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‘My 600-Lb. Life’ star Larry Myers Jr. dead days after 49th birthday

Larry Myers Jr, who rose to fame after appearing on the reality TV show “My 600-Lb. Life,” passed away from a heart attack on June 13, just three days after his 49th birthday. Myers had become well-known for his rendition of the “Mr. Buttermilk Biscuits” song in a chicken restaurant. Todd Darell, Myers’ cousin, shared a heartfelt message on Facebook, stating that Myers had “fought the good fight” and had overcome some of the biggest challenges he had ever faced. Myers featured in episode 13 of the show’s tenth season, called “Larry’s Journey,” where he weighed over 900 pounds and was bedridden. Myers had previously undergone weight loss surgery, but he gained 400 pounds after the surgery and eventually became bedridden. He said on the show that he turned to binge eating after the tragic loss of his mother and nephew. Myers had lost around 100 pounds by the end of the episode, but ultimately gained back 200 pounds while battling depression. He had recently been sharing his healthy lifestyle on Facebook, showcasing his salads, supplements, and boxing. Myers’ death has saddened many, and his cousin has asked people to keep the family in their prayers.

“My 600-Lb. Life” star Larry Myers Jr. died three days after celebrating his 49th birthday.

The TLC star, who went viral for singing the “Mr. Buttermilk Biscuits” song at a chicken restaurant, passed away from a heart attack on June 13, according to his relatives.

“Larry has fought the good fight. He has overcome some of the biggest challenges he has ever had to face,” Myers’ cousin Todd Darell wrote on Facebook Saturday.

“Rest well Junior, you will be missed,” he added. “Thanks and blessings to all. Please keep our family in your prayers.❤️


Myers rose to fame when he appeared on Season 10 of the reality series in January 2022.

Larry Myers Jr. holding jeans.
Larry Myers Jr. died on June 13 from a heart attack.
Larry Myers Jr/facebook
Larry Myers Jr getting filmed for the TLC show.
He once starred in the TLC show “My 600-Lb. Life” when he was more than 900 pounds and bedridden.

At the time, he starred in episode 13, titled “Larry’s Journey,” which featured him bedridden at 940 pounds.

The aspiring gospel singer had previously undergone weight loss surgery about five years before filming the show but ultimately gained 400 pounds back.

While on “My 600-Lb. Life,” Myers explained how the tragic events of losing his mother and nephew led him to adopt bad habits of binge eating.

Larry Myers Jr. wearing sunglasses.
Myers claimed he dropped down to around 300 pounds after the show aired in January 2022, but ultimately put back on 200 pounds.
Larry Myers Jr/facebook

“I eat to comfort myself,” he said on the show. “When I’m cooking, it’s the only time I’m happy, besides when I’m eating.”


By the end of the episode, Myers had lost about 100 pounds.

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During a March 2022 appearance on the “Ricky Smiley Morning Show,” the singer revealed that he slimmed down to around 300 pounds since filming the show but gained 200 pounds while battling depression.

Larry Myers Jr. in a hospital bed.
His battle with depression led him to binge eat.
Larry Myers Jr. working out.
The aspiring gospel singer had undergone several weight loss surgeries in his lifetime.

Meyers also shared that he would be having another weight loss surgery as he was focused on being healthy again.

Leading up to his death, the reality star actively posted pieces of his healthy lifestyle on Facebook, including snaps of salads and boxes of Swiig supplements.

Meyers also showed snaps of himself boxing.

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