over my face, LAUGHED AT ME,” she captioned the post, tagging The Queen’s Health System in Hawaii.

Brady claimed the medics “INJECTED [HER] WITH DRUGS INVOLUNTARYILY [sic]” and did not give her water.

“I’m sure the bill for the ambulance will be a fat one,” she added.

The surfer, who previously shared that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, said she was “never informed” of anything illegal that she did before being constrained against her will.


Sarah Brady's bruises.
Brady shared images of her bruises on Instagram.

Sarah Brady's bruises.
“Medics strapped me down, shoved a mask in my mouth, put some mesh s–t over my face, LAUGHED AT ME,” she claimed.

Sarah Brady on Instagram.
The surfer alleged she was never given a reason as to why she was put on an involuntary mental hold.

“They just asked if I was intoxicated. I clearly stated, ‘No. I had had nothing that day,’” she recalled. “I had had a beer the night before or something like that, and then they asked if I had any mental health conditions and I was honest.

“I don’t know if it would have gone better if I said no.”

Brady later shared that she knows she was “guilty of ‘reckless driving’ on a golf course the night before,” but that she was “not stopped for that” at the time and she was not informed of any reason for her alleged involuntary hospitalization.

Sarah Brady's Instagram post.
Brady claimed she was forced to stay on a mat inside a concrete room.

Sarah Brady's messages about her involuntary hold.
She also alleged that she was “treated like a street dog.”

“I actually chose to go with the cops over [to the] ambulance when I was offered the choice but then the officer said I’d get to drink water if I went in the ambulance,” she explained, adding, “So I did that as I was extremely dehydrated.”

Brady proceeded to share her horrible experience during the hospitalization in another post to her Instagram Story, sharing a photo of a person sleeping on a thin mattress on the floor of a filthy room.

“This is how my room was but with no window, concrete walls, concrete floors, and the mat on the floor was more like a gymnastics or yoga mat,” she wrote. “The only window in the whole place was a tiny skylight. Thank god they didn’t require me to shower in the open shower with no curtain.”

Sarah Brady's messages on Instagram about being hospitalized.
She said she was never told that her reckless driving was the reason for the hospitalization.

Sarah Brady's statement on Instagram.
Brady shared her experience to bring awareness and help others.

Brady claimed that after being cooperative for an hour, she was moved to another room where the same type of bed was “in a plastic stand.”

“I agreed to an injection without knowing what or [sic] was. I didn’t care. I knew I had to play their game to get out,” she wrote. “Everyone talked to me like I was a child and continually called me ‘dear’ in the same tone as the big bad wolf.”

Brady claimed this was not her first experience being involuntarily hospitalized.

Sarah Brady in a bikini.
Brady shared that she has been involuntarily hospitalized several times in the past.

Sarah Brady in a bikini.
She struggles with bipolar disorder.

“This is like my fourth or fifth time being put in the hospital and treated like a street dog so I wasn’t very shocked but it was the most violent I’ve ever experienced,” she shared.

Brady said she wanted to tell her story publicly on Instagram to protect herself and hopefully help others in the future.

“I know I’m not the only person who has been through this so, take care of yourself, be safe as much as you can,” she said.

Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady in a selfie.
Last month, she accused ex-boyfriend Jonah Hill of being emotionally abusive.

Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady in a selfie.
Brady claimed the actor forbid her from posting bikini photos on social media.

“I hope I can provide some resources in the future,” she added. “I don’t know what else I can do about this at the moment other than be public for my safety.”

TheFantasyTimes reached out to The Queen’s Health System for comment.

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Brady made headlines last month when she accused Hill of being emotionally abusive and shared screen recordings of alleged text conversations in which he told her not to wear a bathing suit on social media.

She also claimed that the “Superbad” star, 39, had texted her demanding that she not have “boundaryless [sic] inappropriate friendships with men” or “friendships with women who are in unstable places” if she wanted to remain his girlfriend.

Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady in a photo together.
Hill has not publicly commented on the accusations.

Shortly after, Brady released additional messages allegedly showing Hill sexting her right before his romance with his rumored fiancée, Olivia Millar, began. Hill and Millar welcomed their first child in the spring.

Hill has yet to directly address the accusations, though he seemingly sent a cryptic message by selling an “emotional baggage tote” as their alleged private conversations made headlines.

Earlier this month, Hill was spotted looking slimmed-down and in high spirits as he stepped out in Malibu, Calif., with a new shaved hairdo.

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