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By Jitin Gambhir

Lil Wayne gave advice to daughter Reginae on security

Rapper Lil Wayne recently provided some valuable advice to his daughter Reginae Carter, who is 24 years old and recently relocated from Atlanta to Los Angeles. In May, her home in Georgia was almost burglarized, prompting her to tweet, “my sign to get tf out of here.” When asked about her move, she stated, “I am now in LA, where I have taken several security measures, including installing a Ring doorbell, hiring security personnel, and setting up multiple cameras at my home for both when I am present and when I am away.”

Prior to leaving Atlanta, Carter informed her fans about the attempted break-in at her home, saying, “Two individuals tried to break into my house last night. I’m so glad I wasn’t there. People can be sick. This incident was a clear indication for me to leave this place, become more private, and keep to myself.” It should be noted that her Atlanta home was almost burglarized back in May.

Reginae Carter’s father, Lil Wayne, who is 40 years old, has offered her advice on how to prioritize her safety in her new city. She revealed, “He simply advised me to be cautious wherever I choose to reside. However, I am not apprehensive about living in LA. I feel very safe and comfortable, but I do remain vigilant. This is something that everyone should do.”

Reginae Carter, who is an entrepreneur and the CEO of the fitness brand “I Fit In,” will be starring in a new reality show alongside her mother, Toya Johnson-Rushing, who is 39 years old. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Carter is pursuing a career in acting. Her reality show, titled “Toya & Reginae,” will be airing on WE Tv on Thursdays starting this week.

Rapper Lil Wayne had some fatherly advice for his daughter Reginae Carter, 24, when she recently moved to Los Angeles from Atlanta.

Her Georgia home had been nearly burglarized in May — and she tweeted that the incident was, “my sign to get tf out of here.”

She told TheFantasyTimes of her move, “I am in LA now. I have a Ring bell. I have security, all of that. I have everything. Cameras on cameras on cameras, for when I am home and away.”

Carter had further told fans of the Atlanta robbery before she fled town: “Two guys tried to break in my home last night. So glad I wasn’t there people are sick. This is my sign to get Tf out of here and to be more private and more to myself about everything.”

Reginae Carter and Lil Wayne smiling and posing at party.
The 24-year-old’s Atlanta home was nearly burglarized in May.
Getty Images for The Goldwing Group

Reginae Carter posing on stairs.
The actress took the incident as a sign to move.

Her dad, Lil Wayne, 40, has advised Carter on how to be more safety-conscious in her new hometown.

“He just told me you should be very aware of anywhere you lay your head. But I am not nervous to live in LA,” she told us. “I am very safe and I’m comfortable, but I definitely keep my eyes open. That should be for everybody.”


Reginae Carter posing outside in tan.
The entrepreneur is set on making a name for herself.

The CEO of fitness brand “I Fit In” will star in a new reality show with her mother, Toya Johnson -Rushing, 39.

Reginae Carter wearing grey and yellow posing.
The CEO of “I Fit In” now lives in Los Angles working as an actress.

The series, “Toya & Reginae,” airs on Thursdays on WE Tv this week.

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