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By Jitin Gambhir

Netizens Call Kalki 2898 AD An Indian Copy Of Dune; Check Out All Reactions —

Yesterday, the online launch of Prabhas, Amitabh Bachchan, and Deepika Padukone’s Project K, also known as Kalki 2898 AD, provided the first glimpse of the highly anticipated film. Some netizens have drawn comparisons between the teaser and the Hollywood movie “Dune.” From the moment the poster was released, Nag Ashwin’s directorial debut evoked a sense of Dune’s aesthetic. Netizens have likened Deepika Padukone’s two looks to those in Dune, while Prabhas’ first look has drawn comparisons to Iron Man. Consequently, the teaser is now being referred to as an Indian imitation of Dune.

The tweets below showcase the reactions to the Project K teaser:

“Project K appears to be a fusion of Blade Runner and Dune in terms of its visuals, and some of it looks truly impressive. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed for this one. If it has even an average to good storyline, it has the potential to earn a substantial amount of money.” – diogenes (21st version) (@brizilsomanna3) July 21, 2023

“It’s great to see the glimpse of #ProjectK and the efforts of Nag Ashwin. However, somewhere #Kalki2898AD seems reminiscent of #Dune. The background music of #Dune2 raised some doubts. Undoubtedly, Prabhas’ intense appearance is quite intimidating.” – Rohit Sai🥂 (@rohit_sai02) July 20, 2023

“The music of #projectk is similar to #Dune music, and the trailers of Dune and #ProjectKGlimpse share similarities in my opinion. What about you? #ProjectK #Nag Ashwin #Prabhas #Dune2 #nagashwin #Deepika Padukone #AmitabhBachchan Now it’s #Dune #Dune2 vs. #kalki2898AD. Listen to Dune music in the picture below.” – Praneeth Reddy (@Spy_W_o_r_l_d) July 20, 2023

“If this were a Bollywood film, people would have torn it apart and compared every scene to #Dune and #StarWars. Just saying. #ProjectKGlimpse #Kalki2898AD” – John Prick (@PoorCinephile) July 21, 2023

“Well, #Prabhas definitely looks better in the teaser, but the #ProjectKGlimpse itself isn’t something that excites you! #Kalki2898AD seems like a budget version of #Dune in many aspects!” – Devsaagar (@Devsaagar) July 21, 2023

“Why does Project K resemble Dune so much? 😵‍💫 #ProjectKGlimpse #ProjectK #Kalki” – Ubais (@This_Is_Ubais) July 20, 2023

“The glimpse of Project K, aka Kalki2898AD, is totally badass, and interestingly, it reminds me a bit of Dune. The costumes, music, and cinematography seem to share some similarities with the epic style of Dune.” – philiphere☄ (@thephilliphere) July 20, 2023

“#Kalki2898AD – The visuals and color patterns look EXCITING, plus @Music_Santhosh’s classy background music. Is it #KamalHaasan in the third still? 😱 Plus, #Prabhas’ appearance is spot-on, a surefire hit. However, it is heavily inspired by #Dune.” – Adithya Chakravarthy (@Adi7394) July 21, 2023


“#Dune but from Flipkart #Kalki2898AD” – AD (@dhirimun_dakopa) July 21, 2023

Netizens Call Kalki 2898 AD An Indian Copy Of Dune

The first glimpse of Prabhas, Amitabh Bachchan, and Deepika Padukone’s Project K, aka Kalki 2898 AD, was launched online yesterday. The netizens believe that the teaser is highly inspired by the Hollywood flick “Dune”. Nag Ashwin’s directorial debut was giving Dune vibes right from the poster’s release. Both looks of Deepika Padukone were compared to Dune by netizens, while Prabhas’ first look was compared to Iron Man. Now, the teaser is being called an Indian copy of Dune. See the tweets below:

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