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By Jitin Gambhir

Joy Ride stars learned how to use drugs for new film

Joy Ride stars learned how to use drugs for new

In the movie Joy Ride, the main characters find themselves in a situation where they have to hide a significant amount of illegal substances while on a train journey through China. Director Adele Lim and actors Ashley Park, Stephanie Hsu, Sherry Cola, and Sabrina Wu recently shared their experiences during the filming process, and it turns out that they were not familiar with the subject matter.

Director Adele Lim humorously remarked, “You might assume that actors, being part of a fast crowd, are well-versed in what the younger generation is up to. But that’s not the case. Ashley’s character Audrey had never even tried cocaine before, and Ashley herself hadn’t either. We had to bring in someone from the crew, who shall remain unnamed, to teach them how to cut lines of cocaine with a credit card because we are all quite clueless.”

There was a deleted scene in the comedy film, which centers around four friends’ trip to China, that involved the use of bongs.

“There’s a little scene where Audrey and Lolo, played by Sherry Cola, get high in a small shed,” Lim explained. “Ashley and Sherry had no idea how to smoke marijuana or use a bong. I remember giving Ashley a prop bong, and she actually put her mouth on the part where the weed goes into the pipe. She asked, ‘Do I suck on this?’ I had to tell her, ‘No, definitely not like that. Seriously, didn’t you have a normal college experience? Where have you been?'”

The cast also discussed how the film challenges Asian stereotypes. Hsu, who portrays Kat, stated, “We are usually the ones who are made fun of, often in fourth place on the call sheet. But here, the four of us are making fun of ourselves, being outrageous and not conforming to the model minority image. One of my favorite advertisements for the film reads, ‘We will bring dishonor to us all.’ It’s fantastic. It’s refreshing to just let loose, create chaos, and have fun.”

Joy Ride will be released in theaters on July 7.

Joy Ride stars learned how to use drugs for new

In Joy Ride, the main characters need to quickly hide and conceal a not-small amount of illegal substances on a train traveling through China. Director Adele Lim and stars Ashley Park, Stephanie Hsu, Sherry Cola, and Sabrina Wu opened up about their experience filming, and revealed that they didn’t actually know what they were doing.

“You’d think, ‘Oh actors, they run with a fast crowd and they know what the kids are doing,’” director Adele Lim told People. “[Ashley’s character Audrey] has never done a line of coke in her life and neither had Ashley. We had to pull in someone from the crew — won’t say who — to teach them how to cut lines of coke with a credit card because we are all dweebs.”


A scene of the comedy film (about four friends on a trip to China) that didn’t make the final cut, included bongs.

“There’s a little mini scene of Audrey and [Sherry Cola’s character] Lolo getting high in a little shed house,” said Lim. “Ashley and Sherry straight up did not know how to smoke pot or use a bong, and I remember handing a prop bong to Ashley and she full-on stuck her mouth where the little pipe of weed went to. She’s like: ‘Do I suck this?’ I’m like, ‘No, no you do not suck it like that. God, did you not have a normal college experience? Where have you been?’”

The cast also addressed how the film breaks Asian stereotypes. “We are usually number four on the call sheet to be made fun of,” says Hsu (Kat). “The four of us are here, making fun of ourselves, being disgusting. Not model minorities whatsoever. One of my favorite ads for this film [says] ‘We will bring dishonor to us all.’ It’s amazing. It’s fun to just get to have a good time and make a mess and be joyful.”

Joy Ride is in theaters July 7.

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