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By Jitin Gambhir

Mady Gosselin accuses Collin of ‘physical violence, hate speech’

Mady Gosselin released a rare statement, accusing her brother Collin Gosselin of engaging in “physical violence and hate speech.”

The 22-year-old finally spoke out about her estranged family on Instagram Stories on Wednesday, following her brother’s explosive interview on Vice TV’s “Dark Side of the 2000s.”

Mady, who had been overwhelmed by hateful messages, expressed that she does not owe her loyalty to anyone who has physically threatened her or her immediate family, with some incidents occurring as recently as last year.

She continued, stating that she will never allow someone who has exhibited hateful and even violent behavior into her life, even if it means cutting ties with her brother Collin.

Mady Gosselin
Mady Gosselin accuses brother Collin of engaging in “physical violence and hate speech.”
Penske Media via Getty Images
Mady Gosselin
The 22-year-old shared a lengthy statement on Instagram.
Mady Gosselin
She spoke out after receiving an influx of hateful messages.

The college student emphasized that she has no interest in further discussing or attempting to rebuild her relationship with her 19-year-old brother, who has been living with their father, Jon Gosselin, since 2018.

Mady claimed that their relationship had escalated to the point of physical violence and hate speech, which she personally witnessed.

She concluded by requesting peace, privacy, and an end to the hate mail going forward.

Collin Gosselin

Mady Gosselin issued a rare statement, accusing her brother Collin Gosselin of “physical violence and hate speech.”

The 22-year-old broke her silence on her estranged family via Instagram Stories Wednesday, one day after her sibling’s bombshell interview on Vice TV’s “Dark Side of the 2000s” aired.

Mady, who had been “overwhelmed by hate messages,” wrote that she did not owe her “allegiance to any person(s) who has physically threatened [her] and every member of [her] immediate family (some incidents as recent as last year).”

She continued, “I will never allow someone who has exhibited hateful and even violent behavior toward others … in my life, and I refuse to compromise for ANYONE, even my brother Collin.”

Mady Gosselin
Mady Gosselin is accusing brother Collin of “physical violence and hate speech.”
Penske Media via Getty Images
Mady Gosselin
The 22-year-old penned a lengthy Instagram statement.
Mady Gosselin
She broke her silence after being “overwhelmed by hate messages.”

The college student added that she is not interested in “further conversation” about “rebuilding” her relationship with the 19-year-old, who has lived with their dad, Jon Gosselin, since 2018.

She claimed that their dynamic “reach[ed] the point of physical violence and hate speech,” which she allegedly “witnessed.”

Mady concluded, “I’m asking for peace and privacy (and no more hate mail) going forward.”

Collin Gosselin
Her social media upload came on the heels of Collin’s Vice TV interview.

Collin has yet to address her social media statement, and TheFantasyTimes has reached out to his father’s rep for comment.

The high school graduate lives with sister Hannah at Jon’s house, while the rest of their sextuplet siblings — Alexis, Aaden, Joel and Leah — are in Kate Gosselin’s home. Mady and twin sister Cara, for their part, started college in 2021.

Jon, 46, made an appearance in the “Jon & Kate: Family Circus” episode on Tuesday, telling viewers he has “no idea” why he is estranged from six of his eight kids.

Kate Gosselin, daughters Madelyn and Cara
The teen claimed mom Kate Gosselin drove a “social barrier” between him and his siblings.
Getty Images

“I’d rather it be like, ‘You’re an asshole,’ or, ‘I hate you, and you did this to mom,’ or something,” the DJ said. “I have nothing. It’s like I have no closure.”

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As for Collin, he alleged that he hasn’t spoken to his siblings since Kate had him institutionalized in 2016 — even after his near-fatal car accident last year.

“I think my mom kind of drove a social barrier between us,” he claimed. “She told them the story one way, and, obviously, I see the story a different way.”

Kate Gosselin with kids Madelyn, Cara, Hannah, Aaden, Leah, Alexis and Collin
Collin hasn’t lived with his mom and siblings since 2016.
Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Hannah agreed with her brother, alleging that she and her siblings were “separated” from Collin who couldn’t play or eat with them.

The teens starred on “Jon & Kate Plus 8” from 2007 to 2017.

Midway through the show, Jon and Kate, 48, called it quits after 10 years of marriage. Kate was awarded full legal custody of their brood at the time.

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