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By Jitin Gambhir

Kanye West and his partner Bianca Censori made a bold fashion statement while enjoying a meal at KFC in Los Angeles. West wore his signature black Vetements “Polizei” T-shirt with shoulder pads and sock shoes, while Censori opted for a fitted black T-shirt paired with sheer tights and no shoes or underwear. Despite the daring ensemble, the couple enjoyed their meal inside for about thirty minutes.

Kanye West’s ‘wife’ Bianca Censori goes shoeless in completely sheer tights for date

This is not the first time the couple has raised eyebrows with their fashion choices, having recently attended a church service in equally bizarre outfits. Censori has been seen in a stocking-style black dress with a sculptural padded ring around her shoulders and neck, which some fans compared to a “condom.” West, who is known for dressing his partners, “feels like he finally met someone who truly gets him,” according to sources.

However, West has faced numerous controversies, including serving sushi off naked women’s bodies at his 46th birthday party, which many social media users found misogynistic, particularly since his nine-year-old daughter was present.

What happened to no shoes, no service?

Kanye West and his “wife,” Bianca Censori, turned heads while grabbing a quick bite to eat at KFC in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

While West opted for his new go-to outfit featuring a black Vetements “Polizei” T-shirt with shoulder pads and sock shoes, Censori chose an even more daring ensemble.

The 28-year-old sported a fitted black T-shirt with a pair of sheer tights and nothing else. She seemingly decided to ditch her underwear and her shoes for the outing.

Despite her provocative fit, the couple decided to enjoy their meal inside, where they sat for about 30 minutes.

Bianca Censori.
Censori opted for a pair of sheer tights instead of pants.
Bianca Censori


She also ditched her shoes — and undergarments — for the casual lunch date.
Bianca Censori.


The Yeezy architect put everything on display in the see-through tights.

After finishing up their lunch, the Yeezy architect grabbed a donut for the road before leaving the fast food joint.

This isn’t the first time that the twosome, who got “married” during a non-legally binding ceremony in January, has raised eyebrows with their bizarre fashion choices.


Earlier this month, the pair attended a church service in Los Angeles wearing equally wacky outfits.

Kanye WEst.


Meanwhile, West opted for his new signature shoulder-pad ensemble.
Kanye West and Bianca Censori.


West, known for dressing his partners, rocked a pair of sock shoes.
Kanye West and his "wife" Bianca Censori


The couple got “married” during a non-legally binding ceremony at the beginning of the year.

However, Censori stole the show in a stocking-style black dress that featured a sculptural padded ring encircling her shoulders and neck.

While some fans compared the look to a “condom,” others claimed Censori looked more like “an uncircumcised penis.”

Meanwhile, sources recently told Us Weekly that West, who is known for dressing his partners, “feels like he finally met someone who truly gets him.”

Bianca Censori backside.


Since their nuptials, the pair has been stepping out in some jaw-dropping outfits.
Kanye West and his "wife" Bianca Censori at church.


Earlier this month, Censori showed up to church wearing a “condom” dress.
@CelebCandidly / BACKGRID

“Things couldn’t be better for Kanye and Bianca and they’re doing amazing,” the source told the outlet.

Despite the pair’s relationship going strong, the “Heartless” rapper has been in the middle of numerous controversies over the last year.

Most recently, he came under fire for serving sushi and sashimi off of naked women’s bodies during his 46th birthday party.

Kanye West and his "wife" Bianca Censori.


According to reports, West feels like he has “finally” found someone that truly understands him.
@CelebCandidly / BACKGRID
Kanye West and his "wife" Bianca Censori.


However, West has been at the center of numerous different controversies this year.

Although it is a Japanese practice called nyotaimori, many social media users found the act to be misogynistic — especially since his 9-year-old daughter, North, was in attendance.

“treating a human woman like a plate is kinda misogynistic big dog,” tweeted one person.

“in what WORLD is treating women like objects for male consumption (literally) not misogyny?” argued another.

At one point, North was filmed grabbing a piece of raw fish from a tray and thrusting it into Censori’s face as she tried to dodge the fish.

However, the two women seem to have a good relationship as they were photographed walking hand-in-hand into the soiree.

Meanwhile, the Kardashian-Jenners — including Ye’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian — skipped the event.


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