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By Jitin Gambhir

Meghan McCain blasts second season of ‘And Just Like That’ as ‘woke slop’

Meghan McCain has once again criticized the second season of “And Just Like That,” calling it “woke slop” that fails to live up to the original “Sex and the City” series. In an essay published in the Daily Mail, the former “View” co-host accused the showrunners of ticking off a “woke checklist” and claimed that the reboot lacked compelling characters, sharp dialogue, and taboo topics. McCain expressed hope that Kim Cattrall’s character, Samantha Jones, will “come to the rescue,” and criticized the portrayal of marginalized characters, particularly Miranda’s relationship with Che. Despite pushback from cast members, McCain doubled down on her criticism and called the reboot a missed opportunity.

Safe to say she won’t be tuning in next week.

Meghan McCain is ripping “And Just Like That” all over again, labeling the “super kinky” second season “woke slop” that doesn’t live up to “Sex and the City.”

The former “View” co-host, who previously made headlines for criticizing the show’s first season, accused “soulless” showrunners of “ticking off a woke checklist” in a Daily Mail essay published Friday.

“The knock-off lacked everything that made the original series great,” McCain wrote of the reboot, claiming it lacks “sharp dialogue, compelling characters and plots broaching taboo topics.”

Meghan McCain.
Meghan McCain blasted the new season of Max’s “And Just Like That” in a scathing review.
ABC via Getty Images
Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon in "And Just Like That."
McCain called the “Sex and the City” reboot “woke slop.”
GC Images

The 38-year-old, however, is holding out hope that Kim Cattrall’s character, Samantha Jones, will “come to the rescue.”

The beloved PR maven will appear in a small cameo this season despite the actress, 66, having years-long off-screen feuds with her co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw), Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbs) and Kristin Davis (Charlotte York.)

“If Cattrall’s ballsy, offensive, authentic character [is] coming back, so [am] I,” McCain wrote. “She won’t stand for this progressive nonsense.”

Cynthia Nixon in "And Just Like That."
The columnist claimed that the show is offensive towards marginalized characters.
Cynthia Nixon in "And Just Like That."
“Is Che and Miranda’s relationship solely only defined by sex?” she asked. “It’s an ugly stereotype.”

While awaiting the cameo, the columnist blasted other characters’ portrayals — particularly finding fault with Nixon’s graphic sex scenes with Sara Ramirez, playing Che.

“Miranda and Che are fully naked, breasts out, writhing in a hot tub, in the middle of the day in Los Angeles,” she wrote, claiming the duo are “all leather and studs” in another scene and “can’t have normi sex” like the rest of the cast.


However, Nixon explained to Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday why she is “fairly game” to film revealing sex scenes.

Meghan McCain in a selfie.
McCain believes only Kim Cattrall’s character, Samantha Jones, can save the show.

“It’s just one of the main subjects of the show is sex — people having sex and people having great sex and people having terrible sex and people having hilarious sex,” the Emmy winner, 57, said.

“Miranda is a total control freak, so she’s tried to maybe kind of — for the first time really — let go,” she continued. “Some of it seems fun at first, but I think it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. It’s really hard for Miranda to not know what the ground beneath her feet actually is and who the person next to her really is.”

As for the graphic scenes, Nixon noted, “Miranda [is continuing] her sort of second adolescence in her sexual orientation journey.”

The cast of "And Just Like That.
John McCain’s daughter found fault with Season 1 as well.

Since McCain would prefer for “the producers to let actor Sara Ramirez explore Che’s character and explain why Miranda moved across the country, leaving her husband, Steve, and son Brady,” she viewed the scenes as “cheap” and “insulting.”

“Is Che and Miranda’s relationship solely only defined by sex?” she asked. “It’s an ugly stereotype.”

When McCain voiced similar opinions last year, cast members clapped back at her criticism.

“Comments like that say more about the person saying them,” Nicole Ari Parker, who plays Lisa Todd Wexley, told Andy Cohen in February 2022.

Meghan McCain in a selfie.
Nicole Ari Parker and Cynthia Nixon clapped back at McCain at the time.
Meghan McCain on a red carpet.
“[That’s] what’s so great about freedom of opinion in America!” McCain subsequently tweeted.
Getty Images

She confirmed the show isn’t “too much,” adding, “Maybe in your living room or when you step outside, it looks the same as inside, and you go to the grocery store and it’s the same. Maybe it is too much for you. For these characters in New York City, it’s not.”

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Nixon also responded at the time, tweeting that fans “don’t want to see these characters comfortable.”

She wrote, “We want to see them out of their comfort zones.”

Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis  in "And Just Like That."
“And Just Like That…” Season 2 is now streaming on Max.
GC Images

McCain subsequently wrote via Twitter that she was “entertained” by the cast members’ responses.

“I continue to disagree and felt the reboot was a missed opportunity (as do many longtime fans),” she doubled down. “But that’s ok and what’s so great about freedom of opinion in America!”

Season 2 of “And Just Like That…” is now streaming on Max.

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