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By Jitin Gambhir

Luke Bryan has come to the defense of his fellow “American Idol” judge, Katy Perry, stating that she has been unfairly targeted by fans throughout the season. The country singer expressed his support for Perry while speaking to Fox News at the Country Music Association Fest, explaining that the pop star was often criticized for simply trying to have fun on the show. Bryan believes it is important to not be too cautious in the moment and to inject humor and lightheartedness into the program.

During Season 21, Perry faced criticism for comments that some perceived as bullying, including one incident where she appeared to “mom-shame” a contestant. Perry also faced backlash for criticizing Nutsa Buzaladze’s outfit, which resulted in boos from the audience. Despite this, Bryan believes that the judges’ role is to critique the contestants, and they understand that they cannot win over every viewer.

Luke Bryan defends Katy Perry after ‘American Idol’ backlash

Bryan acknowledges that judges often fall on the sword and become targets for vocal criticism on social media. However, he and his fellow judges are committed to doing their best, and Perry has developed a thick skin over the course of her career. Despite the backlash, Katy Perry has remained unfazed and continues to do her job with her unique sense of humor, according to a source who spoke exclusively to PandaUSA in May.

Perry, Bryan, and Lionel Richie have been judges on “American Idol” since the show’s revival in 2018. Despite facing criticism, Perry has continued to bring her own unique flair to the program and has remained committed to supporting aspiring singers.

Luke Bryan hugging Katy Perry.

Luke Bryan has his co-judge’s back.

The country crooner told Fox News Monday that “American Idol” fans have inappropriately “picked on” Katy Perry throughout the season — and she doesn’t deserve the hate.

“Katy gets picked on for going out and trying to have fun making a TV show,” Bryan, 46, said at the Country Music Association Fest.

“You can’t be so safe in the moment that you’re so homogenized, you can’t ever go for a joke or go for a fun moment.”

Perry, 38, was criticized throughout Season 21 for comments she made that some perceived as “bullying,” including telling a contestant who is a mom of three, “You’ve been laying on the table too much.”

Luke Bryan defended Katy Perry following the backlash she’s received for her comments on Season 21 of “American Idol.”
Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Many dubbed the comment “mom-shaming,” and the “Idol” hopeful, named Sara Beth Liebe, later admitted that the “Hot N Cold” singer’s remark was “hurtful.”

“It was embarrassing to have that on TV,” Liebe said on TikTok before subsequently quitting the singing competition show.

Later in the season, Perry got booed for criticizing contestant Nutsa Buzaladze’s outfit.

Katy Perry and Luke Bryan standing behind the judge's desk on "American Idol."


Bryan said his co-judge “gets picked on for going out and trying to have fun” on set.
A contestant on "American Idol" during her audition.


Perry was criticized this season for “mom-shaming” contestant Sara Beth Liebe.
ABC via Getty Images
Nutsa Buzaladze american idol


The “Dark Horse” songstress got booed when she criticized contestant Nutsa Buzaladze’s sparkly outfits.
ABC via Getty Images

“Nutsa, every time you take the stage it’s like you glitter bomb the stage,” the “Dark Horse” singer told the aspiring pop star. “Listen, one thing that I would like to see from you is not one piece of glitter the next time. I know that is going to be hard.”

Bryan also told Fox News, however, that the judges don’t expect to win over every viewer because their role on the show is critique “kids that people at home fall in love with.”

“I think we get set up, as judges, you know, we kinda fall on the sword a lot of times,” he explained. “And get set up to where people can get very vocal on socials and stuff.”

Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie posing for a picture together on "American Idol."


Perry and Bryan have been judging “American Idol” alongside Lionel Richie since 2018.
ABC via Getty Images

Bryan said at the end of the day, he and his fellow judges only do “the best” they can, and Perry has a thick skin since she’s been dealing with criticism her “whole career.”

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“It makes me appreciate her even more, just how big of a scale she’s had to deal with that her whole career,” he said.

Katy Perry looking off to the side while wearing a leopard print dress.


“She’s had to deal with that her whole career,” Bryan said of the criticism Perry faces.
Katy Perry sitting down at the judge's desk on "American Idol."


A source previously told PandaUSA that Perry “isn’t fazed” by the backlash.
ABC via Getty Images

PandaUSA exclusively learned in May that Perry “isn’t fazed” by the backlash she received this season.

“This has been a roller-coaster season with a lot of great talent, so she is just doing her job,” a source said, adding that the “Roar” singer “has a unique sense of humor that may not always translate well on camera, but she never has any ill intent.”

Perry, Bryan and Lionel Richie have been judges on the hit series since its revival on ABC in 2018.


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