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Madonna celebrates 65th birthday with selfie after health scare

Madonna is commemorating her 65th birthday just two months after facing a health scare. The iconic “Vogue” singer took to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday to share a youthful selfie with her 19 million followers, expressing gratitude for their birthday wishes. This milestone comes after Madonna’s recovery from a severe bacterial infection that led to her hospitalization in June. TheFantasyTimes exclusively reported that she was rushed to a hospital in New York City and required intubation after being found unresponsive. Fortunately, her daughter Lourdes Leon remained by her side throughout the ordeal, and Madonna began to recuperate shortly after her stay in the intensive care unit.

Following the news of her hospitalization, Madonna broke her silence to express her gratitude to her six children, Lourdes, Rocco, Mercy, David, and twins Stella and Estere, for their unwavering support during her recovery. She also thanked her Instagram followers for their positive energy, prayers, and words of healing. Madonna assured everyone that she was on the path to recovery and expressed immense gratitude for the blessings in her life.

Amidst her illness, Madonna had to postpone her highly anticipated “Celebration” tour, which was meant to commemorate her 40-year musical career. An insider revealed that she had been diligently rehearsing for the tour before falling ill. The “Material Girl” singer had initially planned to kick off the tour in North America during the summer, but due to her health scare, she rescheduled the European leg of the tour to begin in October. Madonna’s management team and the tour’s insurer insisted on delaying the concerts to prioritize her well-being.

Recently, Madonna announced the rescheduled dates for her North American tour, which will now start in December. She expressed her gratitude to her fans for their incredible support and patience during this time. Madonna is eager to embark on the tour and celebrate with her fans.

Despite her health setbacks, Madonna seems to be recovering well. She was spotted attending Beyoncé’s New Jersey show with her daughters Stella, Estere, and Mercy last month. Additionally, she was seen wearing knee sleeves, which are commonly used to alleviate pain, during a stroll in New York City. Last year, Madonna celebrated her 64th birthday in Italy with her family, showcasing coordinated looks by Dolce & Gabbana. In 2018, she had a lavish celebration in Morocco for her 60th birthday.

Madonna is celebrating her 65 birthday two months after suffering a health scare.

The “Vogue” singer posted a youthful — albeit filtered — selfie on her Instagram Stories Wednesday while telling her 19 million followers that she was “reading [their] birthday messages.”

The milestone comes on the heels of Madonna’s recovery from a “serious bacterial infection” that landed her in the intensive care unit in June.

TheFantasyTimes exclusively reported that she had been rushed to a New York City hospital and intubated for at least one night after being found unresponsive.

We were told that her daughter Lourdes Leon was by her side throughout the scare and that she was already recuperating in the days following her ICU stay.


Days after the news of her hospitalization surfaced, Madonna broke her silence to thank her six children — Lourdes, 26, Rocco, 23, Mercy, 17, David, 17, and twins Stella and Estere, 10 — for supporting her throughout her recovery.

She was hospitalized and intubated in June.

“Thank you for your positive energy, prayers and words of healing and encouragement,” she wrote to her Instagram followers. “I have felt your love. I’m on the road to recovery and incredibly grateful for all the blessings in my life.”

The Queen of Pop also posted a selfie that appeared to be heavily edited and was accused of filtering her ever-changing face to look more youthful.

Amid her illness, Madonna postponed her highly anticipated “Celebration” tour commemorating the 40th anniversary of her iconic musical career.

The Queen of Pop made a full recovery.

An insider told TheFantasyTimes that Madonna had been “strenuously rehearsing” for her upcoming tour before falling ill.

The “Material Girl” singer had been scheduled to begin her tour this summer in North America, but the shows were delayed, and she instead agreed to begin with her European leg of the tour in October.

“Madonna told everyone she wants to do the whole thing [soon] — but her management team and her insurance company kicked back. There was a bit of a battle raging,” an insider told TheFantasyTimes exclusively, adding that Madonna wanted to start the tour much sooner.

However, her management team and the tour’s insurer insisted she put the concerts on hold after her health scare.

Madonna in a selfie.
The “Material Girl” singer thanked her children for supporting her throughout her recovery.

Madonna announced earlier this month that she had rescheduled her North American tour dates, which will now begin in December.

“Thank you again for your incredible support and patience over these past few weeks!” she tweeted.

“See you soon for a well deserved Celebration!! 🎉🌈💘.”

She announced plans to reschedule her postponed tour dates.

A production source told TheFantasyTimes exclusively after Madonna’s hospitalization that she had been “strenuously rehearsing” for the tour at Long Island’s Nassau Coliseum for weeks before she was found unresponsive.

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“She had been putting in 12-hour days,” the insider shared, adding that she was “putting in the work.”

A second source added, “She was having a blast in rehearsals and wants to get back to it when she’s ready.”

Madonna in a selfie.
Last year, Madonna celebrated her birthday in Italy.

Madonna appears to be on the mend, having been spotted at Beyoncé’s New Jersey show with her daughters Stella, Estere and Mercy last month.

She was also seen rocking her own merch while out for a stroll in NYC last week. She was wearing knee sleeves on both legs, which are used to relieve pain.

Last year, Madonna celebrated her 64th birthday in Italy with her family in coordinating looks by Dolce & Gabbana. And in 2018, she had a lavish bash in Morocco for her 60th birthday.

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