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By Jitin Gambhir

More Than 30 Mobile Phones Stolen Outside Mannat on SRK’s Birthday

SRK Mannat

Shah Rukh Khan’s Birthday Celebration at Mannat

Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday is an extravagant affair for his ardent followers. Every year, hordes of fans gather outside his majestic abode, Mannat, located in Bandra, Mumbai, to extend their heartfelt wishes on his special day. The megastar graciously steps out onto the balcony to acknowledge his fans’ adoration. The fans are elated to catch a glimpse of their idol and consider it a blessed moment. However, amidst the celebration, a dark cloud looms.

Unfortunately, amidst the throng of SRK enthusiasts, there are opportunistic thieves who take advantage of the chaotic atmosphere. The sheer magnitude of the crowd makes it alarmingly easy for these miscreants to prey upon unsuspecting individuals.

This year, their nefarious activities have once again succeeded. Over 30 mobile phones were reported stolen by these criminals outside Mannat during Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday celebrations. Shockingly, many of the victims were foreign nationals using high-end iPhones.

Regrettably, similar incidents have occurred on the same day at the same location for several years now. Sadly, the police are unable to effectively prevent these crimes due to the overwhelming rush and uncontrollable movements of the crowd. One can only ponder if there will be a viable solution in the future or if this predicament will continue to exacerbate. The uncertainty of what lies ahead leaves us in anticipation.

SRK Mannat

SRK Birthday Mannat

SRK’s birthday is nothing less than a festival for his fans. Every year, thousands of his fans gather outside his house, Mannat, in Bandra, Mumbai, to wish him a happy birthday. The superstar comes out of his house and stands on a balcony to wave at the fans. The fans catch his glimpses and feel blessed. Well, there is only one bad thing here.

Besides SRK fans, there are many thieves in the crowd who take advantage of the situation. The crowd is huge, so it becomes very easy for them to rob the common people.


This year also, they have been successful at work. More than 30 mobile phones have been stolen by those things outside Mannat on Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday. Many of them were foreigners using iPhones.

The same cases have been happening for some years on the same day in the same place, and sadly, the police can’t do anything to prevent them since the rush is too high and the movements are uncontrollable. Will there be any solution to this in the future? Or will it continue growing? We wonder what lies ahead.

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