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Nimona Star Chloë Grace Moretz On Why She Loves Her Character’s Journey

Excitement is in the air as the highly-anticipated animated feature film Nimona is finally set to hit Netflix. Fans have been waiting eagerly for the release of this movie, which follows the story of Ballister Boldheart (voiced by Riz Ahmed), a knight who finds himself accused of a crime he did not commit. To clear his name, Ballister teams up with Nimona (voiced by Chloë Grace Moretz), a mischievous shapeshifting teenager. Together, they must overcome the prejudices set against them and prove their innocence.

Nimona herself is a complex character, with a rebellious streak and buried emotions. The film explores her journey and how her past experiences have shaped her into the person she is today. Nimona will be available for streaming on Netflix starting June 30.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Chloë Grace Moretz shared her thoughts on what drew her to the role of Nimona, and how she sees herself in the character. She also discussed the process of working on the film and improvising in the recording booth.

Nimona has received rave reviews, boasting a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Moretz attributes the film’s success to its strong messaging and unapologetic authenticity.

The story of Nimona is also a story of perseverance, both on and off the screen. Despite facing multiple setbacks and cancellations, the film has finally found its home on Netflix. Moretz believes that the movie’s ability to withstand these challenges is a testament to its underdog spirit.

In Nimona, Ballister and Nimona must navigate a world where heroes, villains, and monsters are not always what they seem. Their journey is one of self-discovery, friendship, and a desire to make a difference. With its powerful message and engaging storyline, Nimona is sure to be a hit among audiences of all ages.

The highly anticipated animated feature film Nimona is finally coming to Netflix and longtime fans are elated. This film follows a knight, Ballister Boldheart (Riz Ahmed), as he works to prove that he did not commit the crime he is accused of. He joins forces with a mischievous shapeshifting teen, Nimona (Chloë Grace Moretz). Together the two must persevere past the preconceived notions that are set against them.


Nimona herself is a bit of an anarchist. She is strong and powerful, but she has feelings that she buries deep inside of her. The film explores her journey and exposes how the way she was treated has shaped her into who she is (no pun intended). Nimona starts streaming on Netflix on June 30.

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Screen Rant spoke with Chloë Grace Moretz about what drew her to want to be the voice of Nimona. She also reveals how she is personally like Nimona and adding a bit of herself into her. Chloë confesses why she thinks Nimona persevered through several iterations and cancelations, to finally make it to the screen.

Chloë Grace Moretz Talks Nimona

Nimona First Look

Screen Rant: I love this movie so much. I laughed, cried, and cheered. I would love to know what it was about Nimona that made you want to be a part of it.

Chloë Grace Moretz: Oh my gosh, I think there’s so many reasons that I fell in love with the character of Nimona and the story. I think she’s someone that really stands up for what she believes in no matter what, and unabashedly, she is exactly who she wants to be when she wants to be it. And you know, the story has such a great message to it, and such a great core. And while that’s all happening, and while you understand the messaging, it’s just so fun. Right out of the gate, it throws you right into the throes of it all, and it’s just so exciting to watch.

Screen Rant: Yes! It’s rated 100% right now on Rotten Tomatoes? How does that feel?

Chloë Grace Moretz: Really good. I don’t think it’s every day that that happens, especially with a film that does have really strong messaging and stands up for what it believes in. I think that’s why people are really gravitating towards it. Because it’s so honestly itself.

Screen Rant: Are you personally like Nimona in any way?

Chloë Grace Moretz: Yeah, I think that she’s maybe a little bit more of an anarchist than I am. She’s down to take down any of the ideals that are there before, and she hits the pavement in a hardcore way. I really admire that in her. I think she’s probably a little bit more punk than I am. But I’m trying.

Screen Rant: Did you get to improvise in the booth at all? Because it sounds like you are having the best time.

Chloë Grace Moretz: Yeah, for sure. I think that was one of the most exciting parts of working with Nick and Troy, the directors. They were really upfront in the beginning about the high highs and low lows and how big they wanted to go with Nimona, and how unafraid they were of going to those extents with her. I had the opportunity to really improv and build out the story a little bit with little moments and find her heartbeat, which was such an experiment at times. It wasn’t until I watched the movie where I finally sat there, and I’m like, “Okay, it works. Thank God.”

Screen Rant: What was your reaction when you first saw the finished movie?

Chloë Grace Moretz: The journey was several years. I think we started recording, I want to say in 2019, and then we recorded throughout the pandemic. The movie was lost for a little while once Big Sky got shuttered, which was so sad, and we were heartbroken that it might not see the light of day. But to see it come through that and find its home at Netflix with Annapurna. It’s the perfect home and in my opinion, having this on a streaming service that is so wide across so many countries and so many homes, that is, in my opinion, the perfect home for it.

Screen Rant: What do you think it is about Nimona that made it persevere through all of that?

Chloë Grace Moretz: I mean, I think the story of this movie, withstanding all of the things that tried to keep it basically in the dark is so similar to the story of Nimona. She withstands any kind of criticism, she stands up for what she believes in, and this movie did that unabashedly. And it found a home that it can thrive in, in its own way. So, I think it really is a story about the underdog. No matter what.

About Nimona

Nimona drawing her own story in Nimona trailer

When Ballister Boldheart (Riz Ahmed), a knight in a futuristic medieval world, is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, the only one who can help him prove his innocence is Nimona (Chloë Grace Moretz), a mischievous teen with a taste for mayhem — who also happens to be a shapeshifting creature Ballister has been trained to destroy. But with the entire kingdom out to get him, Nimona’s the best (or technically the only) sidekick Ballister can hope for. And as the lines between heroes, villains, and monsters start to blur, the two of them set out to wreak serious havoc — for Ballister to clear his name once and for all, and for Nimona to…just wreak serious havoc.

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