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By Jitin Gambhir

Kevin Aviance at Pride performing ’90s song Beyoncé sampled

In the world of entertainment, there is a saying that goes “everything old is new again”. This is certainly true for Kevin Aviance, an iconic drag performer from New York who has recently gained a whole new generation of fans thanks to Beyoncé’s use of his 1996 track “C**ty” on her “Renaissance” album.

Aviance recently performed at the Daily’s annual cocktail party, which was held to celebrate Pride at the Hard Rock Hotel’s New York RT60 rooftop and lounge. The crowd went wild for him, cheering him on as he worked the room and performed three songs, including the one Beyoncé sampled.

Aviance was shocked when he found out that Beyoncé had used his song without giving him a heads up. However, he was ultimately thrilled that his work was being recognized and appreciated by a new audience. At the party, he spoke about the importance of celebrating and protesting during Pride, and the need for the LGBTQ+ community to stand together.

The Daily’s chief content officer, Eddie Roche, echoed Aviance’s sentiments, emphasizing that now more than ever, it’s important for the community to come together and celebrate equality. Other notable attendees at the party included Gillian Hearst, Marc Bouwer, and Sophie Sumner, as well as fellow drag performer CT Hedden.

The party was sponsored by Jennifer Lopez’s new Delola cocktails brand, and a small group of guests ended the night with dinner at the hotel’s NYY Steak restaurant. Overall, it was a fantastic celebration of Pride and the continued progress of the LGBTQ+ community.

Everything old is new again.

New York drag icon Kevin Aviance continues to gain fashionable fans after Beyoncé sampled his 1996 song “C**ty” on her “Renaissance” album.

On Tuesday, Aviance dusted off the 27-year-old track while performing at the Daily’s annual cocktail party to celebrate Pride at the Hard Rock Hotel’s New York RT60 rooftop and lounge.

And the crowd ate it up!

Guests lined up in the lounge area and cheered Aviance on as he worked the room runway-style, performing three songs including the one Beyoncé sampled.


“Come on baby! Come on,” model Victoria Brito shouted while capturing the performance on her phone.

Beyoncé sampled Aviance on her song “Pure/Honey.”
Christos Katsiaouni / Hardrock Hotel

Aviance told TheFantasyTimes he was shocked when he found out Beyoncé sampled his song for her track “Pure/Honey” when she released it last year.

“I feel like someone heard me. I’m vindicated. She gets it. I’m just so honored and overwhelmed,” he told us at the time.

Victoria Brito
Model Victoria Brito was in the crowd cheering Aviance on.
Christos Katsiaouni / Hardrock Hotel

Beyoncé and her team didn’t give him a heads up she was using his vocal. “I heard it and I was like, ‘Wow!’ The song lives, and that’s all I ever wanted it to do,” he said.

He told the crowd at the Daily’s celebration, “this Pride is about celebrating, about protesting. It’s about us standing up, and standing with each other. We’re here. We’re not going anywhere. Respect us and call it a day.” 

Kevin Aviance and Eddie Roche
Aviance and the Daily chief content officer Eddie Roche.
Christos Katsiaouni / Hardrock Hotel

The Daily’s chief content officer, Eddie Roche, echoed Aviance, remarking at the party: “This year, more than ever, we need to stand together as a community to celebrate the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. Pride and equality are always in fashion!”

CT Hedden
Fellow drag performer CT Hedden celebrated with Aviance.
Christos Katsiaouni / Hardrock Hotel

Gillian Hearst, Marc Bouwer and party kids Sophie Sumner, CT Hedden, Daniel Walters and Jack James Busa of the Muses also attended.

Jennifer Lopez was there — in spirit at least — as in her new Delola cocktails brand supplied the booze.

A small group of partygoers ended the night dining at the hotel’s NYY Steak restaurant.

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