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By Jitin Gambhir

Kanye West and Bianca Censori go barefoot to prove his power

Kanye West and his “wife” Bianca Censori have recently been seen exploring Italy on an unusual vacation, as West prepares for his personal renaissance. They have been spotted attending a fancy dinner at a hotel and enjoying gelato in Florence, as well as attending a Travis Scott concert in Rome, all while going barefoot. Censori, who often wears revealing outfits that resemble stockings and shapewear, has been casually strolling the streets of Florence in a barely-there bikini top, leggings, and no shoes. Meanwhile, West visited a fabric factory in Florence’s Prato East district. Jason Lee, the former head of media and partnerships for West, believes that their decision to go barefoot is a deliberate PR stunt to prove a point. Despite facing backlash and being “canceled” by some, West still holds significant influence, as evident by the attention his feet have garnered. Lee suggests that the next time we see West wearing shoes, it could be a project that he himself has designed.

In a November 2021 episode of “Saturday Night Live,” Dave Chappelle joked about the risks associated with signing a sneaker deal, mentioning Kanye West walking around Los Angeles barefoot. Chappelle humorously commented on West’s loss of a $1.5 billion Yeezy deal with Adidas and other partnerships due to controversial remarks he made, including offensive comments about Jewish people and presenting “White Lives Matter” T-shirts at a fashion show. As a result, West’s membership at the exclusive Soho House was revoked. Despite his creative genius, West seems to underestimate the impact of his words, according to Jason Lee. Lee believes that West possesses the power to create, but he must exercise it responsibly.

Although West’s behavior has been erratic, including his bipolar disorder diagnosis, the revelation of his “marriage” to Censori, who bears a striking resemblance to Kim Kardashian, was still surprising. They reportedly had a non-binding wedding ceremony and now both wear wedding rings. Censori, an architectural designer at West’s Yeezy fashion line, has undergone a makeover, including a new haircut, and now dresses in a way that accentuates her curves. Lee suggests that West has a history of molding and transforming the women in his life, from Amber Rose to Kim Kardashian, to fit his desired image. These women benefit from their association with West, gaining fame, fashion deals, and other opportunities. Lee believes that West and Kardashian shared a similar level of narcissism and ambition for fame and wealth, which ultimately aligned their interests.

During his time in Rome, West made a musical comeback by performing with Travis Scott on stage. While West has been relatively low-key since his divorce from Kardashian, they continue to co-parent their four children. West has faced challenges in his personal life, such as his attempt to enroll his children at the troubled Donda Academy, which has faced a discrimination lawsuit. Kardashian currently has custody of the children but ensures that West maintains a close relationship with them. Despite the controversies surrounding him, West still has a strong following and influence, and it is hoped that he surrounds himself with the right people and seeks help for his well-being.

Kanye West and his “wife” Bianca Censori have spent the past week sauntering around Italy on a bizarre Roman holiday as he prepares for his very own Renaissance.

They’ve shown up to a fancy hotel dinner and a gelato shop in Florence, and a Travis Scott concert in Rome, barefoot. Censori, 28 — often clad in sheer, skintight outfits that resemble stockings and shapewear — also ambled about the streets of Florence in a barely-there bikini top, leggings and no shoes while West, ironically, visited a fabric factory in the city’s Prato East district.

Jason Lee, host of “Hollywood Unlocked”  — who spent seven months working as West’s head of media and partnerships until he quit in October — told TheFantasyTimes he’s certain that West and Censori are going barefoot to prove a point and stage a PR stunt.

“I think the fact that people are talking about Kanye’s feet shows just how much power he still has in the wake of cancel culture,” he said. “I think it’s a smart and strategic move. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next time we saw shoes on his feet it would be a project that he designed.”

Kanye West, Bianca Censori walking and eating gelato
Kanye West and “wife” Bianca Censori strolled through the streets of Florence barefoot this week, eating gelato.

In his “Saturday Night Live” monologue last November, Dave Chappelle joked that he had never wanted a sneaker deal, “because the minute I say something that makes those people mad, they’re gonna take my sneakers away. Now you see Kanye walking around LA barefoot … This guy lost a billion and a half dollars in a day.”

Last October, West, 46, lost his $1.5 billion Yeezy deal with Adidas, along with partnerships including Balenciaga and Gap, after saying he was going “death con 3 on Jewish people.”


This came after he was slammed for presenting “White Lives Matter” T-shirts at a Paris fashion show, calling the “Black Lives Matter” movement a “scam.”

TheFantasyTimes has also learned that West’s membership at the exclusive Soho House was revoked.

