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By Jitin Gambhir

Mark Consuelos shows off 6-pack abs on ‘Live with Kelly and Mark’

Experience the thrill of living with Mark and his sculpted physique. Mark Consuelos showcased his toned body on the latest episode of “Live with Kelly and Mark,” leaving the audience in awe. As part of the talk show’s “Aches and Pains” week, Consuelos stripped down to his skivvies and prepared for a cold plunge, while his wife and co-host Kelly Ripa watched with a sly smile. The 52-year-old “Riverdale” actor, wearing a cozy gray robe, then revealed his chiseled six-pack abs, much to the delight of the excited crowd. Ripa, also 52, couldn’t help but steal a quick glance at her attractive husband as he prepared to submerge himself.

During the segment, Consuelos and the show’s executive producer Michael Gelman were challenged to an ice bath. Ripa, the mischievous host, attempted to distract them by asking how they were feeling. Consuelos confidently stated that he felt good, although he described his legs as feeling “interesting” and “extreme.” Ripa was surprised to see her husband appear “perfectly normal” despite being submerged in freezing water. She stood behind him and Gelman, who held hands throughout the chilly challenge.

The duo endured the icy tubs for approximately six minutes. While Consuelos emerged from the tub, flexing his muscles once again, Gelman seemed to be “suffering” and visibly uncomfortable. Finally, the clock hit the six-minute mark, and Consuelos had another chance to display his fit physique. As a reward, Ripa concluded the segment by feeding both men a hot dog.

Consuelos expressed his satisfaction, stating that he felt “great” after the ordeal. The show shared numerous photos and videos of the intense challenge on their social media platforms, igniting a frenzy among fans who couldn’t help but thirst over Consuelos’ appearance. Comments poured in, with fans describing him as “ripped” and “hot as hell.” Consuelos has always been a fan favorite for his physical activities on the show, and Ripa has never been shy about expressing her admiration for her husband’s looks.

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Live with Mark and his abs.

Mark Consuelos flexed his toned bod while appearing shirtless on Wednesday’s episode of “Live with Kelly and Mark.”

Consuelos stripped down to his skivvies while wife and co-host Kelly Ripa looked on as he prepared to do a cold plunge as part of the talk show’s “Aches and Pains” week.

The “Riverdale” actor, 52, wore a fuzzy gray robe before taking it off and flaunting his six-pack abs to a very excited crowd.

Ripa, also 52, couldn’t help but smirk as she stole a quick glance at her hot hubby while he prepared to submerge.

Shirtless Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa
Mark Consuelos showed off his ripped abs on “Live with Kelly and Mark” on Wednesday.
Shirtless Mark Consuelos getting into an ice tub
The “Riverdale” actor disrobed to show off his his fit physique as he and show EP Michael Gelman (second from left) prepared to take an ice bath.

The “Generation Gap” host attempted to distract her husband and show executive producer Michael Gelman, who was also participating in the segment, by asking how they were feeling.

“I feel good,” Consuelos said, while adding his legs felt “interesting” and “extreme.”

Ripa was surprised that her husband appeared “perfectly normal” while submerged in the freezing water.

Mark Consuelos sitting in an ice tub with Kelly Ripa standing behind him
Ripa stood behind her husband and Gelman as they held hands through the freezing challenge.
Mark Consuelos sitting in an ice tub
The duo sat in their tubs for around six minutes.

Gelman, however, was “suffering” and appeared extremely uncomfortable throughout the bit.

The clock eventually hit the six-minute mark and Consuelos once again got an opportunity to show off his fit physique as emerged from the tub and flexed his muscles once again.

Ripa ended the segment by feeding each of the defrosting men a hot dog as a reward.

Mark Consuelos getting out of an ice tub
The “All My Children” alum said he felt “great” afterwards.

“It was easy I feel great, I’m in, I’m sold,” Consuelos said afterwards.

The show posted several photos and videos from the intense challenge to their social media, and fans couldn’t help but thirst over Consuelos’ appearance.

“Mark is RIPPED 🔥,” one fan wrote.

Mark Consuelos standing in an ice tub
Fans immediately thirsted over “ripped” Consuelos.

“Mark is Hot as Hell..” another added.

“Look how red Marks 6 pack is!🔥 looking great @instasuelos Have a ‘HOT TODDY’ instead of a hot dog 😂😂,” someone else pointed out.

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“Gilman [sic] is pretty sexy as well….Mark is a stud obviously 😍,” another fan commented.

“They’re both in great shape, but Mark’s muscles are insane! 🙌,” one user wrote.

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa on the beach
Consuelos has previously enjoyed partaking in physical activities on the show.
Mark Consuelos looking at Kelly Ripa's butt
Ripa has also gushed about her husband.

The “Kingdom” star has not shied away from showing off his hot bod in the past.

Ripa — who shares three children with her husband of 27 years — has always shown her approval and admiration for Consuelos’ appearance, even encouraging him to pose nude more often in an April episode of their morning talk show.

“Live with Kelly and Mark” airs weekdays at 9 a.m. ET.

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