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By Jitin Gambhir

Tom Cruise | Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie hint at an even more lasting action showcase in Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise is ready to captivate audiences once again with his upcoming blockbuster, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One. The highly anticipated next installment in the action-packed franchise is set to release worldwide on July 12th, and the makers are pulling out all the stops to showcase a film that is sure to be a massive success.

The filmmakers are not only pleased with the results of their efforts so far, but they are also excited about what they have yet to reveal. Director Christopher McQuarrie, a long-time collaborator of Cruise, promises that the upcoming film will take audiences on a thrilling journey to new and unexplored territories. “In the next installment, you will witness the world expanding before your eyes and visit places that the franchise has never before seen. Some of these locations may not even exist for much longer,” McQuarrie teases. “We have truly pushed the boundaries with this story.”

Although Cruise and McQuarrie are keeping the details of Cruise’s groundbreaking stunts under wraps for now, McQuarrie does confirm that the bike jump in Dead Reckoning Part One was the most dangerous stunt they had ever attempted. He also hints that they have even more daring plans for Part Two.

For now, both Cruise and McQuarrie want audiences worldwide to prepare themselves for an awe-inspiring story that they believe is the most thrilling, ambitious, and emotionally charged installment in the Mission: Impossible series. “I have always known that there were areas where we could improve,” Cruise reflects on his nearly three-decade journey with Mission: Impossible. “There are always new challenges to conquer. However, I genuinely believe that this film is Mission: Impossible at its highest level. No one expects more from me than I do from myself. I always set the bar high and strive to exceed expectations. I never want to become complacent and always aim to deliver the best experience for the audience.”

Tom Cruise is all set to sizzle the silver screen once again with his massive outing Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One. With the next instalment in the action-packed franchise set to release globally on July 12, the makers are going all out to showcase the release which has ‘blockbuster’ written all over it.

The film-makers are not only delighted with what their approach has yielded thus far but also thrilled with what they are yet to reveal. “In the next one, you will feel the world constantly expanding and you’ll go to places the franchise has never been. You’ll see parts of the world that you’ve never seen this way. And, frankly, some of them won’t exist for much longer,” director Christopher McQuarrie, a longtime collaborator of Cruise, says. “We have really, truly, taken this story to the edge of the world.”

Though neither Cruise nor McQuarrie is yet prepared to reveal what ground-breaking stunt Cruise is preparing to pull off for audiences in the next movie, McQuarrie will at least confirm this: “The bike jump (in Dead Reckoning Part One) was far and away the most dangerous thing we had ever attempted. The only thing that scared me more than that stunt was what we had planned for Part Two.”

For now, though, what both men want is for audiences around the world to get ready to immerse themselves in a jaw-dropping story that they say makes this Mission: Impossible the most exhilarating, ambitious, and emotional instalment so far. “I always knew there were things we could do better,” Cruise says of his near-three-decade Mission journey. “There are always mountains to climb. But I really do believe that this movie is Mission in its highest gear. No one can be tougher on me than me. I have always set the bar high for myself and always expect a lot from myself. I never want to rest on any laurels in seeing how I can serve the audience.”

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