The rapper holed up at Soho Warehouse in downtown Los Angeles after his 2021 split from Kim Kardashian and recorded much of his “Donda 2” album there.

He also frequented the Austin, Texas, location.

Jason Lee, Kanye West
Jason Lee (right), who worked closely with West before quitting in October, told TheFantasyTimes West “doesn’t recognize the power of his words.”
Getty Images for Netflix

Although West was polite and paid his bill, we’re told, when the anti-semitic quotes hit, Soho House bosses quickly rescinded his membership. 

A Soho House spokesperson said: “We don’t comment on membership or members.”

“He’s a cultural icon, he has mental health issues and both of those things can coexist in a world. But he doesn’t recognize the power of his words,” Lee said.

“One of the last things I said to him, via text, was that the power of Kanye is about creating. He has the power and he can exercise it for his benefit or detriment. He makes the choice.”

Bianca Censori
Censori sported a tiny bikini top, leggings and no shoes as she walked through the streets of Florence.

But even with the erratic behavior from West — he has referred to his bipolar disorder diagnosis as “a superpower” — it was still a surprise when it was revealed he had “married” Censori, a Kardashian lookalike who worked as an architectural designer at his Yeezy fashion line.

TMZ reported in January the pair had a non-binding wedding ceremony and they both now wear wedding rings.

Censori, who comes from Melbourne, Australia, has chopped off her long dark hair and now wears clothing that only seeks to show off her curves.

Bianca Censori
Censori, who grew up in Australia, was a dead ringer for Kanye West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian until she underwent a makeover that included chopping her hair.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West
Kardashian has custody of her four children with West after a difficult divorce.
Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

“As far as molding Bianca and turning her into his muse, he’s been doing that forever — from Amber Rose to Kim,” said Lee. “These women are not robots — they’re a part of it.

“We saw Kim’s wardrobe before she got with Kanye. She became a fashion icon after meeting him. She wasn’t on the cover of Vogue before him. She benefited, she got the Balenciaga deal. All these women want something and he wants something from them.”

Lee added: “Kanye and Kim had the same level of narcissism and interest in being famous and powerful and rich, those interests aligned.”

North West, Kim Kardashian, Psalm West, Saint West, Kanye West, Chicago West.
West and Kardashian have four children, North (from left), Psalm, Saint and Chicago.

One female celebrity told TheFantasyTimes: “What I find interesting is that when Kanye changes, the woman next to him changes as well. It is like a prerequisite to stand beside him and be his woman: the hair, the style of dress, the overall look … [and] the body type — he likes curves and booty.”

While in Rome, West made his musical comeback on stage with Travis Scott, performing two songs.

“Only one human being on this motherf—ing planet that has ever walked side by side with me through anything and every motherf—ing thing,” Scott — who has two children with Kardashian’s sister Kylie Jenner — reportedly told the audience.

Kanye West, Bianca Censori
West and Censori shared a laugh and some gelato in Italy.
Cobra Team / BACKGRID

West has been laying low since his divorce from Kardashian was finalized in November.

The pair share four children, North, 9, Saint, 7, Chicago, 5, and four-year-old Psalm.

But West made their divorce difficult as he attempted to get his kids enrolled at his Donda Academy, a private prep school in Simi Valley that has been beset by troubles including a discrimination lawsuit by former teachers who claim students were not allowed to go outside and forced to eat sushi lunches.

Kardashian has custody of the children, we’re told now, but does her best to make sure her ex has a close relationship with them.

Kanye West, Bianca Censori
Censori covered their feet but, at least in her case, not much else, in LA in May.
GC Images

He and Censori were seen at dinner with North, while sources told us that Kardashian made sure to time a July trip to Japan, where her soccer-mad son Saint watched Paris St Germain play Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al Nassr in Osaka, with West and Censori’s own visit to Tokyo.

After splitting with Kardashian, West frequently chopped and changed the staff around him as one industry insider who worked with him said: “His team was always changing, it was an interesting time.” Another source said: “People are afraid of Kanye, he’s so vocal and he’s always speaking out, they’re afraid to upset him.”

In June, the US Sun reported that West had hired disgraced former American Apparel founder Dov Charney — who was fired over alleged misconduct — to revive Yeezy.

Kanye West, Bianca Censori
Just like his previous loves, West has molded Censori into his desired image, according to Jason Lee.
@CelebCandidly / BACKGRID

“I don’t know who’s around him now, but I hope he finds the right people,” Lee said, adding of the relationship with Censori: “He seems to be happy, I like to see that he’s smiling, and she’s smiling.

“I pray that he finds help. He is a good person, a good-hearted person. I want to see him healed and healthy … and also responsible with the words he choses.”

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