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By Jitin Gambhir

Lindsay Hubbard breaks silence on Carl Radke breakup

Lindsay Hubbard has finally broken her silence following the end of her engagement with Carl Radke. In an Instagram post on Thursday, the former publicist expressed her gratitude for the time and space given to process her emotions and heal from the loss of not only their relationship but also their friendship of eight years. Hubbard revealed that the past two weeks have been incredibly heartbreaking and emotional for her. She described the experience as having her entire life and future taken away from her, leaving her confused and without closure. The way the breakup unfolded has left her feeling humiliated and devastated. Trust has been broken, and it has been challenging for her to come to terms with that. Hubbard confirmed that the decision to end their engagement was not hers and expressed her disagreement with quitting a relationship without exhausting all possibilities. She has been seeking closure and peace in the past few weeks and expressed her gratitude to her best friends for their unwavering support. She acknowledged that she is still grieving and trying to process everything that has happened. Hubbard thanked her friends, family, castmates, and fans for their love and support. In her first post since the split, she disabled comments and removed pictures of her ex-fiancé from her Instagram feed. The couple had planned to have a destination wedding in Mexico in November but called it off when Radke informed her that he couldn’t go through with it. Radke broke up with Hubbard in August. Two weeks after the news broke, Radke apologized to their wedding guests, expressing his and Hubbard’s devastation and regret for the lack of communication. He explained that Lindsay was devastated, and he was crushed by how everything unfolded. However, a source revealed that Lindsay was blindsided by his letter and did not approve it before its public release. She was hurt by it. Radke and Hubbard had a brief relationship in 2019 but decided to give it another try in early 2022. Eight months later, Radke proposed, and Hubbard celebrated with a bridal shower just two weeks before he ended the relationship.

Lindsay Hubbard has spoken out for the first time since Carl Radke called off their engagement.

“I would like to start by saying thank you for allowing me the space and time to process my emotions, heal, and grieve the loss of not only my relationship, but my friendship with someone I considered my best friend for 8 years,” the former publicist wrote in an Instagram post on Thursday.

Hubbard admitted that the last two weeks “have been the most heartbreaking and emotional” of her life.

“My entire life and future was ripped out from underneath me and I’ve had a hard time making sense of it all – with no answers or closure on why.

“I feel humiliated by how it went down, and simultaneously heartbroken that it happened in the first place. My trust has been betrayed, and coming to terms with that has been difficult for me,” she continued.

Lindsay Hubbard posing
Lindsay Hubbard has broken her silence on Carl Radke ending their engagement.

A screenshot of Lindsay Hubbard's first statement
Hubbard admitted she feels “humiliated” by the split.

Lindsay Hubbard's first statement
“My trust has been betrayed, and coming to terms with that has been difficult for me,” she wrote.

Hubbard, 37, confirmed reports that the “Summer House” co-stars’ breakup was “not my decision” and emphasized that she does “not agree with quitting a relationship (at this level) without trying everything possible first.”

“I have spent the last couple of weeks finding my own closure and peace. I am forever grateful to my best friends who have not left my side, and have been picking up the pieces of my heart and life every day from the fallout,” she added.

The Bravolebrity acknowledged that she is “still grieving” and “trying to process all that has happened.”

A selfie of Lindsay Hubbard
The “Summer House” star thanked friends who “have been picking up the pieces of my heart and life.”

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the love and support from my friends, family, cast mates, and all of you for carrying me through,” she concluded.


Hubbard — who recently wiped her Instagram feed of pictures with her ex-fiancé — turned off the comments on her first post since news of the split broke.

The former couple were set to say “I do” at a destination wedding in Mexico in November, but that all changed when Radke, 38, told her he couldn’t go through with it.

A selfie of Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke
Radke broke up with Hubbard in August.

Two weeks after TheFantasyTimes confirmed the news, Radke told wedding guests that Hubbard was “devastated” over the situation.

“Words cannot possibly express how difficult the last two weeks have been for Lindsay and I. We are so incredibly sorry to all of our guests for the confusion and lack of communication,” he wrote in a letter.

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Radke explained at the time that “the fact of the matter is Lindsay is devastated and I’m crushed with how all this transpired.”

Just hours after the letter was made public, a source told TheFantasyTimes exclusively that Hubbard was blindsided.

“Lindsay did not approve of Carl’s letter before it was made public, so there is no ‘we,’” the insider said. “She’s definitely hurt by it, for sure.”

Radke and Hubbard briefly dated in 2019, but they gave their relationship a second shot in early 2022. Radke got down on one knee eight months later, and Hubbard even celebrated the upcoming nuptials with a bridal shower just two weeks before he dumped her.

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