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Marvel Fans Call Out The New Hint An Avenger Is A Skrull

Caution! This article unveils crucial plot details for episode 3 of Marvel’s Secret Invasion. The latest installment of Marvel’s Secret Invasion has seemingly substantiated a prevalent theory that a Skrull imposter lurks among the Avengers. Episode 3 has dropped the most significant hints yet that Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes (portrayed by Don Cheadle), also known as War Machine, may indeed be a Skrull in disguise. Fans have flocked to social media platforms to discuss and dissect these major clues.

Numerous MCU enthusiasts on Twitter have astutely pointed out the foreshadowing in Secret Invasion episode 3, hinting at Rhodey’s true identity as a Skrull. In a pivotal scene, Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson) confronts a Skrull masquerading as Talos (portrayed by Ben Mendelsohn) after the latter mistakenly addresses Fury by his first name. Fans have recognized that Rhodey commits the same slip-up in the previous episode. Recall that Fury himself once declared, “Nobody calls me Nick,” a line initially introduced in the 2019 film Captain Marvel. Additionally, the episode’s conclusion further fuels speculation surrounding the Rhodey theory.

Let’s delve into some of the remarkable reactions from fervent fans online:

Certain MCU enthusiasts speculate about the whereabouts of the real Rhodey and ponder how long he has been replaced.

Others claim that they have been dropping hints about Rhodey’s true nature all along.

Several Marvel fans question why Fury did not react when Rhodey referred to him by his name in episode 2 of Secret Invasion.

For some, the phone call at the end of episode 3 serves as the final confirmation of Rhodey’s Skrull status.

Overall, fans are overwhelmingly convinced that Rhodey is, indeed, a Skrull imposter collaborating with Priscilla, Nick Fury’s wife, who is revealed to be an undercover agent by the end of the episode.

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Why Rhodey Is the Ideal Choice as the Skrull Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

There is a substantial amount of evidence supporting the notion that Rhodey may be a Skrull. His slip-up in addressing Fury and the phone call with his wife at the end of episode 3 are highly suspicious and revealing. However, it is worth noting that Fury has not fully disclosed the lead he possesses regarding a Skrull presence within the US government by the episode’s conclusion, and their true identity remains unknown, although it is likely Rhodey. Bearing this in mind, it is reasonable to assume that Fury has, indeed, detected Rhodey’s deception and his replacement as part of Gravik’s Skrull invasion plan to instigate a third world war between the US and Russia, ultimately leading to humanity’s demise. However, Fury appears to be keeping this information confidential for now. It will be intriguing to witness the next moves of both Fury and Rhodey as Marvel’s Secret Invasion unfolds.


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Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Marvel’s Secret Invasion episode 3

Marvel’s Secret Invasion has seemingly confirmed a major theory that an Avenger is secretly a Skrull impostor. Having been teased in previous episodes, Secret Invasion episode 3 provides the biggest hints yet that Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Don Cheadle) is in fact a Skrull. Also known as War Machine and a member of the Avengers, the chances that the real Rhodey has been replaced is now more likely than ever, and fans have taken to social media to call out the latest major clues in the current MCU show.

As seen on Twitter, several MCU fans are pointing out the hints from Secret Invasion episode 3 teasing that Rhodey is actually a Skrull. In the episode, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) threatens a Skrull who mistakenly called him by his first name while pretending to be Talos (Ben Mendelsohn). As such, fans are now pointing out that Rhodey makes the same mistake in the previous episode. After all, “Nobody calls me Nick” according to Fury himself, something that was first established in 2019’s Captain Marvel. However, the episode’s ending was also quite big for the Rhodey theories too. Here are some of the best fan reactions online:

Some MCU fans are wondering where the real Rhodey might be (and how long he’s been replaced):

There are also fans who have apparently been telling all of us about Rhodey the entire time:

Some Marvel fans are wondering why Fury didn’t react when Rhodey said his name in Secret Invasion episode 2:

If the “Nick” clue wasn’t enough, the phone call at the end of Secret Invasion episode 3 has seemingly sealed the deal for some:

All in all, fans certainly seem thoroughly convinced that Rhodey has indeed been replaced by a Skrull and that he’s also working with Nick Fury’s wife Priscilla who’s revealed to be a kind of sleeper agent by the episode’s end.

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Rhodey calling Fury Nick in Secret Invason

There’s certainly quite a bit of evidence surrounding Rhodey and his potential Skrull status. Calling Fury by his first name and calling his wife on the phone at the end of Secret Invasion episode 3 is very suspicious and revealing. However, it’s also worth noting that the lead Fury has about a Skrull within the US government was not fully revealed by the end of the episode, and their identity remains unknown (though it’s likely Rhodey).

Keeping that in mind, it stands to reason that Fury did indeed pick up on the fact that Rhodey called him “Nick” and that he’s been replaced, all part of Gravik’s Skrull invasion plans to start WWIII between the US and Russia and end humanity. However, Fury’s seemingly keeping this information close to his chest for the time being. As such, it will be interesting to see what both Fury and Rhodey do next as Marvel’s Secret Invasion continues.

Source: Twitter

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