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By Jitin Gambhir

Platonic star reveals ‘brutal’ decision to turn down Barbie

Platonic star reveals brutal decision to turn down Barbie

Luke Macfarlane has had a busy year in the acting industry. He starred in the movies Bros and Platonic, a comedy series on Apple TV+. Additionally, he had the opportunity to be a part of the highly anticipated film Barbie. However, he faced a difficult decision when he decided to decline the offer to work on the Greta Gerwig-directed movie.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Luke Macfarlane shared his experience: “It was an interesting situation because I initially auditioned for a small role in Barbie and was offered the part. Then, I received an email from Nick suggesting that I would be a great fit for another role. I informed them about the Barbie offer, hoping to work out a solution. Ultimately, I made the decision to prioritize my involvement in Platonic. It’s always unpredictable how a career will unfold. When I read about the character in Platonic, I immediately resonated with them.”

The reason behind his choice to turn down the Barbie role was primarily due to scheduling conflicts: “It was a tough situation. Unfortunately, the timing didn’t align for both projects. I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but even though it was a small part, I had never been a part of such a grand and exciting project before. It would have been amazing to be able to work on both.”

Platonic revolves around the story of Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen as they revive their old friendship. Macfarlane portrays the character of Charlie, Byrne’s rigid lawyer husband who struggles with accepting their rekindled bond. Macfarlane acknowledged that the uptightness of his character came naturally to him.

He explained, “Playing Charlie, the uptight character, was something that felt instinctual to me. Nick would often tease me during the filming of Bros, jokingly commenting on my stiffness. But it actually suits Charlie’s personality well. He has a strong moral compass and believes in doing things the right way, which makes him a bit rigid. When contrasted with Seth and Rose’s easygoing nature, it creates an interesting dynamic.”

Platonic star reveals brutal decision to turn down Barbie

Luke Macfarlane has had a full acting plate this year. He starred in Bros and the Apple TV+ comedy Platonic, and he also had a chance at the blockbuster film Barbie. However, he revealed it was a “brutal” decision to turn the Greta Gerwig film down.

“It was interesting because I had auditioned for a small part in Barbie and got it,” Luke Macfarlane told The Hollywood Reporter. “And then I got an email from Nick that was like, “I think you’d be really great in this part.” I was like, “Great. I have this offer for Barbie, so you gotta let me know.” We tried to make it work, and I was like, “You know what? I really, really wanted to work on this show.” Careers are funny things — you never really know. When I read about the character on the page, I was like, “This is somebody I understand.”

As for why he turned the role down, it really came down to timing: “It was one of those brutal things. Yeah, the timing couldn’t work out for both. I’m not trying to sound boastful. It was a small, little part, but I’ve never been part of some beautiful, big, cool thing like that. It would have been cool to be able to do both.”


Platonic follows Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen as they rekindle an old friendship. Macfarlane plays Byrne’s uptight, lawyer husband having trouble adjusting to their friendship. Macfarlane admitted that the uptightness of his character Charlie cam naturally to him.

“Charlie’s uptightness is something that comes naturally to me. Nick would often poke fun at me during the filming of Bros — he’s like, “You’re very stiff.” And that is just kind of the way I move, which seemed appropriate to Charlie. He’s really got a strong moral center, and he believes in doing things the right way, and he’s a little stiff. [With] Seth and Rose’s really easy calm, it makes for a good contrast.”

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